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  • Roy’s Folks: Cigar Box Guitars

    Bob Johnson is a cigar aficionado and avid woodworker, so it may have been inevitable that two of his passions would eventually merge. It all started when a musician friend asked him to make a simple one-stringed instrument called a “canjo.” After some research, he discovered a whole world of primitive instruments made from a variety of things, including cigar boxes. In fact, he found information about cigar boxes being used to make instruments as far back as the Civil […]

  • Roy’s Folks: Bird feeder

    Most of us who have a window to look out of, have at least entertained the notion of having a bird feeder. Jane Frantz is a supreme bird feeder-watcher, and says it’s worth her while. Roy Ackland reports.

  • Roy’s Folks: Speed speller

    As a speed speller,  Linda Pickard says she can spell words faster than most people can say them. “It’s exactly like talking. I could go all day and just spell instead of talking,” she said. When FOX8 did a story on Linda in 2004, she recorded it and posted it online. She recently received an email from someone who had seen her video. “He said, ‘well I am trying to put together a new game show. People with odd talents […]

  • Greensboro artist crafts Bonsai trees from steel

    GREENSBORO, N.C. — Howard Bemus is a classically-trained Bonsai artist who creates “trees you can’t kill” out of metal. Bemus has always felt an artistic calling. He studied art in college and worked in commercial photography for many years. When photography moved into the digital realm, Howard felt it was time for a change. He became interested in the art of Bonsai and moved to Florida to study under a master. There, he learned to create the shapes and textures […]

  • Roy’s Folks: Rock painter

    PIEDMONT, N.C. —Pam Thayer spends a lot of time rock-hounding on the banks of the Little Uwharrie River near her home in Randolph County. She’s not looking for any particular kind of rock, but the ones with an unusual shape catch her eye. When she gets them home she cleans them and  then applies paint to accentuate the shape so  everyone else can see what she sees. Thayer says it’s sort of like looking at clouds and using your imagination. […]

  • Roy’s Folks: Black family history

    PIEDMONT, N.C. — The legacy of Charlie and Ollie Tucker has remained intact, thanks to their children. Roy Auckland reports.

  • Roy’s Folks: Bob Timberlake’s new book

    LEXINGTON, N.C. — Bob Timberlake was one of the first people to be described as “one of Roy’s Folks” as a famous artist, designer and businessman. He’s just released a new book that you can find at Bob Timberlake Gallery in Lexington.

  • High Point ‘Santa Claus’ inducted into hall of fame

    FOX8’s Roy Ackland spoke to a High Point man who was recently inducted into the International Santa Claus Hall of Fame, 50 years after first donning the red suit. Cliff Snider was among six new inductees at the Hall of Fame in Santa Claus, Ind. The 65-year-old is the first North Carolinian to make the ranks. Snider was recognized for his longevity at portraying jolly ol’ St. Nicholas and  emphasizing the spiritual side of Christmas. He has been featured in […]

  • Piedmont man finds passion in making glass art

    This edition of Roy’s Folks takes a look at a Piedmont man who is passionate about making glass art. He says he enjoys the colors, shapes and exploring the “infinite possibilities.”

  • Davidson Co. man turns rocks into jewelry

    A Thomasville man turns rocks into jewelry in this edition of “Roy’s Folks.” Roy Ackland reports.

  • Davidson Co. man has political collectables wall-to-wall

    Many people may be tired of being swamped with political ads. But one of Roy’s Folks in Davidson County finds the whole political scene fascinating. Winston Blair says the real winners in the election may be the collectors. Blair has a collection of wall-to-wall politics, especially Ronald Reagan memorabilia — everything from cigarettes to an unused ticket to the 1981 inauguration. Roy Ackland reports.

  • Colfax Persimmon Festival celebrates family farm

    Fall festivals are everywhere in the Piedmont this time of year. FOX8’s Roy Ackland says he’s found a fairly new festival that celebrates an old family farm. The Colfax Persimmon Festival honors a rich history and Gene Stafford says there is nowhere he would rather be.


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