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Brad Jones joined the FOX8 News team in January 1998. He began his broadcasting career in East Tennessee. After graduating from East Tennessee State University, Brad started in radio news at WKPT in Kingsport, eventually learning the television side of broadcasting there as well.

In 1984, Brad entered graduate school at the University of Georgia where he earned a Masters Degree in Journalism. Then, he landed in Roanoke, Virginia at WSLS. There, Brad anchored the noon newscast with Cindy Farmer. It's a partnership that continued throughout the years and across the miles. Now each day Brad and Cindy help viewers get their day started on the FOX8 Morning News.

Since, 1987, Brad has lived and worked in the Piedmont, first at WFMY and now at FOX8. Brad is married with three children and when he isn't working with Boy Scouts, he enjoys restoring old radios and jukeboxes.

Recent Articles
  • North Carolina company claims to help restore closets

    When it comes to home improvement, there’s one part of the house that many try to hide — the closet. Probably because it can be overstuffed and just too small. FOX8’s Brad Jones found one company that claims to change that – with a custom solution that’s made in North Carolina. If your closets are cramped, an easy solution may be to ask the designers at Closet Curves. For more information, homeowners can visit ClosetCurves.com. Businesses interested in the closets […]

  • House Call: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

    Many people often associate hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) with scuba diving, and its use in treating decompression sickness.  Yet this therapy has also been proven extremely effective in treating chronic, non-healing wounds. HBOT delivers high concentrations of oxygen to the bloodstream which helps increase the body’s own natural wound-healing abilities.  When a wound does not respond to regular medical care, advanced modalities like HBOT often help patients heal.  Common conditions treated with HBOT include diabetic ulcers, osteoradionecrosis, osteomyelitis, and late-affect […]

  • plastic

    Made in NC: United Plastics

    Some of the greatest innovations are often incredibly simple. Like a product that makes your home more comfortable and no one knows it’s even there.  Brad Jones explains how one company is changing the environment, inside and out, with a new line of sound proofing that is made in North Carolina.

  • Joey Cheek (WGHP)

    Joey Cheek and Greensboro’s Interactive Resource Center

    As a world-class athlete Joey Cheek brought Olympic Gold home to Greensboro. Now  the man who has worked hard for all of his achievements is helping people who are working, just as hard,  just to get by. FOX 8′s Brad Jones got a look at the day Joey Cheek came home.

  • log cabin

    Made in NC: Cedar Log Homes

    When you make plans to build a home you want to build something that will last. While lots of people look for something traditional,however, others may want something that’s a little bit different. Brad Jones found out that company a local company can build a custom home that no matter where it ends up will always be made in North Carolina. Brad Jones reports. 

  • Matthews Specialty vehicles

    Made in NC: Matthews Specialty Vehicles

    This week, FOX8 is helping pet owners by hosting a low-cost spay and neuter clinic. While you’ve probably heard about the program, there’s another story behind the custom-made medical facility on wheels. Brad Jones visited Matthews Specialty Vehicle where the mobile pet clinic was built and it was made in North Carolina.

  • Made in NC: Zen Cat Bakery (WGHP)

    Made in NC: Zen Cat Bakery

    Most restaurants and bakeries have a menu, but not all of them have a mission. Owners at one Greensboro bakery said they created a product that is all about helping people who often feel left out… with some sweet ideas made in North Carolina. FOX8′s Brad Jones reports in this edition of “Made in NC.”

  • Made in NC: Gnam Gnam Gelato

    One man could have opened his business anywhere but chose Greensboro because he said he wanted to bring people a cool taste of what is now made in North Carolina. People who come in the door at Gnam Gram may think it is ice cream. But gelato is a whole different experience. FOX8′s Brad Jones reports on the business in this edition of “Made in NC.”

  • Watches (WGHP)

    Made in NC: Bernhardt Watches

    When you’re doing something right, people tend to notice. That’s the case with a small company in the Piedmont that has earned a starring role on the big screen. Brad Jones tells the story behind the watch company and their classic timepieces which are made in North Carolina. For more information about Bernhardt Watches visit their website at http://www.bernhardtwatch.com/.

  • Family Health

    If you’re looking for a natural remedy for a specific health condition, chances are primary care physician Dr. Elizabeth Vaughan has the answer. If you have a question for her, contact her at her office at 1301 West Wendover Ave. in Greensboro.  You can also call Vaughan Medical Center at (336) 808-3627 or visit vaughanmedical.com.

  • Made in NC: Spartan Blades (WGHP)

    Made in NC: Spartan Blades

    North Carolina has a deep connection to the military with thousands of soldiers and Marines on bases and thousands more retirees who live here. Two of these men met while in the Army and came up with the idea of a company called Spartan Blades. The combat knives are still helping soldiers get the job done and they are made right here in North Carolina.

  • Moonshine (WGHP)

    Made in NC: Junior Johnson’s Midnight Moon

    Moonshine is growing in popularity. FOX8′s Brad Jones sat down with NASCAR/moonshining legend Junior Johnson to talk about “Midnight Moon,” which is made right here in North Carolina. And this time, nobody has to outrun police to sell it.