Bob always knew he was meant to live in North Carolina, it just took him a while to get here. He was born and raised in Chicago and went to the University of Missouri for Journalism school. After working in the “real world” for a year, he went back for his graduate degree in broadcast journalism and two days after graduating, found himself driving to North Carolina for a job as a sportscaster in Greenville. From there, he went to Washington State to be a sportscaster for a couple of years, before finding his way back to the Piedmont and making the switch to covering news.

You can see most of Bob’s work on the FOX8 10:00 News, and sometimes on our other newscasts. You’ll also see Bob filling in as an anchor occasionally. Politics, philosophy and literature are among his favorite subjects to read and discuss, when he’s not playing soccer or spending time with his wife, Jean-Marie, and their 4 children.

Recent Articles
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    ‘Ghost track’: Life after racing in North Wilkesboro

    WILKES COUNTY, N.C. – Admit it – you’ve driven by it and wondered, “What’s going on, there? Why is that thing still there?” “It,” is the old speedway at North Wilkesboro. There hasn’t been a Sprint Cup-level race there in almost two decades. When NASCAR pulled out of town, it was like a divorce – and the town is still trying to recover. In this edition of the Buckley Report, hear from the people who live there about what life […]

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    ‘Foster Grandparents in Schools’ project

    GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — What’s more comforting than the love of a grandparent? That’s the idea behind a program from Senior Resources of Guilford County. They thought that people around a certain age (whether they are truly grandparents or not) bring a certain wisdom and love that can be invaluable to young students, in particular. So they put them into classrooms around the county to assist teachers who might not otherwise have any help. See how they work, in this […]

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    A walk in the woods no walk in the park

    GREENSBORO, N.C. — In his recent movie, Robert Redford hiked the Appalachian Trail in less than two hours. Real life isn’t like that. Redford’s new movie is based on a book called “A Walk in the Woods” by Bill Bryson — a man who really did hike the entire Appalachian Trail. But as you’ll see in this edition of the Buckley Report, “A Walk in the Woods” is no walk in the park, so to speak. But that doesn’t mean […]

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    Autistic local artist proves disability should not hold you back

    In the movie, “Rain Man,” Dustin Hoffman played an autistic man who had what are called, “Savant” abilities. Not every person with autism has savant abilities, but about 10% of them do. Blake Henkel’s parents don’t believe his talent is the result of the savant situation. In fact, it appears Blake’s work is the result of a lot of hard work, polishing what does appear to be a significant skill. In this edition of the Buckley Report, meet Blake and […]

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    Piedmont couple looks back on inspiring trip to India

    Earlier this year, a couple from Greensboro took a trip. They said they wanted to go to India to tell a story – a collection of stories, really – that they hoped would inspire you. They had learned about Banjara Tribal Ministries. It is an orphanage founded by a man who was born into India’s Hindu society but was quite literally dragged from the mud by a Christian ministry, saving his life. He changed his name to Christopher – Christ […]

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    The Out of the Garden Project

    There are certain stories that continue to evolve, long after we first tell them.  The “Out of the Garden Project,” is certainly one of those. When Bob first told their story, two and a half years ago, it was the story of a family that saw what they thought was a small need and looked to fill it. As you’ll see in this edition of the Buckley Report … they had no idea what they were getting into.

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    New Orleanian artist now in Piedmont reflects on Katrina 10 years later

    Hurricane Katrina sent tens of thousands of New Orleanians across the country, often to stay. In the 10 years since the storm hit, many have returned but even those who did didn’t always stay. In this edition of the Buckley Report, meet an artist who tried to bring his business back to his hometown but eventually decided the Piedmont was where he wanted to make his new home. Related: Wet Dog Glass

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    What makes Bernie Sanders so appealing to young people?

    Bernie Sanders is the candidate who just won’t go away. So what is it about the oldest person running for president that has so many young people excited to jump on his bandwagon? Sanders is now 74 years old and would be 76 shortly after taking office, if he’s elected.  Yet, he seems to be the toast of the Millennial Generation. Bob Buckley takes a look at what in Sanders’ message so many are finding appealing. Former two-term Michigan governor, […]

  • North Carolina restaurant masters ‘farm-to-fork’ craze, serves nothing but local food

    “Farm to Fork,” maybe you know it as, “Farm to Table.” It’s the latest craze in eating … and likely to remain popular for decades. The idea is that you should eat food grown near you by people you know. Millennials have a larger percentage of its generation that call themselves, “Foodies” – people for whom food is a lot more than a way to satiate hunger … it’s an art form. For them, “Farm to Fork” is worth paying […]

  • From rage to redemption in NC eugenics program

    There are certain stories that we want to fade away. And they are often the same stories that are so important to keep alive. They are usually stories about man’s inhumanity toward his fellow man — or in the case of one of North Carolina’s darkest secrets, often inhumanity toward women. In this edition of the Buckley Report, hear from one of the reporters who helped refocus attention on the story of North Carolina’s eugenics program and, more importantly, on […]

  • Buckley Report: Giving away the house

    What would you do to get a home? A nice, four-bedroom home with the mortgage paid off sound enticing? Dannae White hopes so. Dannae’s father, Flonzo Camack, had a dream. It was a relatively simple one: Help as many people as he could. Flonzo was a talented jazz musician who used much of his spare time playing on street corners around Greensboro to raise money toward his dream of building a home for people recovering from substance abuse. But Flonzo […]

  • A look at biodynamic farming

    CEDAR GROVE, N.C. — You thought organic was the way to go? Sure, last generation. Don’t get us wrong – organic food is very good for you. But there is a new movement taking the country by storm (much as organic did a generation ago) which is producing not just food that is good for you but doing it in ways that are good for the earth. In this edition of the Buckley Report, learn all about biodynamic farming and […]


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