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Contact: Emily.Byrd@wghp.com

Emily Byrd began studying the weather early in life, watching and listening for thunderstorms on the front porch. It was then that she developed a fascination with how the atmosphere behaves. There was never anything else that she wanted to do growing up than study the weather. Every evening at 6:16 p.m., she would leave the dinner table to catch Frank Deal doing the weather on WGHP. He always had a report from “our man” and a funny joke to share. Fred Blackman and Cynthia Smoot led the newscast and Rich Brenner signaled time to go back to the dinner table and finish eating. Two young upstarts joined the team, Neill McNeill and Van Denton, and the question on Emily’s mind was “Are those really their names?”

Time has a wonderful way of answering our questions, and in 2002 she had the honor of joining the team at WGHP. It’s great fun to walk the same halls as the people she grew up admiring and to be a part of the FOX 8 Family makes her work incredibly rewarding and fulfilling.

Emily grew up in the Triad, graduated from North Carolina State University with a Degree in Meteorology and from UNC-Greensboro with a Degree in Fine Arts. She worked at WXLV and WNCN before coming to WGHP.

When she isn’t working, Emily enjoys time with her mostly-perfect daughter, gardening, sewing and jogging.
If you have a weather-related question for Emily, please e-mail, or tweet her @Em_I_Am!

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