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  • kidnapper

    Teen abducted in 1997 reunited with parents after unknowingly meeting sister

    CAPE TOWN, South Africa — A South African teen kidnapped as a newborn and reunited with her parents this month is “broken” after her ordeal, her father says. Zephany Nurse, who is now 17, was seized from a Cape Town hospital in 1997. Since then, she has been raised by the woman who allegedly abducted her, authorities say. In a strange twist, she lived in the same city as her biological parents, who admit she’s having a hard time adjusting […]

  • 186471026

    Exposure to loud music puts more than 1 billion at risk for hearing loss

    “Hey dude — can you turn your music down?” If anyone says this to you while you’re wearing your earbuds, take note: You are probably endangering your hearing. More than one billion teens and young adults are at risk of losing their hearing, according to WHO (that’s the World Health Organization, not the rock band). It’s not just old folks who suffer hearing loss. Just by listening to music at what you probably think is a normal level, or hanging […]

  • Source: @SalvationArmySA

    Salvation Army uses #thedress to raise domestic violence awareness

    Why is it so hard to see black and blue? One in 6 women are victims of abuse. #StopAbuseAgainstWomen pic.twitter.com/FgDdKdsMMb — TheSalvationArmySA (@SalvationArmySA) March 6, 2015 JOHANNESBURG — The Salvation Army in South Africa is using #thedress to spread a different kind of message about the colors black and blue. The organization is using the viral sensation to spread awareness about domestic violence. An ad shows a model wearing a white and gold dress resembling the one that caused an Internet […]

  • Apple Pay

    Thieves reportedly using stolen credit cards on Apple Pay

    Thieves are using stolen credit card data to make bogus purchases on Apple Pay, Apple’s mobile payment system. The stolen card data is believed to have come from recent hacks on major retailers including Home Depot and Target, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal. Here’s what’s happening: Apple’s system hasn’t been hacked. But cyber thieves are taking stolen credit card data, entering it into smartphones, and making purchases — all without the use of an actual credit […]

  • mars

    NASA: Mars may have had an ocean comparable to Earth’s Atlantic

    WASHINGTON — Scientists at NASA are one step closer to understanding how much water could have existed on primeval Mars. These new findings also indicate how primitive water reservoirs there could have evolved over billions of years, indicating that early oceans on the Red Planet might have held more water than Earth’s Arctic Ocean, NASA scientists reveal in a study published Friday in the journal Science. “Our study provides a solid estimate of how much water Mars once had, by […]

  • 150116093409-01-uss-ranger-0115-tablet-large

    ‘Top Gun’ carrier makes final journey

    BROWNSVILLE, Texas — The aircraft carrier USS Ranger, which saw action in the Vietnam War and Operation Desert Storm and had appearances in the movies “Top Gun” and “Star Trek IV,” is on its final journey, a five-month cruise at the end of a tow cable from Bremerton, Washington, to a scrapyard Texas. The 56,300-ton warship, which was launched in 1956, was decommissioned in 1993 but kept in storage for possible reactivation until March 2004 when it was stricken from […]

  • Lost city discovered in Honduran jungle

    National Geographic announces discovery of ancient lost city in rainforest

    Archaeologists searching for a lost city in the jungles of Honduras have discovered the urban remains of what they believe is a vanished ancient civilization, National Geographic reports. A writer and photographer for the magazine accompanied a team of scientists to Honduras’ Mosquitia region on the trail of a legendary “White City” or “City of the Monkey God.” The expedition was launched after aerial light detection scanning — known as LIDAR — uncovered what appeared to be man-made structures below […]

  • Ford crash

    Harrison Ford ‘battered, but OK’ after small-plane crash, son says

    SANTA MONICA, Calif. [Breaking news update, posted at 8:15 p.m. ET] — Harrison Ford is OK after a small plane crash Thursday, his son tweeted. “At the hospital. Dad is ok. Battered, but ok! He is every bit the man you would think he is. He is an incredibly strong man,” tweeted Ben Ford. At the hospital. Dad is ok. Battered, but ok! He is every bit the man you would think he is. He is an incredibly strong man. […]

  • iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

    Your next iPhone could be waterproof

    Apple is working on a way to make iPhones waterproof, so maybe next time your phone drops in the toilet it won’t be deadly. The company was just granted a patent for a design that would make electronic “components within a computing device” water resistant. The application doesn’t specify which Apple products the plans pertain to. By protecting parts on the inside, a phone may have a better chance of surviving a dip in the pool. Since the waterproofing is […]

  • circus

    Ringling Bros. to phase out elephants from circus shows

    NEW YORK — The Greatest Show on Earth will soon be without elephants. Ringling Bros. announced Thursday it will gradually reduce the use of elephants in its shows, and all will be retired by 2018. Elephants have for years played prominently in the circus’ shows and its advertising. They triumphantly enter the ring, then perform a synchronized dance routine. But Ringling Bros.’ treatment of the pachyderms has also come under scrutiny. It has been repeatedly criticized — and even sued […]

  • Kurt Busch (WSOC)

    NASCAR’s Kurt Busch won’t face charges

    NASCAR driver Kurt Busch will not be charged with domestic violence against his ex-girlfriend, the Delaware Department of Justice announced Thursday, citing a lack of evidence. Busch was accused by Patricia Driscoll of grabbing her by the throat and slamming her head against the wall in his motor home at Dover International Speedway in September. “After a thorough consideration of all of the available information about the case, it is determined that the admissible evidence and available witnesses would likely […]

  • Source: CNN

    Ice cream company says it’s ‘high time’ to consider weed-laced frozen treats

    BURLINGTON, Vt. — Don’t bogart that spoon, man. Lemme get a hit off that cone, dude. Pass the bowl … of ice cream? Could Ben and Jerry’s, the counterculture snack empire gone mainstream, be planning a marijuana-infused ice cream? “Makes sense to me. You know, combine your pleasures,” co-founder Ben Cohen said in an interview with HuffPost Live that’s been buzzing among marijuana aficionados since it aired last month. Like attitudes about marijuana itself, the story went mainstream this week. […]


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