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    Democrats to end House sit-in protest over gun control

    WASHINGTON — Democrats have decided to end their sit-in protest over gun control Thursday, a senior leadership aide tells CNN. “We are going to the floor to end this now,” the aide said. Republicans had earlier tried to shut it down, but the Democrats’ day-long sit-in protesting the lack of action on gun control lasted for more than 24 hours. In the middle of the night, House Republicans had sought to end an extraordinary day of drama that began Wednesday […]

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    Shooting at German cinema leaves 25 injured; assailant dead

    The assailant who attacked a German cinema Thursday has been killed, U.S. officials say, citing their German counterparts. The suspect entered the cinema, apparently heavily armed, around 3 p.m. local time, authorities said. An early report from German public TV said 25 people were injured. But it’s not clear if any of the injured were shot, or were hurt in other ways. Police said they won’t release any more details until the operation is over. The cinema is part of […]

  • Officer Caesar R. Goodson, Jr., is one of six Baltimore, Maryland police officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray. Gray was arrested by Baltimore police on April 12, 2015 and died on April 19. Goodson is charged with second-degree depraved-heart murder, involuntary manslaughter, second-degree assault, two counts of manslaughter by vehicle and misconduct. (CNN)

    Freddie Gray verdict: Baltimore officer who drove van acquitted on all charges

    BALTIMORE — Baltimore police officer Caesar Goodson, who drove the van in which Freddie Gray was fatally injured, was found not guilty Thursday on all charges, including the most serious charge of second-degree depraved-heart murder. Wearing a dark suit and blue shirt, Goodson stood motionless as the verdict was read. There were tears in his family members’ eyes. Baltimore officer Edward Nero, who was also acquitted of charges by the same judge in May, clasped his hands and said, “Yes!” […]

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    California DA wants tougher sentences for some sexual assaults after Brock Turner ruling

    PALO ALTO, Calif. — Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen wants California legislators to make sentencing tougher for those convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious victim. Rosen on Wednesday announced the introduction of a bill that would make prison time mandatory for anyone convicted of rape or sexual assault against a person who was too intoxicated or unconscious to give consent. Rosen said his office wrote the measure, which is being introduced in Sacramento by two Democratic assemblymen, Evan […]

  • North Korea fired two missiles Wednesday morning from its eastern coast, according to South Korean and U.S. officials.

File-North Korean leader Kim Jong Un attended a welcome banquet for scientists, technicians and officials involved in the recent rocket launch, according to state-media. (CNN)

    North Korea claims missile test success

    North Korea claimed on Thursday to have conducted a successful test-firing of an intermediate-range missile — an apparent reference to a missile that the South Korean military said was fired into the sea one day earlier. The military state’s government-run news agency reported that the country fired a Hwasong-10 — also known as a Musudan — and that it landed accurately in waters about 400 kilometers (249 miles) down range. The statement was reiterated by a North Korean Foreign Ministry […]

  • Quick-thinking neighbors who grabbed a garden hose were able to douse a fire at a mobile home.

    Neighbors successfully extinguish house fire in Phoenix with garden hose

    PHOENIX, Ariz. — Quick-thinking neighbors who grabbed a garden hose were able to douse a fire at a mobile home. The fire broke out Wednesday morning at a mobile home park near 19th Avenue and Buckeye Road. Fire crews arrived on the scene and to find that the fire at the mobile home that had already been extinguished with a garden hose, thanks to some alert neighbors who jumped in to help. The 25-foot mobile home sustained significant damage to […]

  • Sit-in spurs late-night clash on House floor

    WASHINGTON — House Republicans sought to end an extraordinary day of drama and a 16-hour sit-in by Democrats in the early hours of Thursday morning by adjourning for a recess that will last through July 5. The move is an effort to shut down a protest that began Wednesday morning when Democrats took over the House floor and tried to force votes on gun control. After scrambling to react, the GOP appeared to catch Democrats off guard in the middle […]

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    Coast Guard finds body during search for missing family off Florida coast

    The U.S. Coast Guard says it found a body wearing a personal floatation device in an area where searchers are looking for a father and his three teenage children who disappeared while sailing off the coast of southwestern Florida, Coast Guard Capt. Gregory Case told reporters Wednesday. However, it was not immediately clear that the deceased person was a member of the missing family. Case said. The body that was recovered by helicopter was being transported to local authorities for […]

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    CDC panel recommends against using FluMist vaccine

    Flu vaccines are about to get more painful. A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advisory committee recommended on Wednesday that FluMist, the nasal spray influenza vaccine, should not be used during the upcoming flu season. “To everyone’s surprise and increasing consternation, this vaccine has performed quite poorly compared to the injectable vaccine,” said Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious disease specialist. An alternative to the standard flu shot, FluMist had been approved for people between the ages of 2 and […]

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    House Democrats hold sit-in on gun control

    WASHINGTON – John Lewis revived Wednesday one of the most evocative forms of protest from the civil rights movement — the sit-in — to demand House Republicans move on gun control. In a move rich with historic symbolism, the civil rights icon and Democratic congressman from Georgia led a dramatic protest inside the House of Representatives. He and fellow Democrats sat down at the front of the chamber in an unusual demonstration of civil disobedience challenging Republican Speaker Paul Ryan. […]

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    Bernie Sanders: ‘It doesn’t appear that I’m going to be the nominee’

    WASHINGTON — Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders appeared to admit defeat to Hillary Clinton in the fight for the Democratic presidential nomination Wednesday. “It doesn’t appear that I’m going to be the nominee,” Sanders said in an interview on C-SPAN. Sanders continued to campaign through the final primary election — which was held in Washington, D.C., last week — despite Clinton clinching the needed number of pledged delegates the prior week. After losing to Clinton in D.C., Sanders spoke to supporters […]

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    Costco’s switch from Amex to Visa has outraged customers venting on social media

    Costco switched from Amex to Visa, and it’s not going well. Outraged customers vented on social media Wednesday about problems with their new Costco credit cards. They complained that they couldn’t open their new accounts and couldn’t pay existing balances that were transferred to the new cards. The switch was supposed to be automatic and seamless. The new card was touted as a plus for customers when it was first announced, since it offers a more generous cash-back program than […]


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