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  • Alton Alexander Nolen

    Prosecutor likely to seek death penalty in Oklahoma beheading

    Alton Alexander Nolen, 30, was charged Tuesday with first-degree murder and attempted murder in the beheading of a 54-year-old woman last week at his former workplace in Oklahoma and an attack on another woman, said Cleveland County District Attorney Greg Mashburn. Nolen was also charged with a third felony, assault with a deadly weapon, the prosecutor said. “It is highly likely I will seek the death penalty in this case,” Mashburn added.

  • Wildlife Population Decline

    World has lost more than half its wildlife in 40 years

    The world’s animal population has halved in 40 years as humans put unsustainable demands on Earth, a new report warns. The World Wide Fund for Nature’s Living Planet Index, released Tuesday, revealed the dramatic decline in animal species, and said the trend could cost the world billions in economic losses. Humans need one and a half earths to sustain their current demands, it said. The index, which draws on research around WWF’s database of 3,000 animal species, is released every […]

  • Jesse Matthew Jr. forensically linked to both Morgan Harrington (left) and Hannah Graham (right)

    DNA links suspect in Hannah Graham case to 2 missing Virginia women

    CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — DNA evidence links Jesse Matthew, a suspect in this month’s disappearance of University of Virginia student Hannah Graham, to the death of Virginia Tech student Morgan Harrington, who disappeared in 2009, a law enforcement source told CNN Monday. Virginia State Police had said earlier that the two cases were connected by a “forensic link” but did not elaborate. Almost from the start, speculation was raised about the possibility of a connection between Graham’s disappearance and Harrington’s death. […]

  • 9-year-old weighing only 17 pounds dies from starvation; parents charged

    HARRISBURG, Pa. — A couple has been charged with criminal homicide after their 9 year-old son died from starvation. Officials say at the time of his death the boy only weighed 16.9 pounds. According to WHP, Kimberly Tutko and her husband Jarrod Tutko Sr. were arrested Monday. Jarrod Jr. was found dead inside his home and investigators say he had been dead a few days. According to the criminal complaint, Jarrod Jr. was locked inside his bedroom by his parents. There was no bed, no light […]

  • Beverly Carter, Arron Lewis

    UPDATE: Arron Lewis arrested in case of missing real estate agent

    Arron Lewis, the suspect in the disappearance of Arkansas real estate agent Beverly Carter, has been arrested in Little Rock, Ark., said Lt. Carl Minden with Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office. The Little Rock Police Department arrested Lewis on Monday morning, Minden said. Carter went to show a home in the city of Scott on Thursday. Then, she vanished. On Sunday, a court issued an arrest warrant for Arron M. Lewis, 33, in her disappearance. Police didn’t say how they linked […]

  • FILE - In this March 22, 2011, file photo, Afghan National Army commandos practice a house clearing during a training session at Camp Morehead on the outskirts of Kabul, Afghanistan. The commando strike force is part of an interwoven latticework of Afghan forces trained and backed by a small number of U.S. special operators. Photo: Dar Yasin / AP

    Afghanistan signs deal keeping US troops beyond 2014

    KABUL, Afghanistan — The United States and Afghanistan on Tuesday signed a long-delayed security agreement that will allow U.S. troops to stay in Afghanistan beyond the previous December deadline to withdraw. The deal was signed by Afghan National Security Adviser Mohammad Hanif Atmar and U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan James Cunningham during a ceremony in Kabul. The future of the U.S. military’s presence in Afghanistan beyond 2014 had been in doubt until the deal was signed. Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai […]

  • Jonathan Dwyer

    Arizona Cardinals player formally charged in domestic violence case

    Arizona Cardinals running back Jonathan Dwyer has been indicted on a felony charge of aggravated assault stemming from two July arguments with his wife. The aggravated assault charge, a class 4 felony, was returned by a Maricopa County Grand Jury on Friday. Dwyer also was indicted on eight misdemeanors that included one assault charge. The Cardinals deactivated Dwyer after he was arrested earlier this month in connection with the incidents, including one in which police say Dwyer head-butted his wife, […]

  • White House Fence Jumper

    Officials: White House fence jumper made it farther than originally thought

    WASHINGTON — The man who jumped the White House fence earlier this month and breached the mansion’s doors actually made it farther than originally thought, officials said Monday. Omar Gonzalez, a 42-year-old Iraq war veteran who had a knife in his pocket, overcame one Secret Service officer and ran into the East Room of the White House, where he was then subdued, a federal law enforcement said. Rep. Jason Chaffetz, who was provided the information by whistleblowers during his congressional […]

  • Charles Agosto

    Strong cologne leads officers to suspect after 100 mph chase

    LEBANON, Ore. — A suspect who led police on a 100 mph chase and then attempted to hide was caught after officers picked up on the strong scent of his cologne, according to the Lebanon Police Department. An officer attempted to stop a Honda Prelude for speeding and failing to obey a traffic control device at 4 a.m. Sunday. Police said the car sped up and hit speeds in excess of 100 mph heading westbound on Highway 20 toward Albany. During […]

  • Facebook

    Facebook ads will now follow you across the web

    NEW YORK — Facebook is expanding its advertising reach. The company launched a new line of business Monday that will display advertisements on sites across the Web on computers and mobile devices. The business is being run through Facebook’s Atlas unit, purchased from Microsoft in April of last year. Atlas head Erik Johnson said the platform offers an advantage for marketers over most current ad-serving systems, which rely on cookies. Cookies are used to track browsing on desktop computers, but […]

  • "The Simpsons"

    ‘Family Guy’ and ‘The Simpsons’ crossover and a character dies

    How do you keep things fresh in your 26th season? If you’re “The Simpsons,” you roll out a jaw-dropping couch gag AND kill off a Springfield resident while you’re at it. Editor’s note: This story contains spoilers about Sunday’s episode of “The Simpsons.” Simpsons fans were warned of a character’s impending demise and online speculation had focused on Krusty the Clown. That turned out to be a bit of misdirection, however, as the doomed Springfielder in question was none other […]

  • (Stock image).

    $10 potato salad joke turns into mega charity concert bash

    Potato salad is a cause worthy of charitable donations. That notion started out as a joke in early July, when Zack “Danger” Brown opened a Kickstarter campaign requesting $10 in crowdfunding to make his very first batch of it. But the joke was on him, when an Internet mob pounded him with a sum far beyond his goal — $55,492. On Saturday, he spent it on a public party in a city park in his hometown of Columbus, Ohio, to […]


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