Drug seizure money used for fallen officer’s memorial in Graham

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GRAHAM, N.C. -- About $12,000 from the Graham Police drug seizure fund is being used to help fund a fallen officer's memorial.

The memorial, which will honor those who have died in the line of duty, will be placed on South Maple Street next to the police department. It will have three granite pillars with the names of fallen officers, EMS and firefighters inscribed on it.

In the past, seized money went toward K-9s, bullet-proof vests and computers.

Chief Jeff Prichard said they had to make some phone calls to make certain the money could be used for the memorial.

"This was kind of outside, on the edge of things we can use it for. We've never used it for this purpose before, so we got approval from the Department of Justice that this was an approved use for this money, so yes, we are ready to go," Prichard said.

They city has raised an additional $85,000 to help fund the memorial.

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