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  • International CES

    Breaking: North Korea is officially responsible for the cyberattack on Sony Pictures

    North Korea is officially responsible for the cyberattack on Sony Pictures, the FBI announced Friday. An FBI investigation linked the malware, infrastructure and techniques a group of hackers called “Guardians of Peace” used in the Sony attack to previous North Korean cyberattacks. The North Korean-backed hackers broke into Sony’s servers, published private emails and information and threatened to attack movie theaters screening “The Interview,” a comedy film about an assassination plot on North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. The FBI […]

  • S041164003

    ‘The Colbert Report’ finale: Stephen Colbert signs off with a song

    For his final show, Stephen Colbert went out with a bang and a song. The Comedy Central host aired his last episode of “The Colbert Report” on Thursday as he prepares to take over David Letterman’s “The Late Show” in 2015. “If this is your first time tuning in to ‘The Colbert Report,’ I have some terrible news,” Colbert announced during the finale. “This in fact is your last time tuning in to ‘The Colbert Report.’ Until 10 years from […]

  • (CNN)

    ‘Digital nose’ on a chip can sniff out diseases

    It’s long been known that dogs and cats, with their highly developed sense of smell, can be trained to identify the volatile chemicals released by human illnesses. In some cases, researchers have even trained household pets to detect cancer or predict epileptic seizures. But what if we could fine tune that sense and put it into a microchip, allowing us to create a breathalyzer for diseases? For Dr. Andrew Koehl, the inventor of the microchip spectrometer technology at the heart […]

  • (Stock image)

    Killer meatloaf? Lawsuit claims couple died after tainted Bob Evans meal

    The children of an elderly West Virginia couple who passed away months apart in late 2012 and early 2013 are blaming their deaths on a restaurant chain’s meatloaf. Mark and Ann Starcher say a tainted meal that their parents shared from a local Bob Evans restaurant in October 2012 made them so “violently ill” that it ultimately led to their deaths, according to a lawsuit they’ve filed against the Ohio-based chain. According to the complaint, about nine hours after consuming […]

  • arrest

    10-year-old handcuffed after father arrested on drug charges

    MIDDLETOWN, Conn. — A young girl was put in handcuffs when a family friend she was with was arrested in Middletown, WTIC reported. Kenneth Ford, 27, of Middletown, is a friend of the girl’s mother and was helping drive the fifth grader to basketball practice. According to the arraignment report from the Middletown Police Department, on Wednesday, Dec. 17, the department’s narcotics unit tried to serve Ford, a convicted felon, with an active arrest warrant. The warrant was for a […]

  • storage

    Gruesome discovery: Small bodies inside abandoned storage locker

    When Regina Zimmer bid $40 on an abandoned storage unit in Colfax, Calif., near Sacramento, all she did before the purchase was look at the unit from the outside and hope to find something valuable, FOX40 reported. But after going through the contents and coming upon a storage ottoman, tape-sealed and with a “fragile” sticker on top, she “had a feeling it wasn’t something good.” Zimmer, who went through the unit with her son in November, told CNN affiliate KOVR […]

  • bear

    Santa gets knocked out by black bear

    GLENDORA, Calif. — A Glendora photographer who has gained a following for his trail videos of San Gabriel Mountain wildlife posted a special holiday edition this week. Robert Martinez set a toy Santa decoration in Big Dalton Canyon above Glendora just to have some fun and see how local animals would react. The recording he captured had him laughing out loud. In the video, which was posted to YouTube Tuesday, a large black bear can be seen approaching a stuffed Santa […]

  • dog

    Rescued dog gets new spring in step with 3D-printed legs

    GREENVILLE, S.C. — Derby’s story has spread from New Hampshire to across the nation as video and photos of him running freely bring joy to pet lovers the world over. According to a 3D Systems’ YouTube video posted on Monday, Derby was born with deformed front legs and was brought in to the Peace and Paws shelter before he landed in a foster home with Tara Anderson. Though he was able to get around with a special set of wheels, Anderson […]

  • (File photo)

    Rare signed Beatles-themed piano to be auctioned

    SLIDELL, La. — Some veterans in St. Tammany Parish will owe a lot to Sgt. Pepper. Because of the two living members of The Beatles, those veterans will have homes they otherwise couldn’t have afforded. Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr recently signed a piano to benefit East St. Tammany Habitat for Humanity. The piano is a big lift to an organization that has struggled since the beginning of the recession. “It’s been a lot different the past couple of years,” said […]

  • Top 1% Income

    Top 1%: What they made, what they paid

    NEW YORK — What does it take to make it into the top 1%? In 2012, it took at least $435,000 in adjusted gross income to be considered one of the fabled top 1% households, according to the latest data from the IRS. That’s a healthy jump from the $389,000 it took the year before, especially considering how low inflation has been in recent years. The number of people admitted to this exclusive club: nearly 1.4 million households. Collectively, the […]

  • Woman: FedEx Lost Snake on Plane

    Lost on a plane: Woman claims FedEx misplaced her snake

    NORMAN, Okla. — A rare python barely makes it home for the holidays after a Norman woman says FedEx lost her snake. Henry the Angolan python is like many of us during the holidays. Last week, he was looking for that special someone to help him ring in the New Year. “I had a male, so I was looking for a female so I could breed them,” said Lesley Marshall, Henry’s owner. Lesley found a female snake named Jenks online and […]

  • oldladies

    99-year-old woman mugged while delivering cookies

    WINDSOR, Conn. — A 17 year-old male was arrested today around 10:00 a.m. for the mugging of a 99-year-old woman in Windsor. She was delivering cookies to the L.P. Wilson Community Center around 9 a.m. Wednesday morning when she was attacked. She only suffered minor injuries. “It was disappointing to see right before the holidays–obviously as you know–there’s laws and statutes that protect that segment of our population. I know a lot of folks were very upset about it when they […]


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