Local florists: Don’t forget about us for Valentine’s Day

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- While the Internet makes it easy to buy flowers online, local florists said they may not be as fresh and you could be charged hidden fees.

The George K. Walker Florist in Winston-Salem is getting ready to deliver between 300 and 400 orders on Valentine's Day.

However, they said business has dropped 30 percent overall in the last few years due to websites that offer flowers at a lower cost. However, they often come from out-of-state and sometimes out of the country.

According to elocal.com, out of every $100 spent with a national retailer, roughly $10 comes back to the community of origin. However, if you buy flowers locally, more than $55 of that $100 would stay in town.

"We pay more taxes--more sales taxes. Employees pay more employee taxes. We can keep the money local," said Joe Hinson, employee at George K. Walker Florist.

Also, Hinson said, flowers bought from a nationwide retailer can come in a box, meaning you may have to do the arranging in some cases.

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