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  • Black Friday

    Why Black Friday deals aren’t really deals

    If you’re experiencing déjà vu this Black Friday, there’s a reason: Retailers are repeating products and prices from last year. A whopping 93 percent of stores surveyed are offering customers year-old products for the same “discount” that was offered last year, according to a recent study from NerdWallet. While that may not be a huge issue for things like furniture and cookware, it does matter when it comes to tech and electronics that can be outdated or of poorer quality. […]

  • Michael Brown's mom

    Michael Brown’s stepfather at rally: ‘Burn this b**** down!’

    Michael Brown’s stepfather consoled the dead teen’s distraught mother after Monday’s controversial grand jury announcement and then turned to the crowd of demonstrators, saying, “Burn this mother f—er down” and “Burn this bitch down,” according to a New York Times video. The comments by Brown’s stepfather, Louis Head, came shortly before an eruption of rage by some protesters over the decision not to indict police Officer Darren Wilson in the August shooting death of 18-year-old Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. A […]

  • tweet

    Fail! Twitter CFO sends errant tweet about a potential acquisition

    HONG KONG — Oops! Add this to the growing list of Twitter fails. Twitter finance chief Anthony Noto appears to have accidentally tweeted a message that he intended to send privately. The presumed subject of the tweet? A potential acquisition by Twitter. “I still think we should buy them. He is on your schedule for Dec 15 or 16 — we will need to sell him. i have a plan,” Noto’s message said. The errant tweet set off a wave […]

  • Honda

    Honda underreported 1,729 deaths and injuries

    Honda failed to report 1,729 serious accidents resulting in injuries or deaths to U.S. safety regulators. The company knew about the accidents that took place between 2003 and 2014, but blamed data entry and computer programming errors for the failure in a regulatory filing Monday. Automakers are required to report any death or injury claims to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on a quarterly basis. The automakers and safety regulator both are supposed to analyze reports of such incidents […]

  • The Aftermath of the Mike Brown verdict

    Nearly 120 protests over Ferguson decision planned throughout US

    A day after protests over the grand jury decision in Michael Brown’s death rocked Ferguson, Mo., people across the country geared up to voice their anger again Tuesday. As of midday, more than 120 protests were planned for Tuesday in 37 U.S. states, Washington, D.C., and Canada, according to information from a site set up to help organize the efforts. The planned demonstrations ranged from Bangor, Maine, in the East to Portland, Oregon, in the West; from Edmonton, Alberta, in […]

  • (CNN image)

    10 signs you might be addicted to your smartphone

    They say the first step to overcoming a problem is realizing you have one in the first place. If you asked me whether I’m addicted to my smartphone or whether I overuse it, I would say absolutely not. I pride myself on not keeping my devices (I have two of them!) in my bedroom while I sleep, and keeping them out of reach on the kitchen counter when I’m home with my kids. But, every time I walk into the […]

  • Drone Generic

    Drone pilots wanted: Starting salary $100,000

    NEW YORK — Drone jobs are in high demand. Big companies, such as Amazon and Facebook, are looking for pilots who fly drones and engineers with experience in building the unmanned aircraft. And they are willing to pay top dollar for the right stuff. Federal regulations currently prohibit the use of drones for commercial purposes. But all that will change soon, with the Federal Aviation Administration expected to soften rules next year to allow certain light-weight drones to make commercial […]

  • 454962529

    Uber removes racy blog posts on prostitution, one-night stands

    NEW YORK — Uber tracks and analyzes a lot more than you’d think — from your one-night stands to the prevalence of prostitutes in your favorite pick-up location. But Uber is in damage control mode, under intense scrutiny for its aggressive tactics and threatening journalists. And that means it has been pulling down some of its most interesting (and sometimes edgy) blog posts. The ride service company’s #UberData blog is now squeaky clean. Among the missing posts: A 2011 study […]

  • mccroy

    Deadbeat dad who ‘died’ to get out of paying child support now claims he’s permanently disabled

    MILWAUKEE, Wis. — Remember the deadbeat dad who “died” to get out of paying his child support? His story was so unbelievable even superstars like Tyrese and P. Diddy called him out for it. His real name is John McCroy. His rap name is Jakitdown. He is using his 15 minutes of fame to make a name for himself and to try to make some cash. But if he is making money, prosecutors say it’s still not going to his kids. […]

  • (The Rescue Project via Facebook)

    Homeless dog waits months for owners after deadly house explosion

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — For five months a dog left homeless by a deadly house explosion waited for its owners at the site of the blast in a south Kansas City neighborhood. The injured, skittish dog eluded concerned neighbors, animal control and rescue groups for weeks. The dog would run into a nearby wooded area every time someone approached the property. On June 4, a home near East 92nd Street and Tennessee Avenue exploded. Investigators say people inside the home […]

  • Bradley M. Arndt

    Man stabs brother to death with samurai sword during argument

    LAPORTE COUNTY, Ind. — An Indiana man stabbed his brother to death with a samurai sword, police say. Trail Creek police were called before 1 p.m. about an argument at a home located at 105 Hummingbird Drive. While reporting the dispute, a caller yelled that someone had been stabbed. Officer arrived to investigate and found Thomas Arndt, 54, Michigan City, lying on the front lawn with several stab wounds. A sword was stuck in the ground nearby, and Arndt was […]

  • m1

    Photos show chaos on streets of Ferguson after grand jury decision

    FERGUSON, Mo. — This was Ferguson early Tuesday morning. Shattered glass from looted stores covered the asphalt. The smoke of tear gas lingered in the cold air. And more than a dozen buildings, including stores owned by local residents, were inexplicably set ablaze. “This ain’t Iraq. This is the United States,” Demetric Whitlock yelled to a line of police officers on South Florissant Road, in front of the Ferguson Police Department. When a grand jury decided Monday not to indict Ferguson […]


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