New Shopping Center Near Friendly Center Would Have Four Buildings

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A map of a developer's plans to add a shopping center near Friendly Center in Greensboro shows four buildings and no loading behind any of the stores.

The complex, proposed by Regency Centers, would have two entrances–one on West Friendly Avenue and the other on Hobbes Road.

Trees and other landscaping would help block the view of the stores from neighboring houses.

Neighbors would also be shielded from having to see loaders, as the loading would take place between stores instead of in the back.

As two of the buildings would face West Friendly, a wall would be built between those stores so they wouldn't see the loading process.

Regency officials, who declined an interview Thursday, have not identified which stores would go into the center.

However, Scott Kinsey, a neighbor who is familiar with the plans, said Trader Joe's is one of the stores.

“We would love to have Trader Joe's come to Greensboro. We just don't think it's necessary to have to tear down homes and trees and further encroach on residential neighborhoods to bring Trader Joe's here,” Kinsey said.

The land needed for the center would require the demolition of six houses, as well as a zoning change.

Recency has not yet filed a final zoning plan with the city. Some of the neighbors will meet on Saturday to further talk about their opposition to the plan.


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