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Sarah joined the Fox 8 News team in June 2014. She's a general assignment reporter who also shoots, writes and edits her own stories.

She comes to the Triad after two years living in New York City and reporting for the cable news channel there, News 12 The Bronx.

Sarah is originally from New Braunfels, Texas, although she spent much of her childhood living in Africa and England. Living overseas and seeing the positive impact journalism can have is what inspired her to choose TV news as a career.

Sarah is thrilled to be in North Carolina and feels right at home -- she graduated cum laude from Duke University in 2012, with a double major in Spanish and International Studies.

When she's not working, Sarah loves to cook vegetarian meals (she's been meat-free since age four), enjoy NC's beautiful mountains and beaches, and plan her wedding to a Greensboro native -- coming up in May 2015! She also volunteers as an alumni interviewer for her alma mater.

She's excited to be back in the south and add one more Duke fan to the Triad. If you see her out and about, please stop and say hello!

Recent Articles
  • Registration open for Christmas assistance in Greensboro

    GREENSBORO, N.C. — Greensboro families seeking assistance to provide gifts for their kids this Christmas can now apply for the Salvation Army’s “Angel Tree” program. The program allows other families, or the Salvation Army itself, to sponsor a child or family in need and provide items on his or her wish list. Salvation Army Volunteer Coordinator Carole Whisnant says last year the Greensboro program helped 4,200 children. To apply, visit the office at 821 S. Aycock St. this week, Monday […]

  • Greensboro couple gets free home renovation

    GREENSBORO, N.C. — Catherine and Bob Trumpler have been yearning to renovate their Greensboro home, but knew they couldn’t afford it. Then, through a friend, they heard about Community Housing Solutions. The couple applied for help and was this year’s recipients of the “Realtors R Rebuilding Project,” a free home remodel sponsored by the Greensboro Realtors Association and Community Housing Solutions. “I’m so overwhelmed,” said Catherine Trumpler. “I just prayed. I said oh, we need help so bad. I just […]

  • Fall the peak of allergy season for some

    GREENSBORO, N.C. — For many people, with fall comes fall allergies. Ragweed, the most common fall allergen, is in full swing. In North Carolina, doctors say allergies can be particularly prevalent, because of the abundance of plant life and mild temperatures. Dr. Jose Bardelas, a Greensboro-based allergist, says, for many people, over-the-counter remedies can bring relief. “We have some over-the counter antihistamines that used to be prescription. Zyrtec, Claritin and Allegra. They will help with runny nose and the itchy […]

  • Walk held to raise awareness about infant mortality in Winston-Salem

    WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — You may have noticed a parade of empty strollers going through downtown Winston-Salem today. It marked the fifth year for the “Walk a Mile to Save our Babies” event, organized by the Forsyth County Infant Mortality Reduction Coalition. The group’s director, Rodd Smith, says out of all of North Carolina, Forsyth County consistently ranks highest in infant mortality. “In 2012, the last year we had data for, 47 babies dies before they turned a year old,” he […]

  • Should law require fencing around retention ponds?

    HIGH POINT, N.C. — A two-year-old boy has passed away after falling into a retention pond inside his High Point apartment complex. The pond had no fence around it and some parents are surprised that, under current law, there doesn’t have to be one. Saline Hammond, a mother of a two-year-old, says property owners should want to keep all people safe on their property, especially at apartment complexes. “You want families to come live at your apartment complex. And you […]

  • Greensboro preps for ‘Big Sweep’ litter cleanup

    GREENSBORO, N.C. — Greensboro resident Mark Kolada says you’d never believe how much litter there is around Greensboro until you get out and see it for yourself. “You don’t think there’s a lot of litter on the ground but once you start walking around, you pick up a lot of trash, particularly around streams,” he says. So, for the past few years, he’s volunteered for an event called the “Big Sweep.” Sponsored by the Rotary Clubs, of which he is […]

  • Beef prices at record highs

    Beef prices in the U.S. have reached $4 per pound in many places — a record high. Alamance County farmer Frank Bell, who’s been raising cattle for 40 years, says these are the highest prices he’s ever seen. “Where I used to break even,” he said, “I can make a profit now.” He says he just sold one of his steers for about $2,200. Usually, he would get only $800 for it. Bell said the high cost of beef is […]

  • This time of year is height of spider season, experts say

    HIGH POINT, N.C. — If you think you’ve noticed more spiders crawling around your house recently, you’re not alone. Experts say fall is spider mating season, so for the next few weeks you’ll tend to see more of them. Chase Hazelwood, owner of Go-Forth Pest and Lawn, says this is his company’s busiest time of the year. “Our phone is pretty much ringing off the hook,” he said. Hazelwood said this fall seems to have more spiders than in years […]

  • Guilford Co. Animal Shelter offering cats for $1

    GREENSBORO, N.C. – Hundreds of cats at the Guilford County Animal Shelter need to find forever homes. “It’s a challenge,” said the shelter’s executive director, Marsha Williams. “We got 80 cats in just yesterday.” To help alleviate the shelter’s overabundance of cats, 600 in all, Williams says they are offering a deal. Any cat that has been in the shelter more than a year is just a dollar. “We say one year, one dollar,” she said. “Hopefully people will pay […]

  • Guilford Co. middle schools getting tablets

    GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — All students at Guilford County middle schools are getting new tablets for classroom use. Last year, the schools bought tablets with money they had won through a federal grant. But all 15,000 of those tablets were sent back to the manufacturer amid complaints of electrical malfunctions and hardware concerns. Now, replacement tablets have arrived to some Guilford County middle schools and will arrive to more within the next few weeks. Teachers say having tablets in the […]

  • School nurse shortage troubles parents

    A school nurse shortage throughout North Carolina makes parents like Christine Motsinger nervous to leave their kids at school. “It’s something that I get very nervous about every single day when I’m dropping him off, and I don’t breathe that sigh of relief until I pick him up every day,” she said. Since birth, Motsinger’s 3-year-old son Seth has had severe food allergies to many common foods like peanuts, peas, beans and bananas. So Motsinger’s cause for concern is that […]

  • Syrian native living in Greensboro says it’s ‘too little too late’ to do anything

    GREENSBORO, N.C. — President Obama addressed the nation at 9 p.m. Wednesday to discuss U.S. intervention in Syria. But no matter what he said, Doctor Mufeed Basti, a native Syrian living in Greensboro, says it’s too little too late. “I think there was a window of opportunity a year before now,” he said. “I think we are in a situation so extreme that bombing this group or that group, I’m not sure whether it would help.” Basti says the U.S. […]


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