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Katie Nordeen joined the FOX8 Evening News as an anchor in January 2013. After being an early riser for more than a year (her alarm went off at 1:30AM!), Katie is excited to work on “this side of the clock.”

Katie came to FOX8 as a general assignment reporter in June 2010 before joining the morning team as an anchor in September 2011.

Katie got her start in Duluth, MN as an anchor and reporter. During her time there, Katie received a Regional Broadcast Emmy for her work as the weekend anchor. Katie also spent time in Boulder, Colo. where she studied Broadcast Journalism at the University of Colorado-Boulder.

After a lifetime of cold summers and harsh winters, Katie is happy to call the Piedmont “home.” In fact, it didn’t take long for her to fall in love with the area, the traditions and the people.

Katie comes from a large and close-knit family. It just so happens one of her siblings lives right down the road in Chapel Hill.

Katie is very active in Special Olympics and is honored to be on the Special Olympics North Carolina Board of Directors. Katie's passion is inspired by her niece Eleanor who has special needs.

When she's not working, Katie enjoys shopping, reading, running, and spending time outdoors. Twice a month, you’ll find Katie volunteering in Ms. Anne’s class at the Children’s Center. Thanks to the Morning Team’s efforts with Share the Harvest, Katie also discovered her passion for gardening. Her not-so-guilty pleasure is watching Reality TV.

Katie is the proud mom to two four-legged babies: Louie the Dog and Gail the Cat. Louie became an instant celebrity in November 2011 when he was featured in a series called “How to Train Your Dog.” Naughty but lovable, Louie keeps Katie very busy!

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    Many people try to eat locally grown foods, but sometimes it’s easier said than done. Piedmont Grown was established in 2011 to connect consumers to farms. Program Manager Noah Ranells said the term “local” has become too vague . “It’s something that means something different to every grocery chain and is sometimes abused in the market place,” he said. Ranells hopes Piedmont Grown cuts down on confusion. “We want to become that seal—that identity of integrity,” he said. Farlow Farm […]

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    DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C.–Like most young couples, Casey and Shelley Shepherd love to think about their future, but up until last January, that felt impossible. At age 30, Casey was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. “I was like you’re wrong. There is no way that he could have cirrhosis of the liver when he doesn’t drink,” Shelley said. “There’s no family history. It was unbelievable.” Once healthy and active, Casey’s health quickly deteriorated. Shelley remembered that he became weak, jaundice […]

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    High Point family raising funds for rare disorder

    HIGH POINT, N.C.–The past four months have been hard for Suzanne and Joe Collins. On October 21, 2012, their son L.J. died after being hit by a car on Interstate 85 in Davidson County. His parents said it was a tragic ending for a kid who faced a lifetime of struggle. “It’s been sad,” Suzanne said. “It’s a heartache. He was our first.” L.J. had Prader Willi Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that causes learning disabilities, low muscle tone and […]


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