Roy Ackland was born in London, England, and came to WGHP in 1987 from Huntsville, Alabama. He is “Roy” of Roy’s Folks, a popular FOX8 News feature that since 1988 has introduced his audience to some of the most interesting people in the Piedmont and beyond.

The “Roy’s Folks” series on has won several Emmy Awards and Roy continues to look for ordinary people who do extraordinary things. Roy and producer David Weatherly have also been recognized by the “North Carolina Society of Historians” for their work capturing and preserving the state’s rich history.

Roy began his broadcasting career in 1958 in Waco, Texas, where he received his bachelor of arts degree in Radio-TV-Film from Baylor University. He also served four years in the U.S. Air Force. Roy has held a commercial pilot license and skippered a commercial fishing vessel in Alaska.

Roy enjoys fishing, writing and driving his Jeep on dusty back roads.

Recent Articles
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    Greensboro man photographs the changing leaves

    This time of the year, as the temperatures get cooler and the days get shorter, the leaves begin their annual transition from green to gone! And if you want to know the best places for fall leaf looking, one of Roy’s Folks can help you plan your trip. Visit for more information.

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    Mount Airy woman pays tribute to ‘Aunt Bea’

      MOUNT AIRY, N.C. — A Mount Airy woman pays tribute to Aunt Bea by dressing up as her and collecting her memorabilia. “Welcome to Aunt Bea’s room,” says Alma Venable.

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    Weekly jam session in Denton

    DENTON, N.C. — There is a weekly jam session happening in Denton and it’s put on by some of Roy’s Folks.

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    Local man makes bees wax candles

    This edition of Roy’s Folks is about a man who makes bees wax candles. Most of the candles he makes are used by Moravian Churches in the area. He is also a tinsmith and comes from a long line of well-known tinsmiths and candlemakers from Old Salem.

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    11-year-old Wilkes County guitar player making a name for himself

    WILKES COUNTY, N.C. — This edition of Roy’s Folks is about an 11-year-old guitar player from Wilkes County named Presley Barker. Presley has won a bunch of guitar competitions, but a few weeks ago he won the adult guitar competition at Galax. Winning a blue ribbon during the Galax Fiddler’s Convention is a goal of musicians from all across the world and the best in the world are always on hand to compete. To win the first prize Presley had to […]

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    Electric art in Thomasville

    THOMASVILLE, N.C. — This story is about a man from Thomasville who is a nationally known fiddle player and also has a music shop in Thomasville. But recently, he has been finding discarded items and turning them into decorative lighting. He turns things like old cameras and movie projectors into lamps.

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    Rowan County’s jazzy couple

    SALISBURY, N.C. — The John Coltrane International Jazz and Blues Festival will be held this weekend in High Point. The event is named for the High Point native and jazz legend that left a lasting impression on the music world. Some of Roy’s Folks have a jazzy way of sharing their talents too.

  • Jessup Mill, Stokes County landmark, being restored

    STOKES COUNTY, N.C. — One of Roy’s Folks is restoring the old Jessup Mill and hopes to use the Dan River to power a new business. The mill, built in 1910, is a Stokes County landmark.

  • Turning the ordinary into the extraordinary

    Most of us see an ordinary item and call it what it actually is. But some of Roy’s Folks can see an object several different ways and turn something ordinary into the extraordinary.

  • Piedmont banjo player preserving traditional music

    We are very lucky here in the Piedmont. Traditional music is alive and well… Or is it? The newer bluegrass songs are great, but what about their origin? Where did it all begin? One of Roy’s Folks thinks we should remember.

  • Randolph County man making a name for himself in pottery world

    RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. — In this edition of Roy’s Folks, meet a young Randolph County potter who is making a name for himself in the pottery world. He makes huge pots and fires them in what probably the biggest kiln in the state and maybe even the country. We were there when he fired the giant kiln and went back when he opened it.

  • Caboose tells story of railroad past in Gibsonville

    GIBSONVILLE, N.C. — Railroads played an important role in the history of many towns in North Carolina. But a railroad relic is now playing a role in telling the story of one town’s railroading past.


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