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  • ferguson 1 Collage

    Ferguson grand jury decision expected at 9 p.m.

    FERGUSON, Mo. — A decision is expected Monday from the grand jury in Ferguson, Missouri, that is weighing evidence in the Michael Brown shooting, U.S. and local law enforcement officials told CNN. The grand jury’s decision on whether to indict Officer Darren Wilson will be announced at 9 p.m. ET Monday, the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney of St. Louis County said. The sources did not know what decision will be announced. The city has been on edge in anticipation of a […]

  • nazi

    Virginia resident hangs Nazi flag outside home

    NORFOLK, Va. — Residents in a Ghent neighborhood were shocked on Friday morning when noticed a neighbor had hung a flag with Nazi symbols on it outside his home on Mowbray Arch. A neighbor shared pictures of the flag on Facebook and it received quite a reaction, reported WTKR. The man who hung the flag refused to interview on camera unless his comments were unedited, which is not our policy. But he did say his actions were inspired by President […]

  • Colosseum

    Tourist fined $24,000 for carving name into Colosseum

    The price of being a dumb tourist just went up. Authorities in Rome have slapped a 20,000 euros ($24,800) fine on a Russian tourist caught carving his name into one of the city’s most famous historic landmarks. The 42-year-old man was apprehended on Friday after a guard at the Colosseum, the Roman amphitheater in the center of the city, saw him carve the letter “K” in a section of brickwork. After police caught up with him, the man, identified by […]

  • 122584470

    Sophisticated ‘Regin’ malware has been infecting computers since 2008

    NEW YORK — Experts don’t know where it came from, and aren’t quite sure what it does. But they do know this: a newly-uncovered cybersecurity threat wasn’t your typical credit-card stealing operation. It appears to be a government spying tool, and is “groundbreaking and almost peerless.” Regin, as they’ve dubbed it, is malware that has been lurking in computers around the world for as long as six years, according to Symantec, the cybersecurity firm that produces Norton Antivirus. “Its capabilities […]

  • new haven

    Man, teen arrested in after shootout over fight about a girl on Instagram

    NEW HAVEN, Conn. — On Thursday, Nov. 20 at 3:43 p.m. New Haven Police were called to Dover Street after reports that two men–an adult and a 17-year-old –were shooting at each other, reported FOXCT. Officers found bullet casings and a Ruger .380 pistol nearby where they arrested the two men, but neither claimed the gun as his. Dashaun Bowes-Ware, 22, of New Haven, was taken into custody and said he armed himself after the teen threatened to shoot him […]

  • McDonalds

    Flag touching ground at McDonald’s prompts outrage

    NEW BRITAIN, Conn. — A massive outrage on social media has emerged around an American flag allowed to touch the ground at a local McDonald’s, reported FOXCT. A picture taken and posted on a Facebook page, “Stolen Valor” shows two workers of the McDonald’s on West Main Street in New Britain next to a flag on the ground. The owner and operator of the franchise, Joe Rodriguez tells Fox Connecticut a store training manager was in the process of replacing […]

  • DNA

    DNA match in database led to man’s arrest in Indiana student’s slaying

    INDIANAPOLIS — Investigators revealed more information Friday morning about an arrest in the death of a 15-year-old Indianapolis girl, WCIN reported. Dominique Allen was abducted in the early morning hours on Aug. 31 while she was sitting outside her sister’s home. She was then found strangled, her body burned. Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry called it a “particularly egregious case.” Curry announced the filing of a murder charge against William Gholston. A DNA match broke the case open, Curry said, […]

  • “Airsoft gun” found on the juvenile involved in Saturday’s officer-involved shooting (Photo Credit: WJW-TV)

    Cleveland police say 12-year-old shot by officer held air gun ‘indistinguishable from a real gun’

    [Breaking news update, posted 11:52 a.m. ET] The 12-year-old boy shot by Cleveland police over the weekend was wielding an air gun that is “indistinguishable from a real gun,” Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams told reporters Monday. [Previous story, posted at 10:41 a.m. ET] Cleveland authorities have surveillance video showing the weekend shooting by police of a 12-year-old boy who was brandishing an ultrarealistic air gun, a department spokesman said Monday. Tamir Rice died Saturday after a witness called 911 […]

  • Addi and Cassi recuperate at Children's Hospital, Oakland.

    Sugar could help treat a deadly disease

    RENO, Nev. — Big wooden planters full of ripe tomatoes. Homemade pickles. Over good wine and grilled steak at the home of Chris and Hugh Hempel, in the hills around Reno, Nev., the conversation turns to biomedical research and genetics. It’s a reminder of the path the Hempels have walked for eight years, of a world that few parents can imagine, until it stares them in the face. The Hempels are on a break from the world of fluorescent lights, […]

  • hagel

    Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to step down at request of President Barack Obama

    Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel will resign, the New York Times reported Monday. The Times reported that President Barack Obama is expected to make the announcement from the Rose Garden later Monday and that the decision was made Friday. Hagel, a former Republican senator from Nebraska, has been in office since February 2013. Developing …

  • kmart

    Kmart workers fight for time off on Thanksgiving

    NEW YORK — Somebody has to work on Thanksgiving, and Kmart says it does its best to staff stores with volunteers that day. But hundreds of workers say that’s not good enough. More than 600 employees have signed a petition asking that the store allow employees to at least put in a request to have the holiday off. It’s the latest group of retail workers to push back against the Black Friday creep. At least 10 companies will open their […]

  • Extreme Shrimp May Hold Clues to Alien Life

    Extreme shrimp might hold clues to alien life, NASA says

    Shrimp crawling around rock chimneys spewing hot water deep in the Caribbean Sea may hold clues to the kinds of life that can thrive in extreme environments on other planets, NASA says. The shrimp are called Rimicaris hybisae (no, we can’t pronounce it either). They live in clumps on hydrothermal vents 7,500 feet underwater, where temperatures reach 750 degrees Fahrenheit and it’s very, very dark. The water near the vents is cool enough for the shrimp to live in. The […]


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