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Julie Grant brings a unique blend of experience to the FOX 8 News Team, after working as both a television news anchor/reporter and prosecuting attorney.

Julie comes to the Piedmont Triad from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she spent nearly four years serving as an Assistant District Attorney in Allegheny County.

Julie obtained her Juris Doctor degree from the University of Akron School of Law, in Akron, Ohio. She received the CALI Excellence for the Future Award for achieving the highest grade in her Trial Advocacy II class.

Before becoming an attorney, Julie became a journalist.

She studied broadcast media at Mount Union College, in Alliance, Ohio. After graduating with her Bachelor of Arts degree, Julie worked in television news as a morning anchor and reporter.

Julie is full of energy and curiosity, which is perhaps why she has chosen to pursue careers in both the legal profession and the field of journalism.

In her spare time, she enjoys dancing, exercising, attending sporting events and concerts, spending time with her family and friends, and reading autobiographies.

Although Julie has called both Ohio and Pennsylvania home, she is thrilled to be a Carolina girl now!

You can watch Julie every weekday morning, starting at 4:30 a.m., on the FOX 8 Morning News!

Recent Articles
  • Can what you say online get you fired?

    HIGH POINT, N.C. — Nationally-recognized legal expert and Elon University School of Law Professor Steve Friedland sat down with FOX8’s Julie Grant Wednesday. Friedland explained how what we say online can cost us our job. He offered up some advice for parents on teaching children about the ramifications of what they write on social media. He also discussed how smart TV’s can send your personal information to third parties. Friedland talked about how the law needs to catch up with advancing technology. Friedland has […]

  • All Smiles: A life-changing transformation brings new confidence

    GREENSBORO, N.C. — Embarrassment was all Ryan Maupin could feel every time he opened his mouth.  At only 23 years old, he was one step away from having dentures.  His teeth were nearly unsalvageable and his confidence had been destroyed. “I didn’t think there was any hope,” Maupin said. “I figured they were going to have to pull all my teeth out and I was going to have to get dentures or something, and that’s pretty much what I already accepted.” […]

  • Preparing for tax season: 3 tax breaks to know about before filing

    Tax season is just around the corner and Constance Jacobs, a tax advisor at H&R Block says, getting documents together early could mean more money in the long run. Here are three main tax breaks to be aware of: Child tax credit Education tax credit Earned income tax credit Jacobs said people leave money on the table when they file taxes, but that can be avoided by preparing early. The deadline to file taxes is April 15.

  • Penguin from ‘Gotham’ gives FOX8 a preview of what’s next this season

    Robin Lord Taylor, who plays “Penguin” on “Gotham” talks about what it’s like to play his character. “Gotham” airs tonight at 8 p.m.

  • Jason Oliver Nixon: Ways to de-stress and relax during the holidays

    Jason Oliver Nixon, of Madcap Cottage in High Point, joined Julie Grant today to talk about some different ways to de-stress and relax during the holidays.

  • Time management during the holidays

    Balancing everything during the holidays can be stressful. Tjai Nielsen, professor of management at High Point University, stopped by FOX8 Thursday to share some tips for getting it all done.

  • wifi

    The dangers of public Wi-Fi

    Before you get excited about free Wi-Fi, think about who might be able to see what you are doing. If you do not need a password to join a network, there is no way to be sure that you are not being watched. “If you are sitting in a public business and you are using their Wi-Fi, just imagine that everything you are doing you are holding it up on cards so everybody in the shop can see you,” said […]

  • Actor and comedian Jimmy Shubert has the morning crew laughing when he stops by FOX8

    You may know him from ‘Last Comic Standing’ or from his recurring role in ‘King of Queens.’ Funny man Jimmy Shubert had everyone in the FOX8 Studio laughing when he stopped by for an interview Friday morning. Shubert, who is an actor and comedian, is in the Piedmont Triad performing at the Laughing Gas Comedy Club in Winston Salem. He talked with Julie Grant about growing up in Philadelphia with a father who was a police detective and why he […]

  • How email hacks happen — and how to protect yourself when logging in

    You have to be cautious when you’re emailing. One wrong click and a hacker can turn your world upside-down. FOX8 ‘On Your Side’ examines how email hacking happens — from a hacker’s perspective. We reached out to Stephen Tate, Ph.D., the head of the Computer Science Department at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, to better understand how hacking commonly happens. “The most common way that people break into email is by putting some sort of malware or virus […]

  • email

    How to protect yourself if your email account is hacked

    While email can be a convenient way to communicate, it can be a nightmare if you get hacked. Not only is it a hassle, but you can become a victim of fraud. Taking the proper steps after an email hack can help minimize the chances of your identity being stolen. FOX8 ‘On Your Side’ asked some Piedmont residents the question: “Would you know what to if your email account is hacked?” Emily Baker from Greensboro said, “I have looked and […]

  • abuse

    Why domestic violence victims can’t ‘just leave’

    If you have been fortunate enough to never have been in an abusive relationship, you may not understand why it can be extremely difficult for domestic violence victims to leave their abusive partners. FOX8’s Julie Grant spoke with Susan Brady of Family Services of the Piedmont to better understand this complex issue. Brady says one of the biggest misconceptions about domestic violence is that it is easy to leave and escape the abuse. Leaving is actually the hardest thing to […]

  • Taking control of your credit

    GREENSBORO, N.C. — If your life depended on it, would you know what is on your credit report? If you don’t, you’re not alone. Experts, however, say you should know what is on your credit report for many reasons. To take control of your credit, North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper recommends beginning with the credit bureaus and reviewing your credit report. “I think it is important for consumers to know about your credit report and get control of it,” […]


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