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  • Man shares knowledge of nature with children

    Posted on: 9:27 pm, October 21, 2013, by

    Something as simple as a walk through the woods can have multiple benefits – and if you invite some kids...
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  • Land of the waterfalls

    Posted on: 5:34 pm, July 31, 2013, by

    Western North Carolina is known as “land of waterfalls.” Photographer and Greensboro resident Mark File spends most of his time...
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  • Jamestown man builds Radio Flyer car

    Posted on: 12:20 pm, July 8, 2013, by and , updated on: 09:33am, July 9, 2013

    JAMESTOWN, N.C. — A Jamestown man recently fulfilled a childhood dream – he built his own Radio Flyer car. Ed...
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  • Roy’s Folks: Whistling Champ

    Posted on: 5:49 pm, May 29, 2013, by

    MOUNT AIRY, N.C.– Zach Groff won the classical division at the 2013 International Whistler’s Convention in Louisburg. Groff has been...
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  • Mount Airy teen bottles ‘secret’ barbecue sauce

    Posted on: 5:56 pm, May 27, 2013, by , updated on: 06:03pm, May 27, 2013

    MOUNT AIRY, N.C.–For many of us, grilling out is a traditional part of Memorial Day Weekend. For Austin Payne, it’s...
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  • Roy’s Folks: Richard Petty Museum

    Posted on: 7:23 pm, May 22, 2013, by

    RANDLEMAN, N.C.–Roy’s Folks is celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year and so is the Richard Petty Museum in downtown Randleman....
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  • Roy’s Folks: British bike lovers

    Posted on: 5:52 pm, May 15, 2013, by

    There are many auto enthusiasts, and sailboat enthusiasts–but other are more selective in their choice of passions. John French and...
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  • Roy’s Folks: Shoe Shine

    Posted on: 6:47 pm, May 13, 2013, by

    LEXINGTON, N.C.–Not so long ago, we had to go to a train station, bus station or a barber shop to...
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  • Roy’s Folks 25th Anniversary Special [Video]

    Posted on: 10:20 am, May 13, 2013, by

    Roy Ackland and David Weatherly celebrate 25 years of Roy’s Folks.
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  • Roy’s Folks: Puppy Love

    Posted on: 7:58 pm, May 8, 2013, by

    STOKES COUNTY, N.C.– Rufus the Bassethound and Lizzy the half Great Pyrranese and Half Great Dane, are a couple of...
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  • Roy’s Folks: Adam-12 Superfan

    Posted on: 6:07 pm, May 6, 2013, by

    Many of us measure time by the television shows that we watched in early life. Ken Norris from the Guilford...
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  • Roy’s Folks: Asheboro Artist Mike Durham

    Posted on: 6:02 pm, May 1, 2013, by

    ASHEBORO, N.C.–Mike Durham is an artist who does it all–he sculpts, paints, carves and more! Durham taught art for 29...
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