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Greensboro swift water rescue team prepares for possible Texas deployment

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Hurricane Matthew's destructive images still stick with Jonathan Moore.

"It's actually seeing it first hand, riding your boat along a street, and looking down to see a street sign," Moore said. "It's when you come home to your family in a dry home and all your things are okay, that you really start to realize, ‘wow that was tough.’"

Moore joined the Greensboro Fire Department when he was 18, and has been a part of the swift water rescue team for more than three years now.

The team has been ready since they got the call Friday to be alert for possible deployment to the Houston area after Hurricane Harvey has devastated the surrounding Texas communities.

"We keep everything going, so when that call comes down, within minutes we can be gathered up, guys here, check in and out the door," Moore said.

The teams of 15 would help restore 911 communication and save people from flood waters, just like they did for Hurricane Matthew in Eastern North Carolina nearly a year ago.

"For those families, for those victims, it's the worst day of their entire life," Moore said.

Team members were told to potentially prepare for a nine day shift out in Texas. That would be a longer stint than their deployment for Hurricane Matthew.