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I always had lots questions about the weather. Why is it snowing? How do hurricanes form? But it was the tornado that rumbled through my childhood Raleigh home that really peaked my interest. I graduated from The University of North Carolina at Asheville with a degree in Atmospheric Science.

A few years later, I received the American Meteorological Society's Seal of Approval. With my degree, I landed my first job at a Fox station in Macon, GA. Tropical storms, flooding rains, tornadoes and drought were some of the weather features that provided a challenge.

Spending four years in Macon can make a North Carolina native home sick. That's why I am glad to be back in North Carolina, working for Fox 8. Away from work, I like to chase severe thunderstorms, track hurricanes, and hope that one-day NC State gets a good basketball team and cheer loudly for the NC State football team.

Recent Articles
  • New wine and vineyard at Surry Community College

    DOBSON, N.C. — For a college that has won several medals at wine competitions, winemaker and instructor David Bower is excited about the latest wine creation at Surry Community College. “It will be great,” Bower said. “People will love it and I think it’s special. [It is] something that will bring in more from the wine program and incorporate that into the college.” Just in time for Surry Community College’s 50th anniversary, the Viticulture and Enology program is producing its […]

  • Local company making salad dressing for US Open

    HIGH POINT, N.C. — Fresh salad dressing was Kissie Stroup’s reward for working in her grandmother’s vegetable garden. Today Stroup is adding her own twist to her grandmother’s salad dressing. Caterers use Little Black Dressing and you can find it at local stores. Kissie Stroup is thrilled that her family recipe is a hit. “It’s exciting because it starts as a hobby and it grows and you add smaller stores,” she said. Now, Little Black Dressing Company is adding a […]

  • Greensboro Beautiful raising money to replace lost trees

    GREENSBORO, N.C. — The Greensboro Arboretum is known for its beautiful collection of flowers, plants and trees. But a wicked winter destroyed 15 trees at the Arboretum. Greensboro Botanical Gardens Superintendent Johnny Galbreath says it was heartbreaking to see years of hard work disappear so quickly. “You are talking about several years of time and effort gone in a blink of an eye,” he said. Galbreath adds some of the trees that were wiped out included specialty trees like Japanese […]

  • Dozens turn out for Memorial Day ceremony in Graham

    GRAHAM, N.C. — Over a hundred people were at the Alamance County War Memorial in Graham to celebrate Memorial Day. For Lynn Justice, he took time to remember a family friend that died in Vietnam. “You think about it, during the Vietnam era, they were drafted,” he said. “They did it with honor and dignity.” The ceremony also honored the veterans who died during the past year. Mona Atkinson and her family were in the crowd to hear her husband’s […]

  • Tourists returning to Dan River following Feb. coal ash spill

    EDEN, N.C. — The rivers flowing through Rockingham County power a multi-million dollar industry. Steve Rippey with Three Rivers Outfitters has seen the importance of the rivers grow every year. “Ten years ago when we first started, hardly anyone was coming to Rockingham County to use the river. Now you stand along the highway and boats are on top of cars coming into the county,” Rippey said. But Rippey and other outfitters like Glenn Bozorth’s Dan River Adventures thought Duke […]

  • Group looking at ways to increase High Point ‘Uptowne’ area’s value

    HIGH POINT, N.C. — High Point’s City Project believes putting North Main Street on a diet is the best way to bring interest and growth to Uptowne High Point. But some High Point council members say taking away two lanes is a bad idea. So, City Project turned to real estate consultant Joe Minicozzi for help. “You will experience a real estate appreciation with that project,” says Minicozzi. According to Minicozzi, a smaller Uptowne North Main Street will bring sidewalk […]

  • More bicyclists in Greensboro taking bikes to work

    GREENSBORO, N.C. – Bicyclists in Greensboro are taking their hobby to work. At Recycles Bike Shop, Merritt White says people are asking for suggestions on what’s the best bike to ride to work. White offers feedback and plans their route. “The more the city is growing, the more greenways will connect neighborhoods routes,” White said. Greenways are growing in Greensboro. When it’s finished, connectors along the Downtown Greenway will take bike riders from the center of town to Lake Brandt. Tracie Heavner is a member of Bicycling in Greensboro. Heavner […]

  • Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering to hold first graduation

    GREENSBORO, N.C. — North Carolina A&T and UNC Greensboro started their Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering in 2010. Four years later, Joseph Estevez is proud to say he is a part of the school’s first graduating class. “I think that the school will continue to grow and do things better. The training we get here is exceptional.” The Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering will hand out its first Ph.D. on May 9. Estevez wants to take his knowledge […]

  • Doctors raising awareness about danger of melanoma

    Dermatologists like Dr. Zoe Draelos are placing a greater focus on a skin cancer that is becoming more common. “It’s a highly deadly form of skin cancer and it is rising,” Draelos said. “If it’s not caught early it is uniformly deadly.” Draelos is seeing more cases of melanoma, a skin cancer that can spread to other parts of the body. Draelos believes doctors are seeing more cases of melanoma because people are spending more time outside and in tanning […]

  • Warm weather rolls into the Piedmont this week

    Warm weather is rolling in, as a stationary front will set up camp across the Piedmont for the early work week. Afternoon highs Monday through Wednesday will be between 76 and 82 degrees with morning lows in the mid-50s. On Thursday, an old stationary front will move north as a warm front, ending the work week with warm, sunny weather. Thursday will be sunny with afternoon highs in the mid-80s and Friday will be sunny with highs in the upper-80s. With daytime […]

  • Missionary from Ukraine visiting Piedmont churches

    Maia Mikhaluk is a missionary from Ukraine visiting Piedmont churches and telling her story of patriotism. “We didn’t think we could change anything in our country and during this time we saw that country does matter,” Mikhaluk said. Mikhaluk was a part of the crowd that gathered in Independence Square to protest the president’s decision of not signing a pact with the European Union in November. Riot police fired on the crowd and as many as 100 people were killed. Mikhaluk says the protesters didn’t back […]

  • Guilford Emergency Management says to have a plan during severe weather

    GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — Guilford Emergency Management says staying safe during severe weather takes planning. That’s the advice Guilford Emergency Management Coordinator Zach Smith is giving to people when they call his office. “Some of the calls we received are from mobile home parks,” he said. “[Asking] where they can go, what they can do if there is a tornado warning.” For people that live in mobile homes, Smith says talk to neighbors or family members with sturdy homes and […]