I have been a Television News Photojournalist since 1993. I never know where I’ll end up or what I’ll see. As long as News continues to happen, I’ll be there, continuing to share photos and stories.

Recent Articles
  • Davidson County bridge may become memorial to fallen deputy

    LEXINGTON, N.C. – A Davidson County sheriff’s deputy killed in the line of duty in 2000 may soon have a bridge named in his honor. Deputy Todd Cook was serving a warrant on January 27th, 2000 when he was shot and killed. Now there’s a movement to name a bridge in Davidson County as a memorial to Cook. There’s already a monument in his honor at the sheriff’s department, but Davidson County Clerk of Court Brian Shipwash thinks there should […]

  • Community rallies in support of Muslims in Greensboro

    GREENSBORO, N.C. – They stood in solidarity, from all walks of life, different religions and races, to get a simple message across: “We are all America.” The crowd that gathered outside the Islamic Center of Greensboro was rallying in support of the Muslim community, a community that is hoping not to be locked out of the American dream. Doha Altaki spoke to the crowd. She’s a Syrian refugee and has only been in The United States for six months, settling […]

  • Town of Denton rallies to help workers who lost jobs after restaurant fire

    DENTON, N.C. – When there’s problems in a small town everyone finds out and if they can help, they will. So when the Classic Family Restaurant went up in flames a week before Christmas and left nearly 40 employees unemployed, the town and the surrounding community has been working tirelessly to make sure those people are taken care of until they can get back on their feet. From a GoFundMe page to various fundraisers, the town’s folk are helping. As […]

  • North Carolina Zoo prepares for the cold

    ASHEBORO, N.C. – The North Carolina Zoo will be closed to the public Saturday and Sunday because of the winter weather that is blanketing the Piedmont. But that doesn’t mean the animals will be left to fend for themselves all weekend. Many of the animals come from tropical and desert climates, so zookeepers have a lot to do to make sure the animals are protected from the harsh weather. But judging by the sounds coming from the seals and sea […]

  • Police investigate fire at High Point apartment complex

    HIGH POINT, N.C. — A contractor suffered minor burns on his hands after a blow torch he was using caused some insulation to catch on fire while he was replacing a water valve at Hunter’s Point Apartments. The High Point Fire Department responded to the fire at 2231 Shadow Valley Road Friday afternoon and quickly extinguished the fire that made its way into a void in the wall in the apartment building. The contractor told fire investigators that he always […]

  • Jeff Gordon’s career detailed in new biography as he prepares for last race

    HIGH POINT, N.C. – Jeff Gordon is a household name among NASCAR fans young and old. His storied career was followed by millions as he racked up 93 wins and 4 championships in his NASCAR Sprint Cup career. Racing is all Gordon has ever known, from BMX bikes at the tender age of 5 to jumping in quarter midgets at the age of 6. From the quarter midgets to sprint cars, and ultimately big league stock car racing, Gordon blazed […]

  • Local contractor to fix washed out road, sinkhole in Alamance County — for free

    ALAMANCE COUNTY, N.C. — A local contractor has stepped up to fix the sinkhole in Alamance County that formed on a private road and the company, which wants to remain anonymous, is doing it for free. Heavy rains Wednesday night washed out a portion of Tangle Ridge Trail in the northern part of the county leaving residents stranded, unable to get cars across the sinkhole that formed as the roadbed eroded quickly when the water rose. Tangle Ridge Trail is […]

  • Thursday is National Coffee Day; plenty of hot deals brewing in the Piedmont Triad

    HIGH POINT, N.C. — Thursday is National Coffee Day and there are plenty of hot deals brewing in the Piedmont. Even better is that a cup of Joe can come with health benefits. Coffee is the lifeblood of Americans and almost a national pastime these days. A cup is the kickoff to a lot of people’s day and part of the everyday routine. Missing that morning cup can risk ruining their whole day. And local coffee shops love the trend. The […]

  • Elon University students march through campus in silent protest

    ELON, N.C. – Several hundred students came together in protest Friday at Elon University to have their say in the movement to stop the killings of black men by police. As the students walked through the campus of the private university, not a word was said, but everyone knew what they were saying. The signs carried by many verbalized the silence of the march that was organized by the Elon University Black Student Union. The crowd that joined the march […]

  • Pop-up sale, trendy new event, set for Saturday in East Bend

    EAST BEND, N.C. — Pop-up antique shows are a trendy new event that pair social media, antique vendors and a fun location together for a day of fun. It’s essentially a mini-festival that’s social media driven. The Gray Door Market is hosting a pop-up sale on Saturday in East Bend at the Divine Llama Vineyards with llamas, live music, food trucks and wine tasting to go along with the antique vendors. There are 40 vendors coming from all over the […]

  • Students get sneak peek at Folk Festival performance

    GREENSBORO, N.C. — The 76th National Folk Festival is in full swing with performers playing, singing and dancing in stages all around downtown Greensboro. The students at Weaver Academy got a special preview of one act. Leonardo Sandoval doesn’t play an instrument or sing but if you listen carefully, you may can hear the music even if when there isn’t any. Sandoval is from Brazil and now lives in New York City. He travels all over sharing his style of […]

  • How to make ‘yarn” (plarn) out of plastic bags

    GREENSBORO, NC — A collaboration in Greensboro is aiming to keep plastic bags out of landfills and help homeless people all at the same time. Operation Bed Roll is aimed at helping some of the city’s neediest residents to have a safe place to sleep and it all begins with plastic grocery bags. Plastic bags from grocery stores are as much a part of our daily lives sunshine on a nice day. A trip to the grocery store guarantees you […]