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  • Video shows boy walking away after being run over by SUV

    HONG KONG — A 6-year-old boy not only survived being run over by a car, he walked away from the incident with only a few scratches. The boy was playing with his toys near his home when a red SUV drove over him. He immediately gets up and walks away. The driver told police he didn’t even notice the child. The case is under investigation. Source: CNN

  • gun

    Gun-toting teachers: School district sticks to its gun policy

    ARGYLE, Tex. — It’s safe to say that one school district is ready to start the school year with guns blazing. The Argyle Independent School District is on target to continue its new policy of allowing some teachers to pack heat on campus. The posted sign on campus shoots straight, when it comes to the relatively new rule. It reads: “Please be aware that the staff at Argyle ISD are armed and may use whatever force is necessary to protect […]

  • shark

    Students’ science project repels sharks and stingrays

    DELRAY BEACH, Fla. — Four students may have found a way for swimmers to stay in the water, even when sharks are lurking nearby. Their invention — Shark X — works to repel or keep predators like jaws away. “The worry of sharks or a shark attack is kind of in the back of in the back of the mind of every surfer,” said Tasman Rosenfeld, one of the Grandview Preparatory School students behind Shark X. Ninth-grader Tasman Rosenfeld, who […]

  • Michael Brown casket

    Michael Brown’s funeral: Hope, tears and a call for social change

    FERGUSON, Mo. — The funeral of slain Ferguson, Missouri, teenager Michael Brown was a celebration of his life, a search for meaning in his death and a battle cry to change policing in America. In his national eulogy, the Rev. Al Sharpton had sharp words for those who looted stores and rioted after the teenager was shot. “You don’t understand that Michael Brown does not want to be remembered for a riot. He wants to be remembered as the one […]

  • quake

    More than 200 treated since Napa earthquake

    In the heart of Northern California’s wine country, piles of stemware lay shattered on the ground. Building facades in historic downtown Napa crumbled into the streets. And residents who enjoyed decades of calm received a harsh reminder that intense quakes can strike anytime. “I was in shock to see people’s homes and offices on the floor,” Napa resident Elise Martinez said. “This is life-changing.” But even as the Bay Area tries to clean up from its strongest earthquake in 25 […]

  • brooklyn

    ‘Thrill seeker’ arrested after scaling Brooklyn Bridge to take pictures with iPhone

    NEW YORK — In another security lapse at the Brooklyn Bridge, the New York Police Department arrested a man Sunday afternoon after he scaled the historical structure, police said. Security at the bridge was recently heightened after American flags atop the two towers of the bridge were stolen in July and replaced by white flags. The latest security breach occurred Sunday afternoon when a 24-year-old self-described thrill seeker visiting from Russia scaled the bridge and reached the top of one […]

  • iPhone 5 (AP Photo)

    Apple recalls iPhone 5 smartphones for battery woes

    NEW YORK, N.Y. — Endlessly charging your iPhone 5? You might be eligible for a free battery replacement. Apple said “a very small percentage” of iPhone 5 smartphones may “suddenly experience shorter battery life or need to be charged more frequently.” Don’t get too excited just yet. After a year or two, everyone’s iPhone battery seems to carry less juice than it once did. But Apple’s repair program is limited to certain customers in the United States and China. Only iPhone […]

  • 459908461

    Woman fights off sex abuse suspect who broke into her home

    SALEM, Ore. — A woman managed to fight off an attacker who broke into her home and attempted to sexually assault her, according to Marion County deputies. Deputies were called to the 4000 block of State Street in Salem at 6 a.m. Saturday. A woman said she was sleeping when a man broke in. She said the man placed a rag over her mouth and began to attack her while attempting to assault her sexually. The woman fought the man […]

  • 26353764_BG4

    Deputy seen striking suspect inside SC Walmart placed on leave

    BEREA, S.C. — A Greenville County sheriff’s deputy has been placed on administrative leave after he was seen forcefully subduing a man inside an Upstate Walmart on Saturday, according to Master Deputy Jonathan Smith. Several witnesses recorded videos showing the deputy shocking the suspect with a stun gun and striking the suspect numerous times. The videos were quickly posted and shared on social media, but Smith said there was much more that the cell phone videos did not capture. “There’s […]

  • Cafeteria lunch (Generic photo)

    Student dies after apparently choking at lunchtime

    PHOENIX, Ariz. — A second-grade student at a Phoenix elementary school died Friday after apparently choking during lunch. Javier Lopez was eating in the cafeteria at Paseo Hills School around 11 a.m. and became unresponsive, according to Ashley Morris with the Deer Valley Unified School District. Morris said it appeared that the 7-year-old may have had an object obstructing his airway. A teacher performed the Heimlich maneuver and the school’s nurse assisted with CPR. Javier was transported to a nearby […]

  • [Image: CNN]

    Doctors remove half of girl’s brain

    PHOENIX, Ariz. — A baby girl is recovering after doctors disconnected half her brain to stop the hundreds of seizures she was having every day. “It was a really scary realization,” Hayden Poeling’s mother, Kimberly, said. “I don’t understand how my kid’s gonna function with only half of a brain.” Just days after Hayden was born, her mother knew something wasn’t right with her newborn. She was having constant spasms. Doctors at Phoenix Children’s Hospital (PCH) discovered the left side […]

  • weight Collage

    NC man ‘tired of being laughed at’ loses 225 pounds the natural way

    Throughout high school, Tevante Clark felt ashamed about being overweight. It wasn’t just his hefty size that depressed him, but the distance he felt growing between him and some of his closest friends. Over four years, he watched as his friends steadily left him out of conversations, gave him the cold shoulder at school, and then started excluding him altogether from their Friday night outings around Chapel Hill, North Carolina. He was crushed, spending many evenings alone, feeling rejected. Standing […]


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