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Brad Jones joined the FOX8 News team in January 1998. He began his broadcasting career in East Tennessee. After graduating from East Tennessee State University, Brad started in radio news at WKPT in Kingsport, eventually learning the television side of broadcasting there as well.

In 1984, Brad entered graduate school at the University of Georgia where he earned a Masters Degree in Journalism. Then, he landed in Roanoke, Virginia at WSLS. There, Brad anchored the noon newscast with Cindy Farmer. It’s a partnership that continued throughout the years and across the miles. Now each day Brad and Cindy help viewers get their day started on the FOX8 Morning News.

Since, 1987, Brad has lived and worked in the Piedmont, first at WFMY and now at FOX8. Brad is married with three children and when he isn’t working with Boy Scouts, he enjoys restoring old radios and jukeboxes.

Recent Articles
  • Made in NC: Sanford Milling

    HENDERSON, N.C. — One of the great staples of Southern cooking is the biscuit. Not the ones that come out of a can, but the ones that come from your grandma’s favorite recipe. They’re light and fluffy, and go with just about any meal. But how do you make them perfect every time? Brad Jones found you’ve got to start with flour that’s made in North Carolina.

  • Made in NC: The Minky Boutique

    CONCORD, N.C. — There’s nothing cuter than a baby or toddler, unless he or she is smiling! And that often comes from being warm and comfortable. A woman in the southern Piedmont found a way to spread that feeling to kids and even adults through a fabric that she says feels better than anything else on the market. Brad Jones tells us how that turned into some pretty special blankets that are made in North Carolina.

  • Appalachian State student wins Fox News 2015 College Challenge

    Tyler Hardin, a freshman at Appalachian State University, recently won Fox News 2015 College Challenge. His story focused on the issue of body cameras. Hardin sat down with FOX8’s Brad Jones to discuss the issue as well as his successes in student journalism.

  • Made in NC: Pine Hall Brick

    WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — When you build something, it should last for a long time. Whether it’s a home, a street or something like a patio, it starts with the materials you choose. Brad Jones found one company that has just what you’re looking for and it’s made in North Carolina.

  • Made in NC: Broadleaf Cabins

    If you grew up in North Carolina, you probably passed by hundreds of them over the years without a second thought. But they’re now disappearing — and a lot of people think old tobacco barns that dot the landscape in many Piedmont counties are worth saving. Brad Jones found one company turning them into something new — that’s “re-made” in North Carolina.

  • Made in NC: Lighthouse Candles

    KERNERSVILLE, N.C. — A lot of people want to give their home a makeover for spring. But when it comes to painting — or staining the deck — it’s a bigger job than they want to get into. Brad Jones tells us about one company helping people make a change that’s like a breath of fresh air. And it’s made in North Carolina.

  • Made in NC: Face Caddy

    WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — When a friend needs help most people would do just about anything for them. That’s what happened for one man who saw a need and tried to create a solution. FOX8’s Brad Jones tells us more about the result, that’s now made in North Carolina.

  • Made in NC: James Foods

    When you decide what to have for dinner each night you’ve usually got a choice to make. Something that tastes homemade like great comfort food, or something you can “heat and eat” if you don’t have time to make a meal from scratch. FOX8’s Brad Jones found a Piedmont company that’s become very successful at giving people the best of both worlds with a family favorite that’s made in North Carolina.

  • Made in NC: Nester Hosiery

    MOUNT AIRY, N.C. — If you enjoy spending time outdoors, you already know how important it can be to have the right equipment. Whether it’s hiking, playing sports, or just enjoying a nice day at the park — you’ve got to be comfortable. Brad Jones found a company that makes it possible, with performance socks that are made in North Carolina.

  • Made in NC: Nviroclean

    RANDLEMAN, N.C. — Lots of companies across America are trying to clean up their act. When they have spills, you might think the solution is a high tech machine — but they’re turning to something new. It’s surprisingly low tech and very effective. Brad Jones tells us about this green solution that’s made in North Carolina.

  • Made in NC: FireFly Balloons

    STATESVILLE, N.C. — It may be the most beautiful way to fly — taking a trip in a hot air balloon. While lots of people will just dream about it, others take the time to scratch off that experience on their bucket lists. And when they do, as Brad Jones tells us, it’s often with the help of a balloon that’s made in North Carolina.

  • Made in NC: MB-F dog show ribbons

    GREENSBORO, N.C. — The best show dogs in the world are all heading to New York. That’s because the Westminster Dog Show is now just a few days away. It’s the second oldest sporting event in the world behind the Kentucky Derby. People around the world will tune in to see which dog will win “best in show.” And when that happens — as Brad Jones tells us — that dog will take home something big and beautiful that’s made […]


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