No tax money used to renovate school auditorium

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EDEN, N.C. – A $250,000 renovation to a 50-year-old high school auditorium in Rockingham County is almost finished, and it was paid for without a single tax dollar.

The Duane Best Auditorium at Morehead High School in Eden is getting 1,600 new seats and a new big red curtain, among other improvements.

Gloria Best, project coordinator, said it took two years for the auditorium committee to raise the money for the project. Besides only two bigger donations, the rest of the money came by way of change and small bills.

“We have got to rise to that occasion, so we didn’t look at the economy seriously. We were on the role for hearts and souls,” Best said.

Some community members and alumni said the renovation was a true community effort and even included some friendly competition.

“I think it got to be a competition of who can give the most, and I am proud of my class–Class of ’64–because they did a great job,” said Rose Mary Nolen, former Morehead student.

“I have to get out my handkerchief. It’s an honor I don’t deserve but I am quite proud of,” said Duane Best, former choral director who is the auditorium’s namesake.

Crews were in the auditorium Tuesday installing the last few new seats. The other seats had been there for many years, community members said.

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