Guilford Co. has lost 38k jobs since ’04, recovery years away

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Guilford County has lost tens of thousands of jobs over the last several years, and state projections show the jobs won’t return to that level until the beginning of the next decade.
According to data from the North Carolina Employment Security Commission, Guilford County has lost 38,000 jobs since 2004. The commission projects the jobs won’t be completely recovered until 2020.

Keith Debbage, UNC-Greensboro professor of urban geography, said the record job loss in Greensboro could be the factor of two recessions.

One was local in scope, in which the Piedmont saw a lot of old-fashioned manufacturing lose market share. The other was the national recession in 2008.

While the data seems grim, Debbage said there are some things to be optimistic about.

“We are not a community in crisis. We are a community that faces challenges,” Debbage said.

Debbage points to an improvement in job share and a healthy wage rate as positives.

You can read more of Debbage’s report regarding the State of the City by reading the full PDF file.