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Cindy Farmer began her career at WSLS in Roanoke, Virginia and moved to Greensboro in 1990 to work at WFMY. After the birth of her first child, Cindy made a career choice to join the FOX8 Morning News. In February of 2012… she celebrated 15 years with FOX 8 News.

Cindy is very involved in the community. She is a Girl Scout leader with the Peaks to Piedmont Girl Scout Council. Her troop has been awarded their Bronze Award in scouting and is currently working on their Silver Award. She volunteers at Southeast Middle and High Schools in Guilford County, serving as a member of the School Leadership Team and the Building Advisory Teams at both schools.

Cindy is a true sports fan… and can often be found cheering on her Virginia Tech Hokies. She plays USTA tennis competitively and has discovered the world of CrossFit exercise which Cindy says “changed her life.”

Cindy has many honors and awards to her credit. In February of 2012 she won the Grady Elmore Award given by the North Carolina Tennis Foundation for her contributions to tennis. She also works tirelessly promoting the efforts of Susan G. Komen for the Cure and in March of 2010, Cindy was honored as the Outstanding Lifetime Volunteer. In 2008 Cindy was recognized for her contributions as a Founding Board member of the NC Triad Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure and was honored with the Founder’s Award. In the Race for the Cure… Cindy’s Team, a team of walkers and runners lead by Cindy, won recognition for the largest Community Team in 2005.

Cindy says her passion is photography and in August of 2011 she won Our State Magazine’s Readers Photo Contest. She says her favorite subjects are “the gifts we are given each day”, although you can often find her capturing images of the sports her daughters play.

Cindy says she lives by the words “accentuate the positive” and tries to capture that every day in her FOX8 Morning and Noon newscasts as well as each week in her “What’s Right with Our Schools” stories.

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