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Guilford County students create Pinwheels for Peace

GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. -- At Stokesdale Elementary School in Guilford County, they are all about peace. You see peace signs everywhere at the school, all made by students.

That's why International Peace Day is so important. Art teacher Whitney Moss says it opens up a world of educational opportunities for the students.

"It's been neat to read their writings, things they've been writing cause they write about things that they like to do that bring them a sense of peace and then others are talking about war and world peace."

Like the pinwheel, students created and colored their own so the school could participate in Pinwheels for Peace.

"Last year it grew to be about 4 and a half million people around the world that are participating in this. So the kids are really excited because they know they're not participating in something that is just Stokesdale, or that's just North Carolina. This is around the world so they've been really excited."

With many parents watching, the students plant their pinwheels, each as individual as the child who made it. Some reading their writing about what peace means to them.