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Graham man upset after police shoot dog

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GRAHAM, N.C. (WGHP)— A Graham man is upset after he said a police officer came to his home Tuesday morning and shot his dog in his front yard.

The Burlington Times News reported that Graham police officer Adam Nicholson shot an 11-year-old Rottweiler named Rocky belonging to Imer Campos in the chest.

The paper reported that police were responding to a call of loose dogs attacking cats in the Guthrie Street area.

They reportedly found the Rottweiler and another dog belonging to Campos in his front yard, which was not fenced in.

The officers reportedly used a catch pole to try to capture the dog. When the officers approached the animal it charged at them and Nicholson pulled out his gun and fired, the paper reported.

Campos reportedly opened his door after hearing the gunshot and his dogs ran inside. The Rottweiler bled all over the house and had to later be euthanized at the Burlington animal shelter, the paper reported.

Police said they used their car horn and sirens to try to get Campos to answer his door prior to the shooting. Graham police Capt. Steve McGilvray said shooting the dog was the only option, according to the paper.

Campos was reportedly cited for allowing dogs to run loose in the city. He said he usually keeps his in his back yard fenced in.

“I just think it’s cruel the way that the Graham police officer shot my dog in front of my front porch and gave me a $50 fine and just left him there,” Campos wrote in an email published in the paper.

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