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  • Inspired Living: 77-year-old Gets GED

    What will you be doing ten years after you retire? One Piedmont man fulfilled his lifelong goal of going back to school, as you’ll see in this week’s Inspired Living.

  • Inspired Living: Second-chance Mattresses

    A new business in the Piedmont Triad is keeping old mattresses out of landfills while also helping employees bounce back. Learn more about Mattress Go Round and its purpose by watching the video above.

  • Inspired Living: Coping with Loss

    The goal of Limb Loss Awareness Month, which is in April, is to reduce the number of preventable amputations. Each year, more than half of preventable amputations are caused by diabetes.  In this edition of Inspired Living, learn how one group is helping amputees to cope with their loss.

  • Inspired Living: A Second Chance

    Events like a newborn child, job opportunity, or medical diagnosis can be turning points in an individual’s life. This episode of Inspired Living features Hadi — a man from the Piedmont Triad who got a second chance after a horrible accident that required him to go through eight different surgeries.

  • Inspired Living: Camille’s Closet

    We’re approaching prom season, but a lot happens before the big dance. Between finding the right dress, matching shoes and earrings — many teens can’t afford to go to the prom. However, some students are making sure those who are less fortunate have a way to get glammed up for free.

  • Inspired Living: Cooking Class

    A non-profit group in High Point is teaching single moms how to cook nutritious meals without breaking the bank. Learn more in this week’s Inspired Living by watching the video above.

  • Inspired Living: Composing Judge

    Retirement is often a time to relax, travel or focus on a new interest.  But for one Greensboro man, it’s a time to embark on a new career. Maurice Horne majored in music at Wake Forest University in 1960, but decided to go in a different direction with his career. For more on Horne’s work, visit His CDs are also sold at Ambleside Gallery in downtown Greensboro.

  • Inspired Living: Emily Byrd’s Hero

    FOX8 morning meteorologist Emily Byrd paid a personal visit to the Greensboro firefighter she credits for rescuing her. In the video above, Emily meets Darrell Stultz, who happened to be nearby when she passed out and hit her head hard while shopping a few weeks ago. Emily wants to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers. She hopes to be back on the air in the coming weeks.

  • Inspired Living: Marching Forward

    Halftime performances may only last a few minutes, but they take months of preparations. One local marching band is marching ahead, as you’ll see in this week’s Inspired Living.

  • Inspired Living: Battling Life Together

    It’s estimated more than 1.5 million people will be diagnosed with cancer this year, and a group of local ladies wants patients to know they’re not fighting alone. How they’re reaching out and Battling Life together is the focus of this week’s Inspired Living. Battling Life relies solely on donations.  If you’d like to help, visit the group’s Facebook page.

  • Inspired Living: Change Purse Store

    A local woman is collecting purses that are gathering dust from around the Piedmont Triad and giving them new life, while also helping others. Her program, which was featured as an Inspired Living piece in 2011, has made amazing strides. The progress the program has made is the focus of this week’s Inspired Living. For more information on the program, whether to donate or volunteer, visit by clicking here.

  • Inspired Living: Attorney Turned Artist

    One local man switched careers in his 80s, but not because of money problems. Find out more by watching this week’s edition of Inspired Living in the video above.