Roy Ackland was born in London, England, and came to WGHP in 1987 from Huntsville, Alabama. He is “Roy” of Roy’s Folks, a popular FOX8 News feature that since 1988 has introduced his audience to some of the most interesting people in the Piedmont and beyond.

The “Roy’s Folks” series on has won several Emmy Awards and Roy continues to look for ordinary people who do extraordinary things. Roy and producer David Weatherly have also been recognized by the “North Carolina Society of Historians” for their work capturing and preserving the state’s rich history.

Roy began his broadcasting career in 1958 in Waco, Texas, where he received his bachelor of arts degree in Radio-TV-Film from Baylor University. He also served four years in the U.S. Air Force. Roy has held a commercial pilot license and skippered a commercial fishing vessel in Alaska.

Roy enjoys fishing, writing and driving his Jeep on dusty back roads.

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    Piedmont man documents life growing up on large family farm in early to mid-1900s

    In 1913, a young Yadkin County married couple acquired an existing old log cabin, disassembled it, moved it to family property and reassembled it. That couple would go on to raise 12 children. The youngest of the 12 has moved the cabin again and restored it. The old log cabin means a lot to the family and represents a snapshot of farm life in the early to mid-1900s. Cleve Hollar, former superintendent of Yadkin County Schools, says restoring the old […]

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    Local woman makes beautiful butterflies out of soda bottles

    In this edition of Roy’s Folks, meet a woman who makes butterflies from plastic soda bottles. She calls “racing butterflies.” No, they don’t race, but she decorates them in the colors of NASCAR teams and includes the team number. For more information, visit

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    Moonshine’s influence on stock car racing

    This edition of Roy’s Folks is about how moonshine had a great influence on the roots of stock car racing. Long before there were any organized race tracks, many of the pioneers in the sport learned their skills trying to outrun law enforcement officers on the back roads of the area. One of Roy’s Folks tells us that not only did moonshine provide many of the top drivers but much of the money used to build tracks in this area […]

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    Davidson County woman’s amazing wool creations

    DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. — In this edition of Roy’s Folks, meet a Davidson County woman who makes really cool figures out of wool. The technique is called “needle felting” and she starts with a wire armature and builds up the felt until she gets the desired shape. She also uses different colors of felt to almost paint in details. Kathy Sill isn’t the only talented one in the family either. Her husband Paul is quite the wood worker and often […]

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    Wilkesboro family opens distillery in heart of moonshine country

    Our Roy’s Folks for Monday is about a Wilkesboro family who for many generations made and sold moonshine illegally. The Call family had quite the reputation for making good whiskey. Willie Clay Call passed away in 2012 at the age of 73. Before he died he shared his knowledge of making moonshine with his son Brian. Now, the Call family has opened a licensed distillery right in the heart of moonshine country.  The operation is open for tours and their […]

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    Paul Brown, familiar voice in local radio, returns to his roots

    In this edition of Roy’s Folks, meet a man who got his start in radio here in the area but went on to work for many years as a newsman for “Morning Edition” on NPR in Washington, D.C. Paul Brown worked for WFDD, Wake Forest’s radio station, for many years and while there started a program called “Across the Blue Ridge.” The program featured local music legends and much of it was taped live on location. When he took the […]

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    Local man uses boat trailer to make log cabin on wheels

    DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. — In this edition of Roy’s Folks, meet a man who always wanted a little log cabin in the mountains and decided to build one. Lonnie McLeod took an old wrecked boat trailer, repaired it and used it for the base of his log cabin camper. He included all the comforts of home, heating and air conditioning, hot and cold running water, a toilet and shower, refrigerator and TV. He and his wife Amy are camping in the […]

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    ‘Carolina Music Ways’ tells North Carolina’s music history

    WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — In this edition of Roy’s Folks, meet a very talented group of musicians who put on a performance that tells about North Carolina’s music history. It covers everything from the Moravian brass bands to “The 5 Royales,” Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees from Winston-Salem. Many people say that this state has a music pedigree that is unmatched in the country. And if you count the number of people from the state who have been successful […]

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    Local man finds ‘calling’ in life with game calls

    Here in North Carolina, we are right in the middle of turkey hunting season. For many, it is something they look forward to every year. Jon Miller has been an avid hunter since he was a kid but he’s also one of the best turkey callers in the country. Not only does he use his skills to lure in turkeys while he’s hunting, but he also performs his calls on stage during competitions. You might say Jon Miller has truly […]

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    Man bringing Japanese form of fly fishing to Surry County

    SURRY COUNTY, N.C. — In this edition of Roy’s Folks, meet a guy who is bringing an ancient Japanese  form of fly fishing to the area. It’s called Tenkara and it’s a method of fishing that uses very minimal equipment; a pole, some line and a hand tied fly. Kevin Merritt spent most of his life guiding saltwater trips in Florida but he decided to bring his simplified fishing philosophy to a place synonymous with the simple life, Mayberry. He’s […]

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    Man repairs old shoes to like new in Winston-Salem

    WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — A local business owner noticed a local trend. More people are buying items like shoes and keeping them longer. People are turning towards repairing their shoes instead of throwing them away. One of Roy’s Folks is just the person to help you do that.

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    Take a ride on the iconic 611 between Greensboro and Roanoke this weekend

    This edition of Roy’s Folks is about an iconic old steam engine that will be in Greensboro this weekend. The Norfolk and Western Engine 611 will be taking passengers from Greensboro to Roanoke and back this Saturday and Sunday. The train will be around Greensboro as early as tomorrow and will depart for Roanoke each morning at 7 a.m. A limited number of seats are still available. Back in the 1980s and 1990s, the old engine did this type of […]


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