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Sarah joined the Fox 8 News team in June 2014. She’s a general assignment reporter who also shoots, writes and edits her own pieces. She loves getting to see her stories through from beginning to end every day, and meet lots of viewers along the way!

She comes to the Triad after living in New York City, where she worked for News 12. She reported on the U.S.’s most diverse area — the Bronx — where she covered everything from crime and politics to Superstorm Sandy, which hit NYC just a couple months after she started.

Sarah is originally from New Braunfels, Texas, although she spent much of her childhood living in Burundi and Botswana, Africa and England.
Sarah is thrilled to be in North Carolina and feels right at home in the Tar Heel state. She’s an alumna of Duke University, where she majored in Spanish and International Relations, with a journalism minor. Plus, her in-laws live all over the Triad!

When she’s not working, Sarah loves to cook, enjoy NC’s beautiful mountains and beaches, and hang out with her friends and her husband, a Greensboro native. She also volunteers as a journalism mentor and alumni interviewer for Duke, and serves as a foster mom for abused and neglected dogs.

If you see Sarah out and about, please stop and say hello!

Recent Articles
  • Isaiah Jurel Fox (left) | Scene at Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and East Bragg Street (right)

    Alleged Greensboro crime spree suspect makes first court appearance

    GREENSBORO, N.C. — Isaiah Fox, the 26-year-old accused of being behind a two-hour crime spree throughout Greensboro, made his first court appearance Friday. Fox is facing 21 charges including assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, kidnapping, and larceny by motor vehicle. Police said Fox committed a spree of crimes throughout Greensboro Tuesday which terrorized neighborhoods and victimized at least nine people, ending with Greensboro police shooting Fox. Fox appeared only by video in his court appearance, sitting […]

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    Burlington city officials discuss expanding free Internet downtown, getting gigabit Internet

    BURLINGTON, N.C. — When you’re outside in downtown Burlington, you should see a free, public Wi-Fi network pop up on your phone or laptop. Now, city officials are discussing expanding that “Burlington Public Wi-Fi” to also be available inside local shops and restaurants downtown. “This is a recreational service,” said Nolan Kirkman, the city’s director of Development and Technical Services. “It wouldn’t be for the business needs. It’d really be more for patrons.” The city started the free Wi-Fi downtown on Sept. […]

  • Isaiah Jurel Fox and Charles Anthony Walker Jr. (left to right)

    More victims, charges come forward in Greensboro crime spree

    GREENSBORO, N.C. — Greensboro Police Department Captain Mike Richey said 26-year-old Isaiah Jurel Fox was acting under the influence of drugs as he carried out 11 crimes in less than two hours Tuesday in downtown Greensboro. Richey said the department made advancements in the case Wednesday, obtaining new surveillance videos that shows two additional attempted break-ins. Richey also said one more breaking and entering victim came forward. The total number of victims is now nine and the total number of charges […]

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    New law makes it easier for state to get around fracking bans

    ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, N.C. — Some lawmakers are calling it a sneak attack. When they voted to approve Senate Bill 119, many thought it was simply about the budget. They later discovered a section on fracking had been added in at the end. “It was placed on the dashboard for us to view on our iPads literally just minutes before we voted,” Rep. Bryan Holloway said. “Maximum I had two minutes to look at a 40-page bill. It was not disclosed.” […]

  • PE3O6Z9ojHeNSk7H4xMDoxOjBrO-I4W8

    Local pumpkin patches damaged by heavy rains, flooding

    STOKES COUNTY, N.C. — Heavy rains and standing water means many pumpkins may turn to mold. Aaron Mountain Farms farmer Kim Kiser said she predicts hundreds of the pumpkins on her Stokes County farm could be ruined. “Really, we can’t even get into the fields because of all the rain and mud,” she said. Kiser said the over-abundance of water causes pumpkins to mold and rot, and are therefore not suitable to sell. “Pumpkins are our biggest crop that we […]

  • promo268100407

    Burlington emergency responders prep for storm

    BURLINGTON, N.C. — With worsening weather, emergency responders in Burlington are doing everything they can to get ready. The 911 call center has additional staff on standby in case call volume increases dramatically. The fire department is preparing to take on additional roles of not just fighting fires, but potentially doing water rescues. As a result, all fire trucks will be equipped with water helmets, life jackets, and other necessities for swift water.

  • promo267921401

    Rockingham County Commissioner Keith Mabe pleads guilty to DWIs

    WENTWORTH, N.C. — Rockingham County Commissioner Keith Mabe pleaded guilty Wednesday to two counts of driving while intoxicated and one count of driving with an open container of alcohol in his vehicle. Mabe appeared in court with his wife and son by his side. His attorney spoke on his behalf, saying Mabe deeply regretted his actions and the shame they have brought upon his family and the county. Mabe’s attorney successfully asked the judge to delay sentencing until November, so […]

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    Downed tree leaves hundreds without power in Winston-Salem

    WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Hundreds of people were without power for much of Tuesday morning in Winston-Salem’s Ardmore neighborhood after a large tree fell, bringing down power lines with it. Dana and Nicholas Van Horn said they heard and saw it happen. “It sounded like lightning,” Dana said. “It sounded like a big strike of thunder hitting the ground.” The couple said the tree fell onto a car driving underneath on the 1500 block of Hawthorne Road, but the driver was […]

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    Guilford County Animal Shelter investigation hindered by top shelter staff, sheriff says

    GREENSBORO, N.C. — The investigation into allegations of animal abuse and misconduct at the Guilford County Animal Shelter is now into month two. And Guilford County Sheriff BJ Barnes said the investigation is hitting a roadblock because many important shelter records were disposed of by top shelter management. “There’s staff out there that told us that records were destroyed,” Barnes said. “We’ve also got empty binders where records should’ve been.” Barnes said missing records include both animal documentation as well […]

  • promo267403193

    Larry Holmquist enters Senate race, challenging Richard Burr

    GREENSBORO, N.C. — Greensboro resident Larry Holmquist has entered the 2016 U.S. Senate primary to challenge incumbent Richard Burr. “We need a good, strong conservative in the United States Senate,” Holmquist said. “And that’s why I decided to run against Mr. Burr.” Holmquist, 61, was born in Illinois and moved to the Triad in 1988, where he worked in advertising until his retirement in 2001. Holmquist said he decided to run because he felt Burr does not vote along conservative […]

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    Duke Energy to move 1.2 million tons of coal ash to landfill

    EDEN, N.C. – Duke Energy is taking steps to ensure that a coal ash spill like that of Feb. 2014 never happens again. The company plans to begin moving 1.2 million tons of coal ash to a Jetersville, Va. landfill within the next two weeks, according to Jeff Brooks, spokesperson for Duke Energy. “We’re not just doing what we have to do. We’re doing what we have to do and then going beyond that,” Brooks said. By law, Duke Energy […]

  • promo267139891

    Greensboro police gain new tool to increase neighborhood-oriented policing

    GREENSBORO, N.C. – The Greensboro Police Department has added a new way it hopes to reach out to its residents – with the click of a button. Today, the Greensboro Police Department joined about 600 other departments nationwide as a partner of Nextdoor. Nextdoor is a free, private online forum geared to facilitate communication within each neighborhood. Users of the website must undergo address verification to ensure they belong to the particular neighborhood. Then, they can post on any range […]


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