President Obama eats at Road House restaurant in Reidsville (Oct. 2011)

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President Obama made one final, unexpected stop in Reidsville during his visit to North Carolina.

Obama's motorcade slowly rolled into the Reid's House restaurant around 12:15 p.m.

Reid's House owner Clint Marsh said they were in the middle of the busy lunch hour when Secret Service walked in.

"She said she had an important person to eat lunch with us. I said who and she said the President and I said yeah right," Marsh said.

The President walked in about 15 minutes later and the first thing he said was: "Where do I put my order in?"

"Everybody couldn't really believe it because they didn't know (beforehand). But there was a big ovation and all that… It was pretty exciting for everybody," Marsh said.

Obama sat at the counter and ordered a 'Master burger' to go with French fries and a sweet tea. The burger was already a local favorite, but it became even more popular quickly afterward.

"That's why I ordered it, because my President ordered it... So I'm going to eat a Master burger also," one diner said.

Obama told Marsh he had to take his food to go because he was running 30 minutes behind, but he still stayed for about an hour to speak with people on his way out.

Reid's House opened in 1968 and this was the first time a President ever stopped by.

Obama continued his bus tour into Virginia as he left N.C. and is staying in the Norfolk area Tuesday night.

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