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Man admitted to snapping woman’s neck after she refused marriage proposal

Christopher R. Tucker, 34.

BERKS COUNTY, Pa. — A Pennsylvania man is accused of snapping a woman’s neck after she refused his marriage proposal on Halloween.

Christopher Tucker asked Tara Serino to marry him sometime between Oct. 10 and Oct. 11, according to NBC10. She said no and admitted to having sex with other men.

She also allegedly made an off-hand remark that Tucker should kill her.

Enraged, Tucker told police he choked Serino, poked her eyes out, snapped her neck and beat her with a hatchet.

He then wrapped the woman’s body in a rug and fled to Illinois. He was captured after he tried to break into a farmer’s combine.

Troopers searched his Pennsylvania home and found Serino’s body.

Tucker is charged with murder and criminal homicide.