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Brad Jones joined the FOX8 News team in January 1998. He began his broadcasting career in East Tennessee. After graduating from East Tennessee State University, Brad started in radio news at WKPT in Kingsport, eventually learning the television side of broadcasting there as well.

In 1984, Brad entered graduate school at the University of Georgia where he earned a Masters Degree in Journalism. Then, he landed in Roanoke, Virginia at WSLS. There, Brad anchored the noon newscast with Cindy Farmer. It's a partnership that continued throughout the years and across the miles. Now each day Brad and Cindy help viewers get their day started on the FOX8 Morning News.

Since, 1987, Brad has lived and worked in the Piedmont, first at WFMY and now at FOX8. Brad is married with three children and when he isn't working with Boy Scouts, he enjoys restoring old radios and jukeboxes.

Recent Articles
  • Friedrich Metal Products made in NC

    BROWNS SUMMIT, N.C. — Whether it’s a restaurant, a caterer or a grocery store any commercial kitchen depends on its equipment to get the job done. They’re working with perishable ingredients so time is critical and re-doing an order is going to cost them money. As FOX8’s  Brad Jones tells us,  chefs across America have learned to depend on one of the best tools they can find that’s made in North Carolina.

  • Surry Sonker Trail

    SURRY COUNTY, N.C. — If you ask people across North Carolina about their favorite food, you’ll probably hear about barbecue and fried flounder and  a long list of other favorites. But if you stop in Surry County  there might be something else at the top of the list. Brad Jones tells us about an effort to let other people in on this delicious secret that could only be made in North Carolina.

  • Girl’s Health: Preparing for Adolescence

    As girls reach puberty and enter into adolescence, certain physical, emotional and behavioral changes are to be expected. The growth changes that occur during puberty constitute the fastest growth our bodies will experience during any time in our lives, aside from infanthood. While there are five phases in the growth cycle, different changes occur depending on gender. Females tend to hit their height growth spurt in phase two, while males tend to hit it during phase four. This is why […]

  • Setting realistic New Year’s resolutions

    While about 45 percent of Americans make New Year’s resolutions each year, only about 8 percent are successful in achieving their goals. Some of the more popular resolutions often involve overall lifestyle changes, such as losing weight (by exercising more and/or eating healthy), quitting smoking and saving more money. While these are positive resolutions, many people do not succeed because they don’t plan properly and/or set attainable goals. Therefore, when setting New Year’s resolutions, do not have an “all-or-nothing” mentality.  […]

  • Beatles mark 50th anniversary of Ed Sullivan appearance

    It was 50 years ago today that America was first introduced to the Beatles. The Beatles first appeared on the Ed Sullivan show in Feb. 9, 1964. The four-piece band would go on to become the biggest act in rock history. FOX8’s Brad Jones found that it’s a performance that still gets people talking – half a century later.

  • Made in North Carolina: The Precision Art Putter

    David Fernandez has been making high fired stoneware for decades When his son tried a club with a ceramic insert, he figured he could replicate that subtle difference. The Precision Art Putter was born. The putter comes in a variety of glazes and then it’s fired like any other pieces of pottery. Luckily, it’s a work of art that meets all USGA standards. The putters are priced at $145 dollars and can be found at David’s shop in Seagrove at […]

  • Made in NC: Harris Leather

    SURRY COUNTY, N.C.–For people who ride horses, finding the right saddle can be a long process, but for people who show horses on a national level, the choice is easy. They rely on Harris Leather that takes something like a saddle and turns it into a work of art. For more visit  

  • Thousands attend breast cancer research event in Winston-Salem

    WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — The streets of Winston-Salem were filled with pink Saturday morning – for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. The event is a major fundraiser for the nation’s leading organization for breast cancer research. FOX8’s Brad Jones found it is also a time to bring people together and celebrate their stories of survival.

  • chair

    Made in NC: Uwharrie Chair

    HIGH POINT, N.C.–It’s tough to take something traditional and make it brand new. Luckily, Uwharrie Chair is doing that, and transforming yards in the process. They’ve found a way to give people what they want, with custom outdoor furniture that’s made in North Carolina. You can find out more on their website.

  • Inspired Living: Center of Hope Nurse

    GREENSBORO, N.C.– The Salvation Army lives by the motto, “Doing the most good, helping people in the worst situations,” but it can’t do anything without people who want to help. At the Salvation Army Center of Hope in Greensboro men, women and children overcome homelessness and the issues that come along with it–like access to healthcare. Luckily, retired nurse Wanda Martin is ready to help however she can.  

  • Made in NC: Colsen Keane

    Scott Hofert launched Colsen Keane custom leather goods because he loved finding great bags and satchels as he traveled the world. “I found myself working with my hands and got lost in that. Maybe, no different than an artist with a canvas or a musician with a guitar. Where my canvas was leather — my instrument was cutting out and punching and creating something in the end. I fell in love with that process” Earlier this year, Colsen Keane was […]

  • jammingeorge

    Made in NC: Jammin George

    Jammin George jams have a reputation for flavors that are out of the ordinary like Pear Ginger, Strawberry Rhubarb, Tangerine Cranberry, Persimmon and Southern Comfort. You can find Jammin’ George at the Piedmont Triad Farmer’s Market six days a week. His jam is also featured on the Lucky 32 menu each weekend. You can find more information on his website.


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