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  • Roy’s Folks: Extraordinary Eggs

    Karen and Grace McFetter make elaborate, ornate and brightly colored Easter eggs. The McFetter’s will be offering classes on making the eggs at the Morings Art Center on Sunset Dr. in Asheboro. You can find out more information at

  • Scrolling

    Roy’s Folks: Scrolling along

    Joe Ellis was forced into early retirement when the economy took a downturn. So, he decide to turn his garage into a wood shop, where he makes crafts to supplement his income. For more information on his crafts, you can email him at  

  • Roy’s Folks: Generations of music

    Father and son duo Theron and Elton Caviness play music together. Theron first played at the Star Fiddler’s Convention in 1946. He is now 88-years-old and still playing. The duo will join other fiddlers and pickers this Saturday night during the 86th annual Star Fiddler’s Convention at East Montgomery High School in Biscoe.

  • Roy’s Folks: Family of fiddlers

    The Stills family will join a group of other traditional music fiddlers and pickers this Saturday night at the 86th Annual Star Fiddler’s Convention at East Montgomery High School in Biscoe. The event is the oldest Fiddler Convention in the state, and has remained successful because of the music that has been passed down from one generation to the next.

  • Piedmont man finds success making windmills

    Some things are difficult — if not impossible — to see with the naked eye, wind for example. But one of Roy’s Folks has a way of turning the wind into a real eye-opener. And these windmills have become quite an attraction along Hwy 311 in Randolph County. Mark Clodfelter said he started making them after acquiring one from an old gentlemen who was getting out of the windmill business. He sells them for around $150. Anyone interested in one […]

  • Roy’s Folks: When music and art merge

    Last week, we featured a guitar player named Justin Johnson. Today, we have a story about his traveling partner Nikki, who creates some incredible mosaic art. For more information on the duo visit their website.

  • Roy’s Folks: Cigar Box Guitars

    Bob Johnson is a cigar aficionado and avid woodworker, so it may have been inevitable that two of his passions would eventually merge. It all started when a musician friend asked him to make a simple one-stringed instrument called a “canjo.” After some research, he discovered a whole world of primitive instruments made from a variety of things, including cigar boxes. In fact, he found information about cigar boxes being used to make instruments as far back as the Civil […]

  • Roy’s Folks: Bird feeder

    Most of us who have a window to look out of, have at least entertained the notion of having a bird feeder. Jane Frantz is a supreme bird feeder-watcher, and says it’s worth her while. Roy Ackland reports.

  • Roy’s Folks: Speed speller

    As a speed speller,  Linda Pickard says she can spell words faster than most people can say them. “It’s exactly like talking. I could go all day and just spell instead of talking,” she said. When FOX8 did a story on Linda in 2004, she recorded it and posted it online. She recently received an email from someone who had seen her video. “He said, ‘well I am trying to put together a new game show. People with odd talents […]

  • Greensboro artist crafts Bonsai trees from steel

    GREENSBORO, N.C. — Howard Bemus is a classically-trained Bonsai artist who creates “trees you can’t kill” out of metal. Bemus has always felt an artistic calling. He studied art in college and worked in commercial photography for many years. When photography moved into the digital realm, Howard felt it was time for a change. He became interested in the art of Bonsai and moved to Florida to study under a master. There, he learned to create the shapes and textures […]

  • Roy’s Folks: Rock painter

    PIEDMONT, N.C. —Pam Thayer spends a lot of time rock-hounding on the banks of the Little Uwharrie River near her home in Randolph County. She’s not looking for any particular kind of rock, but the ones with an unusual shape catch her eye. When she gets them home she cleans them and  then applies paint to accentuate the shape so  everyone else can see what she sees. Thayer says it’s sort of like looking at clouds and using your imagination. […]

  • Roy’s Folks: Black family history

    PIEDMONT, N.C. — The legacy of Charlie and Ollie Tucker has remained intact, thanks to their children. Roy Auckland reports.


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