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  • Rooster crow competition

    They arrive with great anticipation. Some entire families have entered the competition. It’s the annual rooster crowing contest at the Dixie Classic Fair.

  • Roy’s Folks enjoying the Rough Ridge trail

    The Rough Ridge trail is a popular trail along the Blue Ridge Parkway — and one of the best places to see fall’s first colors in the high country. “It’s a little strenuous but it’s well worth it,” hiker Marty Nelson says. For more information about Rough Ridgle trail — and map — visit http://www.romanticasheville.com/rough_ridge.htm.

  • Roy’s glass pumpkins

    They began glass-blowing the pumpkins in March and have been hard at it every day. Artists are making 2,000 glass pumpkins — in all different sizes and colors — for a fundraiser. The pumpkins will be on sale Saturday in the Montgomery town of Star. Each finished pumpkin is an individual work of art. “It’s kind of magical to see it happen,” artist Joe Grant said.

  • Keeping Cooleemee memories alive

    COOLEEMEE, N.C. — The Town of Cooleemee in Davie County grew up around a cotton mill and was a thriving community until the mill closed in the 1960s. Some of “Roy’s Folks” are doing their best to tell the story of the village and keep the memories of the people who lived and worked there alive. On Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Cooleemee will celebrate it’s 23rd Textile Heritage Festival — and unveil a new museum exhibit.

  • Pottery beyond the ordinary

    DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. — Vickie Hundley enjoys working with clay. But she was never serious about it until tragedy struck her life. Now, she makes some very unusual pieces, spending hours on every detail. “It just speaks to me,” she said. “It says I  need a flower here, a leaf here and a flower there.”

  • Plein Air painters to gather in High Point

    As the sun is just beginning to clear the horizon, Jeremy Sams is heading out for his day’s work. These days he’s spends much of his time doing Plein Air Painting — painting a subject where he finds it. Sams will be one of 30 nationally-known artists competing in the first annual “Piedmont Plein Air Paint-out.” They will be painting scenes around the area. Check out Jeremy Sams painting in this 30-second time lapse video:

  • Autocross fun with the Triad Sports Car Club

    Most days it’s a parking lot. Today, it’s a race track. They call it autocross. The event is put on by  the Triad Sports Car Club. “It is a blast. It gives you an adrenaline rush,” says Jeff Yates.

  • Pawpaw Festival comes to Winston-Salem

    WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — The North Carolina Pawpaw Festival will be held Saturday. In case you don’t know what a pawpaw is, Roy Ackland says some of Roy’s Folks have the answers.

  • Roy’s Folks: Guitar man Justin Johnson

    Justin Johnson can play any style of music, but his virtuosity is never more obvious than when he plays primitive instruments. His favorite instruments to play is the cigar box guitar. “I mean your really can’t get a tone of a factory made instrument that you can get out of one like this that when it vibrates together and resonates,” he says. Justin says being a professional musician isn’t easy. “It’s more than a career, I’m glad that it’s more […]

  • Man shares knowledge of nature with children

    Something as simple as a walk through the woods can have multiple benefits – and if you invite some kids along, those benefits become more than just exercise. For some of Roy’s Folks, it becomes educational too.

  • h20

    Land of the waterfalls

    Western North Carolina is known as “land of waterfalls.” Photographer and Greensboro resident Mark File spends most of his time photographing the waterfalls for his website romanticasheville.com, which he started 10 years ago. “I try to find all these places in the mountains and photograph them.  I like to describe them and make videos and share them with people. Many of them are free places to visit,” File says.      

  • radioflysder

    Jamestown man builds Radio Flyer car

    JAMESTOWN, N.C. — A Jamestown man recently fulfilled a childhood dream – he built his own Radio Flyer car. Ed Ingle transformed his 1982 Datsun pickup truck into a Radio Flyer car that draws attention wherever it goes. It all started when Ingle’s wife, Leonora, saw a similar Radio Flyer automobile on YouTube. “I said this is so neat… and we looked at it and I said ‘Do you think we could make one?” Leonora said. In a weak moment, […]


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