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  • Suspects on right: David E. Eisenhauer, 18, and Natalie Marie Keepers, 19, face charges in connection to the death of 13-year-old Nicole Madison Lovell (pictured left).

    Nicole Lovell’s death was plotted at a restaurant, official says

    CHRISTIANSBURG, Virginia — Two college students sat at a fast-food chain restaurant, not to discuss homework, but allegedly to plot the killing of a 13-year-old girl. Virginia Tech students David Eisenhauer and Natalie Keepers also allegedly planned how to dispose and conceal the body of seventh-grader Nicole Lovell over that late January meal at the Cook Out in Blacksburg, Virginia. The details came to light in a courtroom Thursday as prosecutor Mary Pettitt argued against granting bail to Keepers. Keepers, […]

  • (File/WGHP)

    ‘Pink tax’ angers women around the world

    It’s called the “pink tax.” The same products have very different price tags, depending on which gender they are meant for. Take shampoos as an example. A recent study by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs found that haircare products for women cost on average 48% more than the same items meant for men. It found that female razors are 11% more expensive than men’s. Jeans cost 10% more. Even toys marketed to little girls are 11% pricier […]

  • Julian Assange (CNN)

    Julian Assange says he’ll ‘accept arrest’ if U.N. panel rules against him

    LONDON — Julian Assange says he will turn himself in to British police if he loses an appeal he filed with the United Nations. The WikiLeaks founder has been holed up in the Ecuadorean embassy in west London since 2012, to avoid extradition to Sweden where he is accused of rape. Assange submitted a complaint to the U.N. Working Group on Arbitrary Detention about his case in 2014. The panel is expected to rule this week whether his detention arbitrarily […]

  • sc boy

    South Carolina boy prays in send-off to beloved fish

    SENECA, S.C. — Two Seneca children memorialized the passing of their fish and it was caught on camera. Liam, 6, and Piper, 4, said goodbye to Spot on Tuesday before sending him off. Liam delivered the eulogy. “God… help Spot to stay good,” Liam prayed. “I hope he has a good journey and help him to have a good journey. Amen.” Liam continued. Liam’s father, Alex Vassey, tells FOX Carolina that Spot was Liam’s fish and he wanted to speak. “My […]

  • Wasil Ahmad

    11-year-old Afghan boy, hailed as hero for fighting Taliban, killed by militants

    An 11-year-old Afghan boy who had been praised for his bravery in leading security forces in battle against the Taliban was killed by the militants this week, Afghan authorities said. Wasil Ahmad had commanded a police unit for 43 days as it fought to repel a deadly 71-day Taliban siege last year, according to his uncle Mullah Samad, an Afghan Local Police commander in the Khas Uruzgan district of Uruzgan province. Gunmen on motorbikes shot the boy in the head […]

  • Bugs Bunny

    Joe Alaskey, voice of Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, dies at 63

    Joe Alaskey, a voice actor who performed such characters as Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, has died, a family member confirmed to CNN. Alaskey, 63, had been battling cancer. Alaskey was one of the actors who handled Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck after the 1989 death of the famed Mel Blanc. Daffy Duck proved to be one of his most prominent roles. He won an Emmy in 2004 for his performance on Cartoon Network’s “Duck Dodgers.” The actor voiced many […]

  • Suspects on right: David E. Eisenhauer, 18, and Natalie Marie Keepers, 19, face charges in connection to the death of 13-year-old Nicole Madison Lovell (pictured left).

    Female suspect in Nicole Lovell’s killing denied bail

    BLACKSBURG, Va. — One of the two Virginia Tech freshmen facing charges in connection with the death of 13-year-old Nicole Lovell will not be released on bail, a judge ruled Thursday. The judge didn’t find the Natalie Keeper’s arguments for bail compelling, and said that she no longer has any ties to the community. “The one tie she has, has been severed,” the judge said. Keepers, 19, appeared in court in Blacksburg, flanked by her attorneys. She wore a burnt […]

  • iPhone 6

    Apple owes $626 million in damages after losing huge patent case

    NEW YORK — A jury has ordered Apple to pay $626 million in damages after finding that iMessage, FaceTime and other Apple software infringed on another company’s patents. In a case that has been bouncing around the court system since 2012, VirnetX accused Apple of violating four of its patents, which mostly involve methods for real-time communications over the Internet. VirnetX has been labeled a “patent troll” because it is a patent holding company that makes no actual products. It […]

  • Credit: CNN

    Deep-sea ‘purple sock’ provides clues to early life

    A new species of deep-sea creature that resembles a discarded purple sock has been identified as an early form of life in a discovery that will help scientists understand how animals have evolved over time. The very simple creature, Xenoturbella, has no brain, gills, eyes, or reproductive organs, and only one opening through which food goes in and waste goes out. And although the animal was first described in 1949, its peculiar biology left scientists baffled for decades. One of the lead authors […]

  • Democratic Presidential candidates Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images) and Democratic Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton  (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

    6 takeaways from the Democratic town hall

    In a campaign that’s been filled with zingers and gotcha moments, Wednesday night’s CNN Democratic town hall with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders got the candidates to slow down for a bit. Both candidates engaged with the audience and were at their best when getting away from the talking points so familiar to many by this time. Then again, each were faced with questions that demonstrated their weaknesses either in winning a Democratic primary or in November. Here are six […]

  • mgngrnnbuhoiqtjh4xmdoxojbro-i4w8

    Hostage of California jail escapees: I thought ‘100 percent I would die’

    From the moment Long Hoang Ma’s captors turned on the TV to show him who they were, he thought “100 percent” he was going to die. Earlier that night, Ma, a cab driver, unwittingly picked up the three most sought-after men in Southern California at the time. The trio had broken out of a maximum-security jail and they were trying to stay one step ahead of a massive manhunt. Ma was their next pawn. “He put a gun in my […]

  • Bill Cosby

    Bill Cosby sexual assault case: Judge says prosecution can go forward

    NORRISTOWN, Pa. — The sexual assault case in Pennsylvania against Bill Cosby will go forward, a judge in Montgomery County ruled Wednesday. Cosby’s lawyers had argued for two days during a pretrial hearing that a criminal case had been barred by a promise made in 2005 by then-District Attorney Bruce Castor never to prosecute the renowned entertainer. The judge on Wednesday ruled “there was no basis to grant the relief requested” by Cosby. Cosby’s legal team told CNN it has […]


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