Tom Britt

Traffic Reporter

Tom Britt entered broadcasting in 1966 while a freshman at East Carolina University. Originally, Tom considered broadcasting only as a way to finance his education, and continued in radio, TV and cable through graduate school at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Tom holds a BA and MA in Anthropology, an AA in Mental Health Technology and is pursuing his certification in Meteorology. Tom is also a freelance journalist and writer. For many years, he produced an award winning weekly radio feature for Duke University Medical Center that was carried on many stations and networks around the world, including the BBC.

Now, he handles afternoon news for Triad radio station WMQX-FM (Oldies 93), hosts a monthly cable tv show in Raleigh-Durham and is the voice for many radio and tv commercials in central and eastern North Carolina.

Tom came to FOX8 as the weekend weather anchor and has since taken over the daily morning traffic reports, a job he also performed for several years at WTVD-TV in Raleigh-Durham. Tom also produces a regular in-depth series of traffic and road construction reports and serves as the back up weather anchor for FOX8.

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    RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. — The new Interstate 73 connector in Randolph County is expected to be completed around Memorial Day,...
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