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Roy Ackland was born in London, England, and came to WGHP in 1987 from Huntsville, Alabama. He is “Roy” of Roy’s Folks, a popular FOX8 News feature that since 1988 has introduced his audience to some of the most interesting people in the Piedmont and beyond.

The “Roy’s Folks” series on has won several Emmy Awards and Roy continues to look for ordinary people who do extraordinary things. Roy and producer David Weatherly have also been recognized by the “North Carolina Society of Historians” for their work capturing and preserving the state’s rich history.

Roy began his broadcasting career in 1958 in Waco, Texas, where he received his bachelor of arts degree in Radio-TV-Film from Baylor University. He also served four years in the U.S. Air Force. Roy has held a commercial pilot license and skippered a commercial fishing vessel in Alaska.

Roy enjoys fishing, writing and driving his Jeep on dusty back roads.

Recent Articles
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    Kernersville couple uses Uber to market natural soaps and skin products

    KERNERSVILLE, N.C. — A Kernersville couple creates natural bath and body care products. Candace Kaufman and Jonathan Clemmer spent years working for other people and decided to start Salem Essentials and Apothecary to create healthy products. Their products are typically sold on their website, but they also market through Uber. “I turn on Uber, drive for an hour or two and it makes our gas money,” Kaufman said. “We keep samples of soap in the car and people get in […]

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    Leaf lookers come together for fall on the Blue Ridge Parkway

    Welcome to fall on the Blue Ridge Parkway — it’s a leaf lookers paradise. When it comes to leaf color, some years are better than others, but this year looks to be beautiful. The magnificent mountains covered with a patchwork of quilted colors is inspiring. The parkway was designed to give its visitors a view of nature at its best, and in the fall, it really shines. It’s a masterpiece indeed.

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    Orchard in Candor provides locals with a variety of pecans

    CANDOR, N.C. — A Candor man is a pecan grower. Bill Bruton owns an orchard called Sinkmore Homestead and he hopes pecans can help him make a simple living. Bruton offers customers the opportunity to eat unlimited fresh pecans with a program called “shake and take.” A machine attached to his tractor does the shaking, while buyers pick them as they fall. Sinkmore Homestead is located at 902 E. Main St. Candor, NC 27229 For more information call (336) 833-2949.

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    Local man collects antique trucks

    As a child, Rick Phillips loved trucks and felt himself drawn to their beauty and raw power. Phillips, who would go on to become very successful in the trucking business, found himself collecting them as a hobby as well. “It’s hard to get a grin off your face when you drive it,” he said. You could say Phillips has been in trucking for the long haul. Learn more in today’s Roy’s Folks.

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    Graham’s father and son bluegrass duo to hold ‘Deweyfest’

    GRAHAM, N.C. — Music is sacred, especially to this Graham man and his father. Dewey Brown Jr. and his son Dewey Brown III are Bluegrass musicians. Brown III runs a music shop on South Main Street in Graham that sells instruments and gives lessons. Brown III, who is a fiddler by trade, plays about every Bluegrass instrument imaginable – branching out as far as the shofar. In addition to owning his own successful business, he toured with Bluegrass legend, Ralph […]

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    Surry County man creates beautiful, unique dough bowls from tree wood

    SURRY COUNTY, N.C. — This Surry County man gives old logs new life. Kevin Thomas, known by man as “the log whisperer,” is an expert woodworker. He’s worked with wood for years, but when his dad passed away, he wanted a way to pay tribute to him. “I remember this tree that me and my dad had talked about cutting down, and I thought the tree would make a good dough bowl,” he said.  So he chopped it down and […]

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    NC park ranger teaches others about century-old culture

    WILKES COUNTY, N.C. — On the edge of Wilkes County alongside the Blue Ridge Parkway is a little log cabin that is a time capsule of sorts. The Brinegar Cabin gives visitors the opportunity to see how life was more than a century over. The National Park Service’s program “From Field to Fiber” allows interpretive rangers to gather information about the Brinegar Cabin, the family’s farm and the time period. You can learn more in today’s Roy’s Folks.

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    Randolph County man covered his Blazer with 51,300 pennies

    RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. — A Randolph County man is turning heads everywhere he goes. Larry Hall has a 2000 Chevrolet Blazer that he covered with pennies – 51,300 to be exact. Although some do occasionally fall off, he just glues them back on. “I had to put them on one-by-one and it took about seven weeks and six or seven hours a day,” he said. “It took 80 tubes of silicone glue and three gallons of fiberglass boat glue.”

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    Monarch butterfly migration in the High Country

    Each year the monarch butterflies fly south to Mexico for the winter. Many of them travel along the same route as the Blue Ridge Parkway. That’s why this time of year you will see so many monarchs along the roadsides. In this edition of Roy’s Folks, learn more about the migration and one man’s efforts to ensure a safe journey for the insects.

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    Piedmont family raise tilapia with indoor fish farm

    CEDAR GROVE, N.C. —  A family farm outside Mebane raises a very unusual crop. The Taylor family are fish farmers and they raise tilapia with the highest organic standards and sell them to national stores like Whole Foods and Publix. The fish are raised indoors in a specially designed building with multiple tanks and a hi-tech filtration system. They raise between two and three hundred thousand pounds of tilapia each year and say it would take a hundred acres of water to […]

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    Randleman man bought a Model T replica for his dogs

    RANDLEMAN, N.C. — Our pets have a way of becoming like members of the family, but a Randleman man went a step further and bought his dogs their own vehicle. Jerry Christopher loves cars, so he and his wife decided to buy a Ford Model T replica to give his two dogs a ride. Learn more in today’s Roy’s Folks.

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    Chatham County man grows pawpaw fruit

    CHATHAM COUNTY, N.C. — Pawpaw is a term normally used as an endearing name for your grandfather, but as one Chatham County man showed FOX8’s Roy Ackland, it’s also a delicious fruit. The fruit can be found in much of the country, including North Carolina. But because it normally grows in the wild, not a lot of people know about it. The pawpaw fruit, typically green or black in color, is described as having the consistency of a mango or […]