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I always had lots questions about the weather. Why is it snowing? How do hurricanes form? But it was the tornado that rumbled through my childhood Raleigh home that really peaked my interest. I graduated from The University of North Carolina at Asheville with a degree in Atmospheric Science.

A few years later, I received the American Meteorological Society’s Seal of Approval. With my degree, I landed my first job at a Fox station in Macon, GA. Tropical storms, flooding rains, tornadoes and drought were some of the weather features that provided a challenge.

Spending four years in Macon can make a North Carolina native home sick. That’s why I am glad to be back in North Carolina, working for Fox 8. Away from work, I like to chase severe thunderstorms, track hurricanes, and hope that one-day NC State gets a good basketball team and cheer loudly for the NC State football team.

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    Group working to turn old Rockingham County schoolhouse into community center

    MADISON, N.C. — From 1923 to 1950, the Madison Colored School, also known as the Virginia Scales Rosenwald School, educated African Americans from across Rockingham County. When the school closed, it became a warehouse and later a community center. But in the 2000s, the building was condemned. Madison resident Art Martin remembers when the school was the heart of the community. It hurts him to see the school in its current state of decay. “It’s not a good feeling but […]

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    Guilford County home being given away — but there’s a catch

    GREENSBORO, N.C. — As you drive down Lake Jeanette Road in Greensboro, there’s a bright red sign that’s getting a lot of attention. “I asked my sign guy to give me a down and dirty, easy to read sign,” says Greensboro developer Bill Yearns. The sign is in the front yard of one of one of the original homes built on Lake Jeanette Road. Bob Cavanaugh lives nearby. People are always stopping and asking him if the message on the […]

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    NC Zoo staff explains procedures for keeping people safe at exhibits

    ASHEBORO, N.C. —  Thousands of people visit the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro without incident. But that doesn’t mean people are always on their best behavior, Jennifer Ireland, curator of mammals at the North Carolina Zoo, adds. “At least twice a year we do drills either an animal getting out of its exhibit or a person getting inside of an exhibit,” she said. High walls and thick glass separate zoo visitors and gorillas. At the lion habitat, safety signs and […]

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    Neighbors upset about illegal dumping in Lexington

    LEXINGTON, N.C. — Robert Hedrick has lived in his south Lexington community for over 50 years. He likes the peaceful surroundings and the tall trees that are around his home. But lately, someone has been using the rural location as a dumping ground. “It’s kind of like they are invading your privacy,” Hedrick said. Someone is dumping large logs and piles of broken tree limbs along the side of Richard Road. Since the yard waste is in the public right […]

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    More food pantries opening at schools in Guilford County

    GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — A very successful food drive will allow Greensboro’s Backpack Beginnings to open three new school-based food pantries. The partnership between the volunteer group and Guilford County Schools collected over 17,680 pounds of food. Greene Educational Center and Northeast Guilford High School will open food pantries by the end of April. Ragsdale High School just opened their new food pantry. Already the pantry has helped 13 families. Ragsdale High School counselor Suzy Townsend feels more students will […]

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    Students slow to fill out FAFSA forms

    GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — In a few short months, Amiri Hicks will graduate from Guilford County’s Smith High School. Hicks has applied to colleges like North Carolina A&T and UNC Charlotte. But the hardest part was completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. “My advice is get help if you need it. Advisors will be there for you. Mine helped me. It’s easy to get through,” Hicks said. Brandon Napier, a counselor at Smith High School, understands why parents […]

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    Farmers putting in long hours to protect strawberry crops

    GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — When afternoon highs were in the 70s and 80s last week, strawberry grower Dean Ingram knew the early taste of spring was too good to last. “This is sort of a rite of spring. We know it’s coming. Not sure we ever had a year we didn’t have to water at all,” Ingram said. When Ingram talks about water, he’s talking about using it to protect his 80,000 plants from the cold. When ice forms, it […]

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    Winston-Salem Industries for the Blind gets new buses for youth program

    WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Visually impaired students in Forsyth County now have a timely and reliable way to get to the services they need. Two new school buses will carry the visually impaired students to and from Tracy’s Little Red Schoolhouse in Winston-Salem. The schoolhouse provides after school services and summer camp opportunities for about 100 school-aged kids. The new buses are also handicapped accessible, helping families that do not have ways to pick up or drop off kids at the […]

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    NC Highway Patrol looking for troopers

    The North Carolina State Highway Patrol’s main purpose is to keep our roads safe. But it’s becoming harder to protect our highways because the agency has 180 open positions. So the Highway Patrol is traveling the state. They are holding information sessions to recruit men and women that have an interest in law enforcement. “We just need good people,” says Master Trooper Chris Knox. “People that will make good choices. Get them the training and be a leader in law […]

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    Sunny days ahead for Piedmont Triad as storms move out

    Sunny days are on the way after powerful storms moved through the Piedmont Triad on Wednesday afternoon. A cold front is now approaching the mountains of North Carolina. Ahead of the cold front, powerful thunderstorms formed and marched across the Piedmont. Thunderstorms with gusty winds will continue to move into eastern North Carolina. For the Piedmont, scattered showers will remain in the forecast. But it appears the showers should remain below severe limits. As we move into the overnight time […]

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    Latest from Van Denton on severe thunderstorms, possibility of tornadoes Wednesday

    Light rain and drizzle this evening will give way to steady rain tonight. That’s because a powerful low-pressure system moving across the deep south will begin to march toward the northeast. As the storm moves toward the East Coast, warm unstable air will move into the Piedmont. Wednesday afternoon highs will rocket into the mid to upper 60s, providing the energy that’s needed for strong to severe thunderstorms. The primary threat being damaging, straight-line winds and isolated tornadoes. The FOX8 viewing […]

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    Crews work to restore power in Rockingham County

    ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, N.C. — A normally quiet drive home from work for Scott Taylor quickly turned into a terrifying experience. “High winds and trees falling down in front of me. Gusts of winds 40, 50 miles per hour. Nice-sized tree almost fell on my vehicle,” Taylor said. Early Tuesday morning, strong winds downed dozen of trees from Eden to Ellisboro. Some trees blocked roads while others fell on power lines. Eden resident Dominque Perkins woke up to a cold and […]


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