Suspect seen on video stealing, dressing in dead man’s clothes at funeral home

LEITCHFIELD, Ky. -- Disturbing video shows a man break into a Kentucky funeral home and put on clothes meant for a dead man.

The suspect wanders around the funeral home for several hours before stealing the keys to the hearse and removing his clothes to put on clothing meant for 81-year-old Ray Daughterty, according to WLKY. The incident happened on Wednesday and Daughterty was laid to rest on Friday.

“It’s mind-blowing,” said Darrell Knight, nephew of Daugherty. “I just can’t imagine that somebody would do something like this. You know, to go into a funeral home and take something away from a deceased man.”

In addition to the clothes, the man allegedly stole jewelry, an iPod, Playstation3, and a Flat-screen TV. He also sat down in a chair took a nap.

Police say clothes were not taken directly from Daugherty's body.