Randleman Man Lucky in Lottery, Life

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After doctors said he was lucky he wasn't paralyzed after a stroke, a Randleman man has turned that luck into more than $100,000 in lottery winnings.

Carlton Hill, 70, who is retired and a Vietnam veteran, said he was watching a basketball game a few years ago when he fell asleep at halftime.

“When I woke up, I realized something was wrong with my eyesight and I couldn't see very well,” Hill said.

The doctor told him he actually had a stroke and was lucky he could still walk.

“Then I realized how fortunate I was,” Hill said.

Hill decided to see if he could extend his luck in life at casinos and bingo. One night he hit it big with a bingo crowd of 3,000.

“I went in, and that night I won one of the special games and won a new car,” Hill said.

He then moved to scratch-offs, where his winning streak got even better.

“Between Cherokee, the bingo and scratch-offs that year, my gross was about $68,000,” Hill said.

He stayed with scratch-offs, and over the last two years he has scratched off close to $35,000 in winnings.

“Somebody said, 'Are you ahead?' I said, 'I don't count that. I'm having fun and enjoying what I do. If I run out of money, I'll quit,'” Hill said.

FOX8's Lindsey Eaton decided to test Hill during her interview Thursday, and after 20 and two tickets, he won $50.

But his luck isn't quite universal. Hill has tried the big-ticket jackpots like Powerball, but all he's ever won is $8.