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Bob always knew he was meant to live in North Carolina, it just took him a while to get here. He was born and raised in Chicago and went to the University of Missouri for Journalism school. After working in the "real world" for a year, he went back for his graduate degree in broadcast journalism and two days after graduating, found himself driving to North Carolina for a job as a sportscaster in Greenville. From there, he went to Washington State to be a sportscaster for a couple of years, before finding his way back to the Piedmont and making the switch to covering news.

You can see most of Bob's work on the FOX8 10:00 News, and sometimes on our other newscasts. You'll also see Bob filling in as an anchor occasionally. Politics, philosophy and literature are among his favorite subjects to read and discuss, when he's not playing soccer or spending time with his wife, Jean-Marie, and their 4 children.

Recent Articles
  • ‘The Healing Blues Project’

    GREENSBORO, N.C. — When things aren’t going you way in life, it’s tempting to “sing the blues.” And, it turns out, that might be more medicinal than you think. At least, that’s the theory behind an idea from Greensboro College and it’s talented music department. They thought if they could get some people who have had a rough patch in life – homeless, for the most part – and paired them with musicians who could help them write a song […]

  • Local couple hopes to help people in India

    GREENSBORO, N.C. — As loving as animals can sometimes appear, toward each other humans are still the only creatures on the planet that make a conscious decision to do compassionate work for each other. Sometimes that happens in small doses near their home. Sometimes it is a larger project with people who touched someone on the other side of the world. In this edition of the Buckley Report, meet a local couple who had no idea how a trip to […]

  • The Biltmore House’s Christmas traditions

    ASHEVILLE, N.C. — We all have certain things that connect us to the holiday season. For a lot of people around here, putting up a Christmas tree is chief among them. Of course, there are Christmas trees — and then there are Christmas trees. In this edition of the Buckley Report, see one special tree raising and the century-old tradition that goes with it.

  • ‘Out of the Garden Project’ helps Guilford County families

    GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — This is the week when we are reminded to give thanks for what we have. But there are many people who spend it thinking about what they don’t have — often, basic needs, like food. There are 73,000 public school students in Guilford County and more than half of them qualify for free or reduced lunch. That’s one of the highest rates in the nation. And there is an organization here that figured those same kids […]

  • Out of the ‘garden’ and into homes of students, families

    This is the time of year many of us think about what we are thankful for though some people in the Piedmont are probably thinking more about what they wish for. For example, more than half of Guilford County Schools’ students qualify for free or reduced lunch -– one of the higher percentages in the country. Don and Kristy Milholin figured if so many of them needed help having enough to eat during the week, they probably needed it on […]

  • What the Triad is doing to ‘join the (jobs) party’

    How long have we been talking about how to create good, new jobs in the Piedmont Triad? And how many times have we chased them, 10 … 20 … 50 at a time? But what if there was something we could do -– that we could’ve done a number of times over the past 20 years -– that could bring not just a few hundred, but 50,000 jobs over the next couple of decades? Other states in the southeast that […]

  • Representative Howard Coble’s final session

    WASHINGTON — Political legends aren’t made, overnight. Sixth district Congressman Howard Coble won his first election with 51 percent of the vote and won his re-election by only 79 votes. Since then, he’s become an institution in Piedmont politics, but he is retiring in a few weeks Bob Buckley is in Washington covering his last days in Congress.

  • Mount Airy ‘rapping teacher’ gets students’ attention in unique way

    MOUNT AIRY, N.C. — There is a new line of thinking that says teaching is, to a large degree, performance art. And few teachers perform quite like Adam Johnson. His name may be fairly common but his ideas of how to engage his students certainly aren’t. It’s not like he did any grand research project to see what would appeal to his fourth graders at White Plains Elementary in Mt. Airy. He just thought about the way he learned best […]

  • 5 things to see before they vanish

    The movie, “Jurassic Park” gave us a glimpse into what it would be like to bring back a species that is long extinct. That, of course, was fiction. The idea that what inhabits this Earth, both in animal and plant form, is disappearing, is not fiction. It’s very real and it’s happening at an alarming rate. On the Buckley Report, a new report is sending shock waves through the conservation world.

  • A Wake Forest veteran’s story

    The stories we are honoring on this Veterans Day are as varied as the millions of men and women who have served in the military in America’s history. Many of those stories are about a family’s loss, but in this edition of the Buckley Report see the story of a man who was sent to a very difficult place and only later found how much he got out of it.

  • How safe is the water you drink?

    How safe is the water you drink? Maybe not as safe as you think. But until Duke Energy’s coal ash spills put toxic waste in the news, most people never heard about the damage a century of manufacturing did in North Carolina. Long before the state and federal governments began closely monitoring the waste produced by industry, thousands of companies simply poured out their waste anywhere they could. And that waste often found its way into the water millions of […]

  • ‘The GPS Girl’

    Think of the conversations you have with your smart phone — how lifelike they can seem.  There’s nothing Siri doesn’t seem to be able to say — she can even tell you a joke. In this edition of the Buckley Report, you’ll find out why.


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