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Interactive Resource Center needs blankets


GREENSBORO, N.C. — We’re getting to the colder seasons in North Carolina and it’s the time of year when organizations who help our community’s most vulnerable need your help.

According to data collected from the Interactive Resource Center, more than 900 people sleep outside every night in Greensboro.

While the temperatures haven’t been cold enough to trigger a “white flag night,” when they open doors for the homeless with temperatures feeling like 25 degrees, the IRC wants to make sure that if anyone has to sleep outside, they have what they need to stay warm.

Unfortunately, they have not seen as many donations for things like blankets and warm clothes like they do each year.

“Especially as we gear up for the colder weather I think this year since it’s been relatively warm up until now and it hit us all at once,” said Lana Skrypnyk with the Interactive Resource Center. “We haven’t just had as many donations as we normally would at this point I think people think oh it’s warm it’s not cold so we don’t need these things but we absolutely do.”

They’re looking for big blankets, coffee, grab-and-go snacks and any type of warm clothing for donations.