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Bob always knew he was meant to live in North Carolina, it just took him a while to get here. He was born and raised in Chicago and went to the University of Missouri for Journalism school. After working in the "real world" for a year, he went back for his graduate degree in broadcast journalism and two days after graduating, found himself driving to North Carolina for a job as a sportscaster in Greenville. From there, he went to Washington State to be a sportscaster for a couple of years, before finding his way back to the Piedmont and making the switch to covering news.

You can see most of Bob's work on the FOX8 10:00 News, and sometimes on our other newscasts. You'll also see Bob filling in as an anchor occasionally. Politics, philosophy and literature are among his favorite subjects to read and discuss, when he's not playing soccer or spending time with his wife, Jean-Marie, and their 4 children.

Recent Articles
  • Duke researchers looking at ways to help people manage stress better

    DURHAM, N.C. — How much stress do you think you can take? The level certainly varies for different people. And the days of telling people to just “tough it out” or think that someone just isn’t strong enough may soon be over. Researchers at Duke University, led by Dr. Kafui Dzirasa, think they may soon know how to reprogram people’s brain activity in a way that will make almost anyone handle stress far better — everyone from the teenager, stressing […]

  • Saving Revolution Mill

    Sometimes you need a restart on your revolution. When Ceasar and Moses Cone built Revolution Mill in 1899, the name was apt -– it was revolutionary, in the textile business. Cone Industries ran the mill for the next 83 years until technology (for the most part) and, to some degree, globalization made a labor-intensive mill obsolete. But it was a good run. At the time, much of the sentiment in the Triad was to simply get rid of what looked […]

  • Tennessee’s ‘secret city’

    Today, American ingenuity is often thought of as the latest electronic gadget. But there was a time when it more likely referred to the genius it took to create the things we needed to protect our very existence. There are still those that can tell that story. In this edition of the Buckley Report, the story of two people who were part of “the secret city” that grew up — almost overnight — to do the work America didn’t want […]

  • Vaughan-Bassett Furniture Company’s battle with the Chinese

    GALAX, Va. — Going to war can be lonely — especially when it is you against a billion. But John Bassett III wasn’t going to let that stop him. Bassett has run Vaughan-Bassett Furniture in Galax, Va. for 30 years. When he started, it was fairly easy to succeed in the business. But when China began trying to integrate into the world economy, things got serious. The recipe the Chinese used was to take a healthy dose of government subsidies […]

  • NCSU doctor developing new bandage technology

    RALEIGH, N.C. — When Elizabeth Loboa went in to see her doctor about something on her leg, her doctor said there was no reason to biopsy it. “I think it’s MERSA,” the doctor said. That wasn’t exactly welcome news. MERSA is a very difficult to deal with, drug-resistant bacterium but Dr. Loboa – a biomedical engineering professor and researcher at North Carolina State University knew exactly what to do: Call the office. Dr. Loboa had been working on a special […]

  • English family leaves homeland behind to farm in Stuart, Va.

    STUART, Va. — Some stories never seem to die. For centuries, people have been crossing the Atlantic from England in the hopes of a better life. David and Liisa Wallace were no different. Well, actually, they are – a little. The Wallaces had a nice, comfortable life on the south coast of England, but they wanted more. So they sold most of what they owned but kept the most valuable things, their 8-week-old twin boys, and headed for America. They […]

  • Piedmont veteran promised a home 2 years ago still does not have one

    Sometimes, promises made with the best of intentions don’t always work out. Almost two years ago, a nonprofit group named “Helping A Hero” promised to build Jessie Fletcher and his wife a new home. Fletcher was a Marine sniper who lost both of his legs and parts of several fingers when he stepped on an IED in Afghanistan in October 2011. Even though they had a ground-breaking in Welcome in March 2013, Fletcher seemed to be about the only person […]

  • United Flight 232 crash reunion

    In the summer of 1989, United Airlines was running a special: kids flew for a penny, with a paying adult. That drew a larger-than-normal group of kids to Flight 232, from Denver to Chicago on July 19 of that year. The Badis family was on that flight, too, coming back to Durham from Hawaii. They paid full price for their tickets and that meant young Aaron had a seat of his own that he was buckled into. That small fact […]

  • chess

    ‘Chess Master’ teaches ‘Xbox generation’ the value of a timeless game

    Just because something is old, it doesn’t mean it lacks value. Dr. Joe Graves learned that very early in life. Graves became a pioneering scientist after learning a 1,500-year-old game when he was a child. And, as you’ll see in this edition of the Buckley Report, he’s now passing those lessons along to a new generation.

  • NC man rescued from plane crash as child reunites with rescuer 25 years later

    CHARLOTTE, N.C. — People come in and out of our lives, most with little effect, even some with whom we spend a lot of time. Others, though, can change the arc of our lives forever in just a few seconds. This is one of those stories. For a quarter century, Aaron Badis didn’t know the name of the man he saw in front of him on United Airlines flight 232, on July 19th, 1989. But he learned who the man […]

  • Father and son use prawn farming to overcome PTSD

    Our soldiers and Marines are supposed to be among the toughest and most unflappable Americans you can find. They withstand almost unimaginable hardships yet, when they come home, many of them have trouble adjusting back to civilian life. In recent years, the number of suicides of military personnel and veterans has exceeded the number of combat deaths. And with the controversy over the troubles with the VA health care system, it is encouraging to hear that there is a treatment, […]

  • Greensboro family moving to Colorado in hopes that medical marijuana will help son

    GREENSBORO, N.C. — Preston sits and watches as the things his family has collected over his 12 years are packed up to be moved far away. He watches but is not really sure why. “Right now he’s on a 2-year-old or 3-year-old’s level,” says Preston’s mother, Ana Watson. “He doesn’t know his address, he doesn’t read, he can’t write and he can’t even draw a circle.” Preston has a condition called Dravet Syndrome, a severe form of epilepsy which produces dozens – even hundreds – of […]


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