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  • Roy’s Folks: One man’s backyard oasis

    “Colorful” is a term often used to describe a person with an outgoing personality. The term can also be used to describe a multicolored object. Willie Davis embodies both. He takes things people throw away, and applies a fresh coat of (very bright) color. Davis says the idea for using bright colors to refurbish his pieces came from his family in Jamaica.

  • Roy’s Folks: Artist with ALS

    Ray West is an artist with ALS better known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. He paints portraits with pastels held between two fingers on one hand guided with the other hand. He’s crafted portraits of many famous people like Andy Griffith and Richard Petty. He sells prints of some of his work. You can contact him through his wife Sandra’s email swest285@yahoo.com

  • Roy’s Folks: Asheboro art teacher Nikki Cherry

    ASHEBORO, N.C. — Artist Nikki Cherry teaches her unique painting style at The Preppy Possum in Asheboro. “I teach [painting] in a way to break it down into simple shapes,” Cherry says.  “That way, people aren’t intimidated by it.” Cherry teaches classes regularly at her studio on Cox Street in Asheboro.  She also does special event classes on location. For more information, visit thepreppypossum.com.

  • Penny the termite detection dog

    ELKIN, N.C.–Spring is here and one of the first signs of life is the swarming of termites. Where there are termites, there are usually exterminations. Luckily, Ron Pennington has a very unusual business partner, his dog Penny, who is trained to detect live termites.

  • Roy’s Folks: Wood Carver

    WILKESBORO, N.C.–North Wilkesboro’s Archie Church is constantly carving wood. In fact, his house is full of his work, and until now he’s never sold any of it. He still doesn’t want to sell individual pieces, but he would consider selling the entire collection of over five hundred pieces. If you are interested you can call him at (336) 667-5504.

  • Roy’s Folks: Multitasker Matthew Nance

    Matthew Nance is a barber who is a part-time potter, part watch repairman and part piano player. You can find Nance’s barbershop–The Farmer Barbershop on Old Highway 49 in Farmer. He cuts hair Tuesday through Saturday. He also holds concerts every Tuesday evening.

  • Roy’s Folks: Extraordinary Eggs

    Karen and Grace McFetter make elaborate, ornate and brightly colored Easter eggs. The McFetter’s will be offering classes on making the eggs at the Morings Art Center on Sunset Dr. in Asheboro. You can find out more information at randolphartsguild.com

  • Scrolling

    Roy’s Folks: Scrolling along

    Joe Ellis was forced into early retirement when the economy took a downturn. So, he decide to turn his garage into a wood shop, where he makes crafts to supplement his income. For more information on his crafts, you can email him at justscrollingalong@gmail.com  

  • Roy’s Folks: Generations of music

    Father and son duo Theron and Elton Caviness play music together. Theron first played at the Star Fiddler’s Convention in 1946. He is now 88-years-old and still playing. The duo will join other fiddlers and pickers this Saturday night during the 86th annual Star Fiddler’s Convention at East Montgomery High School in Biscoe.

  • Roy’s Folks: Family of fiddlers

    The Stills family will join a group of other traditional music fiddlers and pickers this Saturday night at the 86th Annual Star Fiddler’s Convention at East Montgomery High School in Biscoe. The event is the oldest Fiddler Convention in the state, and has remained successful because of the music that has been passed down from one generation to the next.

  • Piedmont man finds success making windmills

    Some things are difficult — if not impossible — to see with the naked eye, wind for example. But one of Roy’s Folks has a way of turning the wind into a real eye-opener. And these windmills have become quite an attraction along Hwy 311 in Randolph County. Mark Clodfelter said he started making them after acquiring one from an old gentlemen who was getting out of the windmill business. He sells them for around $150. Anyone interested in one […]

  • Roy’s Folks: When music and art merge

    Last week, we featured a guitar player named Justin Johnson. Today, we have a story about his traveling partner Nikki, who creates some incredible mosaic art. For more information on the duo visit their website.


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