Greensboro Neighborhoods Share Different Grocery Store Woes

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Sarah Stephens has lived in her home off Phillips Avenue for 40 years. For several years... she's traveled well out of her neighborhood to get groceries.

"We're located in an area away from all the stores and it certainly would be nice, if we could... It would mean a lot," she said.

She wants a grocery store in the Bessemer Shopping center right away, but when Save-A-Lot decided not to come, she and her neighbors said they lost hope.

"We think that day is gone forever. We don't ever think we'll have another one up there," she said.

A Greensboro city councilman says he's talking to 6 different companies, to try to get any grocery store to move into the center. So far, nothing is definite.

In another neighborhood, Scott Kinsey said they have a Harris Teeter, and they're opening the Whole Foods at Sears in the spring.

"We have enough. We don't need it," he said.

Kinsey lives near Hobbs and Friendly Avenue. He's said he is fighting what he believes is grocery store overload.

"We don't think it's necessary with as much commercial space that's available, to tear down homes and trees to put commercial space up," he said.

City councilman Jim Kee said he recommends Trader Joe's moves into the Golden Gate shopping center on East Cornwallis Street or near the Wal-Mart on Cone Blvd, but for the time being the developer is focused on Friendly Avenue. Neighbors on both sides of town are not satisfied.

The neighbors who have organized on Friendly Avenue are calling people on Greensboro's Zoning Board.

The developer has until Friday to file a rezoning request in order to get on March's meeting.