Parents Question Proposed School Boundaries in Davidson Co.

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Proposed boundaries for a new Davidson County middle school scheduled to open this fall have some parents upset that their children may have to move.

A committee appointed by the Davidson County school board is recommending one of six proposed boundary maps for what the board is temporarily referring to as the “Ledford/North Area Middle School.”

Committee chair Karen Craver said the committee will recommend Map 5, but the school board will have the final say.

Davidson County Schools has placed Map 5 and three of the other maps on its website,

Map 5 has been bringing out crowds at several committee meetings. Many parents at Thursday's meeting opposed the map.

The concerns are mainly over traffic, splitting up communities and mixing economic classes.

“We live literally 4 1/2 minutes from this school,” said one parent at the meeting at North Davidson Middle School. “In morning traffic, you are looking at a 25-minute drive–30 minutes in traffic–to drop our children off.”

“It would be just so unfair to have to yank these children their last year of middle school and ship them to the new school with a new surrounding and new environment,” said another parent at the meeting.

Other parents said many of the concerns could be alleviated if current students were grandfathered from the new boundaries.

The committee will share with the board all the feedback it has received regarding all the proposed maps, Craver said.