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I always had lots questions about the weather. Why is it snowing? How do hurricanes form? But it was the tornado that rumbled through my childhood Raleigh home that really peaked my interest. I graduated from The University of North Carolina at Asheville with a degree in Atmospheric Science.

A few years later, I received the American Meteorological Society's Seal of Approval. With my degree, I landed my first job at a Fox station in Macon, GA. Tropical storms, flooding rains, tornadoes and drought were some of the weather features that provided a challenge.

Spending four years in Macon can make a North Carolina native home sick. That's why I am glad to be back in North Carolina, working for Fox 8. Away from work, I like to chase severe thunderstorms, track hurricanes, and hope that one-day NC State gets a good basketball team and cheer loudly for the NC State football team.

Recent Articles
  • Sprucing up Guilford Courthouse National Military Park

    GREENSBORO, N.C. — Dave Sechrist and his family are staying in Greensboro for a few weeks. While in town, he wanted to visit Guilford Courthouse National Military Park. “We like the beauty and the history. This place is dedicated to a very important battle,” Sechrist said. Guilford Courthouse National Military Park Ranger Vance Noles says the park is now fighting another battle. This time it’s weeds, decay and litter. “Along the roads there’s garbage. We try our best to maintain […]

  • Winter cold creates perfect storm of pollen

    HIGH POINT, N.C. — Steven Stetts searches of aisles of Archdale Drug, looking for medicine to stop his pollen-related pain. “I had this for about a week and yesterday I had a bad sinus headache,” he said. Dr. Carter Bobbitt with High Point’s Allergy and Asthma Center says February’s freezing temperatures delayed the beginning of the tree pollen season. So when trees finally began producing pollen, it was also grass pollen season. “It’s bringing out the symptoms a lot more […]

  • Coyotes in the Piedmont: What to do about it?

    GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — On a spring night, you might hear the eerie sounds of a coyote’s howl to go along with chirping crickets. According to wildlife professional Aaron Burris, the Piedmont has a healthy coyote population. “They are very quick to rebound. Their population can grow quickly. Even through disease and hunting, they can rebound fast,” Burris said. Coyotes cover a wide range and they can adapt to any environment. So you can find them roaming the countryside or […]

  • Greensboro Transit Authority to ask city for money for hybrid buses

    GREENSBORO, N.C. — For thousands of Greensboro residents, the bus is the best way to get around town. But Kimberly Driscoll says sometimes the ride can be difficult. “A lot of times it’s very crowded. They need more buses and probably cleaner.” The Greensboro Transit Authority has heard the complaints and they are making changes. The transit authority will ask the Greensboro City Council for over $3 million so they can buy five diesel electric hybrid buses. Hybrid buses are […]

  • Linwood, 5 years after the Piedmont tornado

    LINWOOD, N.C. — After spending most of the day at church, Helen Thorne and her family were looking forward to a quiet Sunday evening at home. Instead, on March 28, 2010, a tornado with winds between 100 and 120 mph roared across Thorne’s southern Davidson County home. “It sound like a train coming,” says Helen Thorne “The wind picked up for about ten minutes.” Thorne, her daughter and grandson huddled together as her home at Linwood’s Chestnut Grove Mobile Home […]

  • 76 and sunny on Tuesday, but you’ll need a coat later in the week

    Monday morning will be cloudy, but the clouds will not last. For your Monday afternoon, look for sunny skies with highs in the mid-70s. Sunny and warm weather is in store for Tuesday with highs still in the mid-70s. The average highs for this time of the year are low-60s. A dry cold front will bring in some clouds late Tuesday into early Wednesday. This cold front will also end our dance with spring like temperatures. Skies will become sunny […]

  • Kernersville students use Skype to learn about Bulgaria

    KERNERSVILLE, N.C. — A group of kindergarten and third grade students at Kernersville’s Sedge Garden Elementary were not paying attention to their teachers today. And that’s OK, because the teachers were not leading the lesson. Instead the kids were using Skype to watch and listen to Michael Pelehach, a Fulbright scholar from Oak Ridge. Pelehach is currently in Bulgaria, teaching English to 250 high school students. “I think languages are really important, not just for Bulgarians but for Americans.” Pelehach […]

  • Crews preparing local parks for spring

    HIGH POINT, N.C. — With spring just 11 days away, the High Point Parks and Recreation Department is repairing and cleaning up its parks and facilities. Alisa Thiele is spending time with her family at Armstrong Park. She appreciates the hard work done by city workers. “They are getting the park ready for all the kids to play; it’s great.” City workers are picking up broken branches and spreading additional mulch around the new play set at Armstrong Park. You […]

  • Frustration grows over illegal dump site near Eden

    ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, N.C. — Rockingham County Code Enforcement Officer Kelly Howell can’t believe an illegal dump site outside of Eden has doubled in size. “It’s a hazard to the community. No telling what’s living in that, chemicals leach out. We don’t know what’s in there,” Howell said. Sinks, tires, lumber and vinyl siding litter the site. Code enforcement officers have increased their patrols, but they still cannot find the people responsible for dumping what officers call commercial debris. That’s why […]

  • Community paramedics proposal in Forsyth County

    FORSYTH COUNTY, N.C. — Ambulances with Forsyth County Emergency Services are constantly coming and going from their East Fifth Street base. The division can get as many as 140 calls per day. But Emergency Services Director Dan Ozimek says some of those calls don’t require an ambulance. So he’s looking to bring community paramedics to Forsyth County. “We are excited about it. It’s a shift. We are used to going out assessing, treating and taking the patient to the emergency […]

  • Madison-Rockingham Rescue Squad raising funds for sonar equipment

    MADISON, N.C. — The Madison-Rockingham Rescue Squad has a base at Belews Lake because the squad responds to at least one drowning call a year. Chief Rusty Gray says searching the lake for a drowning victim can be difficult. Belews Lake straddles four counties. Plus divers have a tough time seeing in the murky lake water. “Visibility is near nothing. You are basically in the dark,” he said. After spending 15 hour shifts on Belews Lake last April searching for […]

  • Capture

    Are we finally done with winter weather in the Piedmont?

    Sunday afternoon highs were in the 50s – a great day to wash the salt off of your car or truck. But don’t get used to the warmth because cold air is returning. At the same time, some jet stream energy will bring rain showers into southern North Carolina. Some of this moisture could meet the colder air returning to the Piedmont. So there’s a small chance we could see light rain or freezing rain across the Piedmont. Along the […]


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