Roy Ackland was born in London, England, and came to WGHP in 1987 from Huntsville, Alabama. He is “Roy” of Roy’s Folks, a popular FOX8 News feature that since 1988 has introduced his audience to some of the most interesting people in the Piedmont and beyond.

The “Roy’s Folks” series on has won several Emmy Awards and Roy continues to look for ordinary people who do extraordinary things. Roy and producer David Weatherly have also been recognized by the “North Carolina Society of Historians” for their work capturing and preserving the state’s rich history.

Roy began his broadcasting career in 1958 in Waco, Texas, where he received his bachelor of arts degree in Radio-TV-Film from Baylor University. He also served four years in the U.S. Air Force. Roy has held a commercial pilot license and skippered a commercial fishing vessel in Alaska.

Roy enjoys fishing, writing and driving his Jeep on dusty back roads.

Recent Articles
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    Local woman turns wrecked race cars into jewelry

    A wreck can turn a race car body into a crumpled mess. Diseases like cancer can do the same to the human body. But one of Roy’s Folks takes inspiration from both and creates things of beauty.

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    Justin Johnson’s ‘roots music’

    In this edition of Roy’s Folks, we focus on the story on an amazing young musician named Justin Johnson. Johnson just finished a world tour promoting his new album and will be at the “Roy’s Folks Crafts Fair” this weekend.

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    The sock animals maker

    Sometimes the simplest things can leave a lasting impression. Roy Ackland says that’s certainly true for one of Roy’s Folks. A very basic toy made by her mom has inspired a business she now shares with the world.

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    Amazing custom motorcycle design attracting attention

    Custom motorcycles have been always been popular with guys, but one of Roy’s Folks has come up with a design that seems to also have the interest of many women riders. FOX8’s Roy Ackland says they will definitely get your attention.

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    Piedmont man ‘carving for the cure’

    One Piedmont man fires up his chainsaw — and uncovers the animal within the wood. Now, you can see his work at the “Carving for Cure” event this Thursday through Saturday at the Piedmont Triad Farmers Market.

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    Triad man has impressive truck collection

    Some collections are relatively easy to store, like stamps or coins. But imagine collecting trucks — you know, big ones. Roy Ackland says if you’re going to do that, you’ll need a big garage like one of Roy’s Folks.

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    Piedmont woman weaves baskets using kudzu

    GERMANTOWN, N.C. — Some people use goats to get rid of their kudzu. But Pam Buchanan has made hundreds and hundreds of baskets using miles and miles of the invasive vine. “Basically taking the weeds of the world and making something that’s really unique,” she said.

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    Piano restoration in Greensboro

    GREENSBORO, N.C. — They have been used for everything from concert performances to family entertainment. They have names like Baldwin and Steinway. The piano has certainly played a role in American culture. You might be surprised to know many pianos dating back to the 1800s are still in use today. One of Roy’s Folks says they are still quite grand.

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    Rockingham County man pounds wood into bowls

    ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, N.C. — A Rockingham County man turns slabs of wood into beautiful dough bowls. He pounds and chips at the wood, sometimes hitting the wood between 10,000 and 12,000 times. “It’s like my soul is inside this wood,” James Madren said.

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    Blue Ridge Music Center a showcase for traditional music

    CARROLL COUNTY, Va. — You can bet the Blue Ridge Parkway will be busy this weekend as many people head to the hills to look at the colorful fall leaves. But Roy Ackland says there is a lot more to the parkway than just scenery. One stop offers entertainment and history.

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    Kernersville woman creates felt sculptures of animals

    KERNERSVILLE, N.C. — A Kernersville woman takes raw wool and creates felt sculptures of animals. “As a sculptor using this technique, I have an idea of what I want to make with it,” Laura Frazier said. Learn more in the video player above or visit her website at

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    Greensboro man photographs the changing leaves

    This time of the year, as the temperatures get cooler and the days get shorter, the leaves begin their annual transition from green to gone! And if you want to know the best places for fall leaf looking, one of Roy’s Folks can help you plan your trip. Visit for more information.


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