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Melissa Painter pulls double-duty at FOX8. She works to save you time and money as the station's consumer reporter and also anchors the weekend newscasts.

She was raised in Jacksonville, Florida, but claims the Piedmont-Triad as her second home because of her time as a student at Wake Forest University, where she earned a bachelor's degree in communications.

Before making her way back to North Carolina, Melissa worked as an anchor/reporter at WBBH in Fort Myers, Florida, and at WBKO in Bowling Green, Kentucky. She was also an associate producer at WTVF in Nashville. While Melissa was in college, you may have seen her on Cable 2, the education station for Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools. Melissa has been nominated for two Emmy awards and won two Associated Press awards for reporting.

Melissa volunteers with Communities in Schools by visiting Allen Jay Elementary School once a week. Melissa also serves on the board of directors for the Arts Council of High Point and Open Door Ministries.

Melissa lives in High Point with her husband, Adrian.

Recent Articles
  • On Your Side: Problems with donations for schools

    In the last three years, the Better Business Bureau has received 53 complaints against Victory Sports-a marketing company selling advertising space on school t-shirts. FOX8 On Your Side’s Consumer Reporter Melissa Painter spoke with a business in Trinity that says they don’t know what happened to their money they gave to Victory Sports.

  • FOX8 On Your Side: How to take a better photo with your smartphone

    Did you remember to bring your camera? Chances are, it’s built into your phone. These days most of us use our smartphone to capture special moments, but do we really know what we’re doing? FOX8 On Your Side Consumer Reporter Melissa Painter gives us a lesson in iPhone-ography.

  • Deal or Dud? Wax Vac

    Doctor’s say using q-tips to clean your ears can cause permanent damage. So what are you supposed to use? The new Wax Vac promises that it’s a gentle, effective tool to get the job done. FOX8 On Your Side Consumer reporter Melissa Painter put it to the Deal or Dud test.

  • FOX8 On Your Side: North Carolina Rural Center helps small communities

    300,000 manufacturing jobs have been lost across North Carolina, many of them in rural communities. FOX8 On Your Side Consumer Reporter Melissa Painter explains how small businesses in rural communities are getting a boost, thanks to the North Carolina Rural Center.  

  • Deal or Dud? Grip Go

    Always looking for a place to put your phone when you’re in the car? Grip Go promises to give you an easy solution, no adhesive or tools required. FOX8 On Your Side Consumer Reporter Melissa Painter put Grip Go to the Deal or Dud test!  

  • FOX8 On Your Side Consumer Alert: Omega Meats

    Meat is one of the most expensive items on a family’s grocery list. That’s why many residents in the Piedmont were interested when employees from Omega Meats knocked on their door offering meat at a discounted price. FOX8′s On Your Side Consumer Reporter Melissa Painter found that the deals from Omega Meats weren’t always as good as they first seemed.

  • Deal or Dud: Mr. Lid

    Do you have a drawer full of plasticware that’s missing half the lids? Mr. Lid promises to solve that problem! Melissa Painter puts Mr. Lid to the Deal or Dud test!  

  • Deal or Dud? Lint Lizard

    We use our washer and dryer quite frequently, but have you ever had your dryer serviced? Probably not. The Lint Lizard promises to help you clean your dirty dryer vent! FOX8 On Your Side Consumer Reporter Melissa Painter puts it to the Deal or Dud test.

  • Deal or Dud? Cafe Cup put to the test

    Manufacturers are making the chore of brewing a cup of coffee easier and easier with single pod coffee makers that spew out your beverage in under a minute. Fox8 On Your Side puts Cafe Cup to the Deal or Dud test.  

  • (Stock photo)

    What medicine labels mean

    Companies come up with all sorts of terms to sell their products, but when it comes to over-the-counter medicine — you might want to pay attention to what’s written on the label. On Tuesday during the FOX8 9:00 Morning News, consumer reporter Melissa Painter will explain what each term means.  Here’s some of what she’ll discuss: Extra Strength — That means you’re getting an extra dose of the active ingredient.  In a product like Gas-X, the extra strength version has 56 percent more of […]

  • On Your Side: Hidden fees

    Get out one of your bills and look at all the little fees listed! They really add up! So what are those charges and where else can you find hidden fees? Fox8 On Your Side consumer reporter Melissa Painter investigates.

  • cane

    On Your Side: HurryCane

    These days we try to improve just about anything. Even a cane! The makers of the HurryCane—the “all-terrain cane”—promise this new design will get you moving faster and with more stability. FOX8 On Your Side Consumer Reporter Melissa Painter puts it to the test.