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Danny Harnden returned to the east coast in 2001 after “wandering in the desert” for 20 years. Born and raised in Alexandria, Virginia as the youngest of six kids, Danny went west to attend Arizona State University in the fall of 1982. He played one year of J.V. baseball for the Sun Devils before becoming “Sparky” the ASU mascot for two years.

After graduation Danny got his first TV job moving down to cover ASU’s rival, the Arizona Wildcats in Tucson. He was lucky enough to attend 3 Final Fours with the Cats including their incredible run to the 1997 National Championship. Danny stayed at KVOA-TV for 15 years before accepting the job here at FOX8.

Danny met his wife Sandy in May of 1994 at a Phoenix Suns/Houston Rockets playoff game. The sports guy from Tucson and the news producer from Phoenix hit it off and got engaged 6 weeks after their first date and were married in six months. Danny and Sandy have two children Jeffrey and Kelliann. Danny enjoys chicken wings, homemade chocolate chip cookies, Diet Coke, wide fairways, tennis, the sound of a “swish”, talking to community groups, attending Westover Church and hanging out with his family.

Recent Articles
  • Western Alamance power hockey game

    ELON, N.C. — Sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Recently, the Western Alamance football team took to wheelchairs and got humbled during a charity event. Danny Harnden has the story.

  • Lifespan boot camp

    When one finds their true passion in life, special things happen. We found two local people who have this strong desire to help those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The place is called “Lifespan,” the challenge is called “boot camp.” Danny Harnden has the story.

  • Local triathlete still competing despite crash, injuries last year

    THOMASVILLE, N.C. — the All-America City Triathlon goes next Saturday, April 25, in Thomasville. The charity event raises money for many things in the Thomasville area like food for schools and the Memorial Day parade. Danny Harnden reports on the story on one of the competitors who is back despite a terrible accident in last year’s race.

  • Jamestown Middle track athlete an inspiration to others

    JAMESTOWN, N.C. — Christopher Coke doesn’t enter the “why me” talk. This kid who was born with so many obstacles in his way, has found joy in beating the odds. He’s “Mr. Perseverance.” Danny Harnden reports.

  • FOX8 talks Masters with Greensboro’s Scott Harvey

    GREENSBORO, N.C. — It’s a dream of every person who loves to golf. Playing in the Masters and maybe even winning that green jacket. Greensboro’s Scott Harvey is a long-shot to pull that off, but he’s thrilled just to be in the field. He talked recently with FOX8’s Danny Harnden.

  • Clay Campbell: Martinsville Speedway track president, driver

    MARTINSVILLE, Va. — The Sprint Cup Series comes to Martinsville this Sunday. The short track opened up way back in 1947 by Clay Earles and it has now been passed on to his grandson Clay Campbell, who not only runs things there but makes a couple of getaways each year to race himself. Danny Harnden has the story.

  • RC cars at Haw River

    HAW RIVER, N.C. — So many people here in North Carolina dream of being a race car driver. And some of those are doing it on a miniature basis with remote controlled cars. Danny Harnden has the story on an RC indoor track that is packed when it’s race time.

  • Stan Cotten: ‘Voice of the Deacons’

    WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — When Wake Forest fans hear that voice, they know it’s game time. Stan Cotten is the “Voice of the Deacons” and has been for almost two decades. Danny Harnden reports.

  • CrossFit woman ready to have baby

    GREENSBORO, N.C. — For anyone who works out several times a week it can be frustrating when, for some reason, you notice you just can’t lift as much weight or run as fast as you used to. One CrossFitter in Greensboro says she’s going through that. But it’s not because she’s injured or not eating right. She’s just eight months pregnant. Danny Harnden has more.

  • Local ‘karate kid’ does it all

    LEXINGTON, N.C. — It’s amazing when a kid sets goals early in life and then goes on to achieve them. Carson Lay took the disciplines he learned from karate and put them into use in every part of his life. Danny Harnden has the story.

  • Smith’s wrestling turnaround

    GREENSBORO, N.C. — It’s one of those great “rags to riches” stories. Three years ago the Smith High School wrestling team was down, really down, as in: couldn’t win a single match. But as Danny Harnden tell us, an incredible transformation has taken place and the Eagles are now flying high.

  • Ragsdale’s little man with big dreams

    JAMESTOWN, N.C. — Muggsy Bogues was just 5 feet 3 inches tall but played in the NBA for 14 seasons. Spud Webb, at 5 feet 7 inches, won an NBA Slam Dunk Title. Both have been role models for basketball players like Brian Free of Ragsdale. As Danny Harnden tells us, Brian still has a way to go to even reach that 5-foot mark but he’s earned the starting point guard job.


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