Newly-renovated park in Davidson County vandalized

DENTON, N.C. -- Davidson County residents have been enjoying a newly-renovated park for a few weeks, but over the weekend, officials say someone vandalized it.

Parks and Recreation Director Thomas Marshburn said he discovered the mess Monday morning inside the restrooms at Denton's Bombay Park. Someone slung mud all over the freshly-painted walls, put rocks inside a new toilet and dumped the contents of trash cans all over the floor.

"It's disheartening," Marshburn said. "We've worked so hard to get this park where it is now, you just can't make sense of it."

Commissioners voted unanimously in June to approve $117,000 in funds for park renovations. The money funded construction of a splash pad, sand volleyball courts and the resurfacing of basketball courts. The renovations took place from mid-July until early September. The park was officially open Labor Day weekend.

Marshburn spent Monday cleaning up the mess, now the only proof that it was there is a wall stain in the men's bathroom. The director said though they'll probably never catch the person responsible, he's choosing to look toward the positive impact the park improvements have had on the town.

"You've really got to look at the success you had and not get down too far about the bad, but this was bad," Marshburn said. "They really should be appreciative of what the commissioners have done."