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Alex comes to the FOX8 family from Vermont where he worked at WFFF based in Burlington. He covered a range of stories as the station’s political reporter from the statehouse in Montpelier, to following Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign from New Hampshire to South Carolina.

Alex’s career in journalism changed when two convicted killers broke out of New York’s largest maximum security prison in Dannemora. He followed the saga from beginning to end, and was even interviewed by BBC as someone who was covering the manhunt.

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Alex is a big Boston sports fan from the Red Sox to the Patriots, but will root for the Panthers (as long as they don’t play New England). He found his passion for journalism in the Tar Heel state at Elon University, where he graduated with a Television Arts degree in 2014. Go Phoenix!

Alex is excited to call the Triad his home. He’s a hiker, foodie, craft beer enthusiast and is already enjoying the culture and people our area has to offer. You can find him on FOX8 on the weekends working the camera and reporting as a Multimedia Journalist. Don’t be a stranger and welcome him to the family!

Recent Articles
  • High Point police, community canvass to prevent domestic violence

    HIGH POINT, N.C. — In the same neighborhood where Charlene Alvarez was strangled in a domestic dispute with the man who was living with her and fathered some of her children, High Point police and multiple agencies went door-to-door trying to prevent that from happening again. Even though police have arrested the suspect, 28-year-old Sean Gibson, they still want to encourage the community to come forward when they notice the signs of domestic abuse. “It’s not always a bruise or […]

  • Community remembers 74-year-old grandmother killed in gang-related shooting

    HIGH POINT, N.C. — “I just feel so bad she had to go like that, I feel bad about it,” said Edward Lindsay, standing feet away from where his wife of 53 years was shot and killed Tuesday. “But I don’t hate. I don’t carry no grudge.” Walking around his Langford Avenue home surrounded by family and friends, Lindsay stood strong and stoic after losing his best friend and the mother of their children. “I don’t like it, but I’m not […]

  • Democratic senator introduces HB2 repeal with moratorium

    RALEIGH, N.C. — Sen. Joel Ford, a Charlotte Democrat, introduced a bill that would repeal House Bill 2, but also establish a moratorium for non-discrimination ordinances. The “cool down” period would last for 30 days after the General Assembly adjourns. Senate President Pro Tempore Phil Berger, an Eden Republican, introduced a similar, if not the same, bill at the end of 2016 during a special session to repeal House Bill 2. The vote failed 16-32 with senate Republicans split and senate […]

  • Vet calls on community to help homeless student veterans at GTCC

    HIGH POINT, N.C. — Imagine going overseas to serve your country, coming back and facing a different battle in adjusting to civilian life. That’s the reality for at least a dozen students at Guilford Technical Community College studying in High Point. “If you don’t have a place to live then everything else falls apart,” Heal Our Heroes founder Bob Uber said. Uber heard from the vice president at GTCC about the problem and immediately looked for ways to help. Just off […]

  • LeBauer Park kicks off start of Spring

    GREENSBORO, N.C. — Described as the urban park where “everything is always going on,” LeBauer Park held it’s annual Spring Blooming celebration, raising Janet Echelman’s aerial sculpture to cap it off. Families, kids and dogs danced around the park Sunday, enjoying many community events. One you may not have heard of before: doga. “It was an awesome turnout,” said instructor Megan Blake. “Or should I say it was a ‘pawesome’ turnout!” Dog owners got to do yoga with their furry […]

  • Greensboro goes green on St. Patrick’s Day

    GREENSBORO, N.C. — Cars slowly roll by the statue of Nathanael Greene in downtown Greensboro, as folks took pictures of the Greensboro General wearing a kilt on St. Patrick’s Day. It was relatively quiet downtown, until you got closer to M’Coul’s, where the sound of bagpipes and clinking glasses rang loud. “I call all employees and past employees from years past, ‘You wanna do the big show today?'” said general manager Patrick Roby. The bar opened at 7 a.m., with […]

  • Elon runner hit by car remains in critical condition

    ELON, N.C. — Elon cross country coach and assistant track and field coach Nick Polk motivated his team ahead of the first track meet of the season against High Point University on a cold Thursday. Through the chatter and laughter during warmups, there’s a missing part to their team. “To run a mile it takes endurance, it takes speed,” Polk said. “It’s one of those events that’s a really good mix of you have to be fast, but you also have […]

  • Co-op brewery gives Reidsville opportunity to add flavor to downtown

    REIDSVILLE, N.C. — Described as a more homegrown city by business owners, the bright colored brick and aluminum shop signs are accents of downtown Reidsville’s charm from another time. “Old fashioned,” said Cafe 99 owner Dave Gerrells, describing the atmosphere. “We still sweep our sidewalks every morning.” Gerrells describes the downtown as the heart of any city and he has just become a part of something to bring excitement to the area of his restaurant. Lucky City Brewing is a co-op […]

  • Greensboro police target speeders with motorcycle unit

    GREENSBORO, N.C. — Looking down the barrel of a laser radar gun, Sgt. Ben Altizer with Greensboro police picks off speeders one by one on West Friendly Avenue Tuesday morning. “Frankly what we saw surprised us,” Altizer said. “Some of the speeds — 20, 25 mph over the posted speed limit — are not uncommon.” He and his team have been catching speeders since November when the department reinstated its motor unit. Since then, the team has conducted 813 traffic stops, handing out hundreds […]

  • Lawmaker’s effort to slip in clean HB2 repeal in banking bill fails

    RALEIGH, N.C. — While debating a bill on banking commission membership, House Minority Leader Darren Jackson tried to attach an amendment that would repeal House Bill 2 on the House floor. This comes one day after Gov. Roy Cooper’s first State of the State address, calling on lawmakers to repeal HB2. The amendment was voted down 44-74 with Republicans unanimously voting against. Representative Chuck McGrady took to Twitter saying, “The GOP voted that a H[B]2 repeal is in no way […]

  • Greensboro developer planning hub along greenway

    GREENSBORO, N.C. — Creating something out of nothing is a routine Marty Kotis has been practicing in midtown Greensboro for roughly 25 years. It requires vision and drive to make the concepts into North Carolina brick and steel. “This will give other people in the city something to do when they go out on the greenway besides just exercise,” said Kotis, the CEO of Kotis Holdings, standing on a 2,000-foot plot of land by the greenway. The land sits just beyond […]

  • Elon alumna creates social media movement

    HIGH POINT, N.C. — While working a job in Charlotte and studying to get her masters, Katie Perez has a calling. “I’m not selling a product, I’m more trying to sell a lifestyle,” Perez said. The idea started after protests turned to riots right near her home in uptown Charlotte after the police shooting of Keith Scott. “That hit really close to home,” she said. A heated presidential election showed a country divided, amplified through social media. “Social media has […]