Brad Jones joined the FOX8 News team in January 1998. He began his broadcasting career in East Tennessee. After graduating from East Tennessee State University, Brad started in radio news at WKPT in Kingsport, eventually learning the television side of broadcasting there as well.

In 1984, Brad entered graduate school at the University of Georgia where he earned a Masters Degree in Journalism. Then, he landed in Roanoke, Virginia at WSLS. There, Brad anchored the noon newscast with Cindy Farmer. It’s a partnership that continued throughout the years and across the miles. Now each day Brad and Cindy help viewers get their day started on the FOX8 Morning News.

Since, 1987, Brad has lived and worked in the Piedmont, first at WFMY and now at FOX8. Brad is married with three children and when he isn’t working with Boy Scouts, he enjoys restoring old radios and jukeboxes.

Recent Articles
  • Durable sports jerseys made in High Point

    HIGH POINT, N.C. — To win, you’ve got to be competitive — and one local High Point changed its game to do that. Get Stuck started out creating decals and T-shirts; the kind of things most print shops do. But they expanded to create vehicle wraps, which are becoming more popular with companies that want to turn trucks into rolling billboards. Then, they started making shirts that take sports teams to the next level. Dye sublimated — which is where […]

  • Lexington candy company known for its sweet treats

    LEXINGTON, N.C. — While it has become the taste of Christmas, the sweet treats turned out by the Piedmont Candy Company keeps people smiling year-round. To be ready for Christmas, they have to start in July. They are basically the last of their kind in the United States. All of their competition has either moved off-shore, or they don’t have the same standards, which means GMO-free, gluten free and allergen free. Their signature Red Bird Candy hasn’t really changed in […]

  • Nearly century-old company makes high-quality furniture in NC

    LENOIR, N.C. — Market is a busy time for the folks at Fairfield Chair Company in Lenior as they are showing off the latest styles. They combine traditional lines with new colors, fabrics, and trim. And there are new technics to create them. At the plant, you see just what goes into each piece. Start with frames, they keep enough on hand to meet the demand. And they’re assembled with precision machinery that makes adding dowels to each joint much […]

  • Greensboro 3D printing company makes quality, affordable supplies

    GREENSBORO, N.C. — 3D printing has become indispensable for companies that want to create prototypes. Hobbyists might buy a lower-end printer with limited capabilities for around $2,000, while larger industrial printers can run for $50,000 or more. Now, Greensboro-based Fusion3 has filled an important middle ground in the market. Fusion3 figures out how to deliver, depending on how you define it, 85% of the industrial level capability for about 10% of the cost. For just over the price of an […]

  • Kernersville manufacturer makes high-end products, provides job opportunities to refugees

    KERNERSVILLE, N.C. — The look is cutting-edge — something found in high-end design houses around the world. But, it all starts in Kernersville. EFI Custom fabricates glass and aluminum to create products that have an immediate impact. Working with architects, furniture companies, or designers to add their touch in small details or something as big as room dividers that slide to reconfigure a workspace. One of their newest ideas is a rolling marker board you can move anywhere in the […]

  • North Carolina man creates unique dog knots

    While it seems simple, it takes a lot of skill to create — and they are a big hit with the hairiest member of the family. Chuck Hoover wanted to learn more about traditional knots, the kind that sailors have used for hundreds of years, so he took a class along the North Carolina coast. As he practiced, his dog Hampton took an interest. “So, I started tying these knots and he liked them. And other folks started liking them and […]

  • Local vascular surgeon’s invention helps keep legs comfortable when elevated

    If you work hard, it takes a toll on your body. Doctor Chris Dickson is a vascular surgeon, and for years, he’s given people the same advice as every other doctor — to elevate their legs. Then, he took it one step further, with the Lounge Doctor. It’s a contoured foam pad that lets you keep your legs comfortably elevated. Some even have cool foam on the surface. He started the company in 2006 and the business started to take […]

  • Thomasville company makes elegant furniture found in multi-million dollar homes

    THOMASVILLE, N.C. — It’s stylish, elegant and you’ll find it in multi-million dollar homes. Furniture by Tomlinson Erwin Lambeth is designed to make a statement. Every president in recent years has added at least a few of their pieces to the White House. This is a company that focuses on quality – done anyway the customer wants. While they’ve got their standard models, at least half of the things that come down the line have some sort of change. Either […]

  • Thomasville company makes durable safety gear

    THOMASVILLE, N.C. — It’s hard to hide the products made by Radians in Thomasville. Whether it’s a vest, a shirt or jacket – they are high-impact colors, with reflective stripes and patterns. You can’t miss them. Getting the job done is more than just being bright and reflective, sometimes it’s adding custom features like loops or pockets, or a custom specialty like a logo. Phillip Young and a partner started as Carolina Safety Sport — and built the business — […]

  • Triad company makes quality license plate scanners for law enforcement

    GREENSBORO, N.C. — You might not notice it when it’s mounted outside a parking garage or on top of a police car. But this tiny camera is a game changer for police officers because it can constantly scan license plate numbers on every car that that drives by. The ELSAG license plate hunter is made in Greensboro by Selex ES. Every unit is set up and tested before it goes out the door because the camera has to react to different […]

  • Family makes high-quality whiskey in Lewisville

    LEWISVILLE, N.C. — There is a shot of history in every bottle — local history that is. “This is something I dreamed about doing ever since I was a little boy,” said Zeb Williams. “A lot of kids grow up wanting to be a pro-athlete. I grew up wanting to own a whiskey company.” The family had always talked about bringing back their family brand. Williams’ fifth great-grandfather started bottling whiskey in 1768 — on a farm in what’s now […]

  • High Point company makes high-quality, affordable metal products

    HIGH POINT, N.C. — Mass producing anything out of metal used to take a long time to plan and carry out. Dies were expensive and complicated, and it was tough to compete. In the early 2000s, a lot of things took a quick trip over to China, so Metal Works of High Point had to retool and refocus. Now, the company is a leader. Instead of creating an expensive set of dies for a project, they can design it on […]