Park concealed carry ordinance to go before Greensboro Council

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — The Greensboro Parks and Recreation commission has recommended sending to council an ordinance that would keep concealed weapons out of parks with playgrounds or athletic facilities.

The vote to approve was 6-2 at a Wednesday meeting. It is not yet known when council will take up the ordinance.

The vote came just a couple of months after a new state law went into effect. The law prevented cities from prohibiting people from carrying concealed weapons into parks.

The only exceptions made were for parks with playgrounds or athletic facilities.

The ordinance allows those with concealed carry permits to leave weapons locked in their vehicles in the parking lot.

Winston-Salem’s version of the ordinance has an organization called Grass Roots North Carolina threatening to file a lawsuit.

However, Greensboro Councilwoman Nancy Vaughan said she believes the ordinance provides enough balance to reduce the chances of a lawsuit there.