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Lowe’s sends supplies to Texas after devastation of Harvey

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WILKESBORO, N.C. – Before Harvey made landfall in Texas on Friday night, more than 20 workers inside of the Lowe's Emergency Command Center in Wilkesboro were on their computers and phones.

"There are multiple stages," said Command Center Manager Rick Neudorff. "We are working on the immediate impact. The need is generators, water, charcoal, grills and five gallon buckets that have multiple uses."

To insure relief supplies are able to get around flooded roads and arrive at the right location, employees at the command center are constantly talking with vendors and truck drivers.

"A lot of our job is getting our trucks through," Neudorff said. "Texas has good information on what's open and what's not."

And when the trucks arrive, the supplies disappear quickly.

"We had people traveling from Corpus Christi to San Antonio and Austin to buy generators over the weekend, " said Neudorff.

Lowe's isn't sure how long the emergency command center will be running. But they know several truckloads of generators, cleaning supplies and lumber will be needed.

"So that increases the demand, increases the need for us to be efficient," Neudorff said. "Get product to the stores and help communities get back to normal."

So far, more than 600 truckloads of badly needed hurricane relief supplies have been shipped to the area.
Lowe's is also watching the tropical system off the southeast coast. Currently, stores along the North and South Carolina coast are stocked and ready.