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Shannon Smith wakes up very early every morning to bring you live reports from around the Piedmont Triad. Shannon was born and raised in Sumter, South Carolina.

She attended Clemson University and graduated Magna Cum Laude in May of 1998. Her first job as a reporter was at the NBC affiliate in Charleston, South Carolina. After a year and a half, Shannon traveled west to the mountains of Boise, Idaho to be a reporter. She loved the scenery, but really missed the southern hospitality and her family. So in May of 2000, Shannon packed her car and drove back across the country to Greensboro and to FOX8 News as a reporter.

In January 2003, she moved to the FOX8 Morning News. Every morning Shannon is live in the Piedmont Triad reporting on everything from the circus, to community fundraisers, to breaking news. Shannon has reported live during hurricanes on the North Carolina coast and traveled to the red carpet in Hollywood to cover all the North Carolina contestants on American Idol.

Shannon enjoys spending time with her husband. She also loves hanging out at the beach, traveling to new places, exercising, and reading.

Recent Articles
  • Special zone brings monarch butterflies to the NC Zoo

    ASHEBORO, N.C. — Bees, birds and butterflies flock to this special garden at the North Carolina Zoo. It’s one of four Monarch Way Stations planted at the zoo. The stations are designed for monarchs to find food and places to rest, and in this case, breed as they migrate. Monarch butterflies have struggled to survive in the past several decades. The flowers and plants they need along their migration route have disappeared. That’s why the Monarch Watch Organization encourages people […]

  • Keepers at the NC Zoo highlight the importance of bison

    ASHEBORO, N.C. — Zookeepers at the North Carolina Zoo say every day visitors call bison the wrong name.   Bison live in North America and Europe, and Buffalo in Asia and Africa. Male can weigh more than 2,000 pounds and stand more than six feet tall — which makes bison North America’s largest land mammal. Six bison live on the zoo’s prairie along with 16 elk. Even with that large size, they can still move very quickly. At one point in American […]

  • ‘Hop’ to these Greensboro burger spots to celebrate National Hamburger Day

    GREENSBORO, N.C. — Friday is National Hamburger Day, and Greensboro is the perfect place to celebrate. For two years in a row, Business Insider has named to Greensboro restaurants in the top 50 burgers restaurants in the country: Hop’s Burger Bar and Big Burger Spot. Shannon Smith stopped by Big Burger Spot to find out what makes their burgers so special.

  • Downtown Graham business gives an American twist on a French favorite

    GRAHAM, N.C. — Crepes are a very thin pancake. They’re a favorite in France: served sweet with Nutella or berries and cream, or savory with ham and cheese. Now a tiny town in the Piedmont is becoming popular for their coffee and crepes. Hundreds of people drive to downtown Graham each week just to eat a Press Coffee + Crepes. FOX8 Foodie gives us a taste.

  • Taste the summer with these fruit-based recipes

    Nanci McDermott, author of the latest UNC Press “Savor the South” cookbook series, showcases all the wonderful ways to enjoy the south’s favorite fruits all year. Fresh Peach Chutney Ingredients: 3 cups coarsely chopped ripe peaches 1 cup coarsely chopped apple 1 cup finely chopped onion ½ cup finely chopped bell pepper ½ cup raisins ¼ cup chopped candied ginger (optional) ½ cup sugar ½ cup apple cider vinegar or white vinegar 1 ½ teaspoons mustard seeds 1 teaspoon dried red […]

  • Appreciating zookeepers at the NC Zoo

    ASHEBORO, N.C. — Jamie Williams prepares breakfast every morning for the lemurs at the North Carolina Zoo and then delivers it to their habitat. She takes care of the lemurs, lions and chimpanzees. She says many people think zookeepers just play with animals, but it’s so much more than that. Zookeepers feed the animals, check on their habitats and train them for vet procedures. Like all zookeepers at the zoo, Jamie says safety is the most important part of the […]

  • Family brings New York-style bagels to Greensboro

    GREENSBORO, N.C. — A taste of New York in North Carolina. A family from Long Island is bringing their bagels to Greensboro. Last month, they opened My Bagels and More and it’s been an instant hit with customers. They bake more than a dozen different flavors and top them with custom made cream cheeses and butters. Or if you’re really hungry, you can order one of their piled high bagelwiches. FOX8 Foodie takes you on a tour. My Bagels and […]

  • FOX8 Foodie eats her way around Winston-Salem ballpark

    Take me out to the ball game for much more than peanuts and cracker jacks. Minor league baseball teams such as the Winston-Salem Dash have gotten really creative with their concessions. Fans find everything from gourmet burgers and over-the-top milkshakes to cheesesteaks and the signature “Cheesy Pig Dog.” FOX8 Foodie Shannon Smith and her family put on their game faces and ate their way around the ballpark.

  • Easy-to-make homegrown harvest-heavy dishes

    GREENSBORO, N.C. — How’s your garden growing? Hopefully harvesting lots of tomatoes, squash, cucumbers and maybe even a few melons. Chef Jay Pierce at The Traveled Farmer in Greensboro shared some new ways to enjoy your homegrown harvest. Summer pasta Ingredients: 1/3 cup of zucchini and squash 2 ounces of linguine 1 ounce of Caesar vinegar 1/2 teaspoon of salt and pepper 1/4 cup of pasta water 1 tablespoon of Pecorino Romano 1/4 cup of chopped tomatoes Directions: Saute zucchini […]

  • Precautions taken to perform surgery on snakes at the NC Zoo

    ASHEBORO, N.C. — The personality of this particular cotton mouth is a little interesting. When zookeepers removed it from the box, it was undeniably feisty. So keepers had to coax the snake into a tube so the veterinarian could examine it. Only five zoo staff members have the training it takes to safely get the snake into the tube and on the table for an exam. Learn more in Friday’s Zoo Filez.

  • Local teen hopes to dance her way to the top

    HIGH POINT, N.C. — A local dancer needs help winning a national competition. Madeline Underwood just finished middle school in Jamestown, but her high-level dance skills landed her in the finals on the two-minute audition competition. In the final round, they were given a song and told to do whatever they wanted.  Thousands of dancers submitted videos and she recorded this one from her studio in High Point. You can vote on the app and the website on Friday and […]

  • Vampire bats colony at the NC Zoo

    ASHEBORO, N.C. — They crawl, hop and fly — and look a little creepy. Oh, and of course, they drink blood. The Vampire Bat colony at the North Carolina Zoo certainly attracts lots of attention. But over the years, their numbers have declined from around 40 to only 18. So recently, the zoo acquired eight new bats from another facility. After some time in quarantine, they will join the existing colony. The hope is the bats will mate and repopulate. […]