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  • Credit: From Southwest

    Passenger kicked off flight for poking fellow flier with pen

    CHICAGO — Passengers, keep your pens to yourself. A female flier was kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight Thursday after allegedly jabbing another passenger in the arm with a pen. The passenger “was removed from the flight for poking her seatmate with a pen to stop him from snoring,” Southwest said in a statement. But it’s unclear whether snoring was the root cause of the incident. Michael Sutton said his friend, Lenny Mordarski, was asleep as Flight 577 was taxiing […]

  • Credit:	Franklin County Sheriff's Office

    New US citizen sought to execute US soldiers, indictment alleges

    COLUMBUS, Ohio — A naturalized U.S. citizen traveled to Syria for training and wanted to return home to kill Americans — particularly U.S. soldiers, execution style, the U.S. Department of Justice said Thursday. A federal grand jury in Ohio charged Abdirahman Sheik Mohamud, 23, of Columbus, with providing material support to terrorists and lying to the FBI. Mohamud told someone that he wanted to target U.S. armed forces, police officers or other people in uniform, the indictment alleges, adding that […]

  • Walmart Store Exterior

    Why Walmart fired 2,200 people immediately

    NEW YORK — Walmart surprised everyone and put 2,200 people out of work Monday when it temporarily closed five stores. The reason for the shut down: plumbing problems, according to the retailer. Two of the stores are in Texas, and the others are in California, Florida and Oklahoma. They will be closed for “extended repairs” for approximately six months, the company said. The stores closed at 7 p.m. Monday, after workers were notified just hours before that they were losing […]

  • model3

    Model says botched laser hair removal left her with burns, may have ruined her career

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. — A woman said what should have been a routine procedure has possibly changed her life for the worse. The woman, who is a bikini model, asked not to be identified. In preparation for a photo shoot next week, she turned to laser hair removal. She said she uses the procedure at least once a year. But she claimed this time something went wrong. “If I wore shorts, it’d be like a freak show,” the 29-year-old woman said. The […]

  • (Credit: Ol Pejeta Conservancy)(Credit: Ol Pejeta Conservancy)

    The last of his kind: Only male northern white rhino under 24-hour guard

    OL PEJETA CONSERVANCY, Kenya — At first glance, Sudan looks like any other northern white rhino: stout and agile, with square lips. He grazes under the hot sun, his massive head lowered to the ground, with the occasional glance at visitors gawking at him from four-wheel drives at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in central Kenya. Story continues below photo gallery. When he’s not wallowing in his enclosure, he waddles around the sprawling savannah, stopping briefly to drink water from a […]

  • 150415155625-women-status-orig-image-3-tablet-large

    US women, you won’t be happy with this

    If you imagine countries where women and girls have it worst, the United States probably doesn’t come to mind. Here, women can drive; they don’t need male guardians to travel, work or receive health care. Girls can pursue an education without fear of being attacked or abducted for wanting to learn. They are rarely forced into marriages at young ages, kidnapped by would-be husbands or killed if they choose whom to love. Stories like these may happen elsewhere, but they […]

  • Source: New Belgium Brewing

    Ben & Jerry’s teams up for salted caramel brownie beer

    FORT COLLINS, Colo. — Beer and ice cream. It doesn’t exactly spring to mind when you think of classic food pairings — old friends such as bacon and eggs or steak and cabernet. But Colorado’s New Belgium Brewery and the folks at Ben & Jerry’s are teaming up on a beer inspired by ice cream — salted caramel brownie ice cream, to be precise. “At this time I can confirm that Ben & Jerry’s and New Belgium are collaborating to […]

  • 150415234013-battling-cancer-00022601-tablet-large

    Husband and wife battle rare cancers

    CALEDONIA, Mich. — Ben and Shelby Offrink met in college. It wasn’t the most romantic setting — a study group for calculus-based physics — but Ben managed to turn it into a story worth telling by cheating. “I set up a study group and ended up telling the other people not to come so it would be just the two of us,” said Ben with a smile. “He was sneaky,” says Shelby. “Yeah, I wanted to meet her,” says Ben, […]

  • What $100,000 in student debt feels like

    Her student debt was wiped after someone heard her story

    NEW YORK — Rhea Shannon is the kind of girl who is passionate about telling stories, and is quick with a smile. Her resilient personality has gotten her through a lot. But what really grips you is her story. Last month, Shannon walked into a confession booth that CNNMoney had set up for young graduates to talk about their money issues. Shannon shared the story of her father, a Marine, who died while on active duty in Afghanistan during her […]

  • Source: Facebook

    This student created a Batman outfit – and it works

    PHILADELPHIA — Jackson Gordon is no ordinary 21-year-old. By day he is an industrial design student at Philadelphia University, but Gordon has another side to him — a side altogether darker, tougher and more enigmatic. Hanging in his workshop Gordon has a full suit of armor plating, cape and cowl — matte black and built to stop a knife. Gordon has an alter ego: the Dark Knight himself, Batman. You might expect his origin story to be cloaked in mystery, […]

  • Source: CNN

    David Chase reveals details of ‘Sopranos’ ending

    NEW YORK — “Sopranos” theorists now have a little more to chew on. Show creator David Chase went through the famous final scene for DGA Quarterly and revealed the reasoning behind each shot. What he didn’t reveal, however, was whether series protagonist Tony Soprano lives or dies. Chase’s details are a master class on how to build tension in a seemingly nondescript situation, however. For those who don’t recall the finale, which aired in June 2007, mobster Tony Soprano is […]

  • Source: WTKR

    Man accused of breaking into workplace, stealing his own paycheck

    JAMES CITY COUNTY, Va. — A man is accused of breaking into his workplace and stealing his own paycheck. When James City County Police arrested 25-year-old Alexander Morton three days later, officers say they found fake money and drugs. “Why would I steal my own check? No it wasn’t me,” he says. Police say Morton broke into Lars Construction where he worked as a laborer and stole his own check – a paycheck he was scheduled to get the next day. […]


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