GOAL camp puts new twist on summer school in Guilford County

GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. -- This year, summer school is more like summer camp.

"We're reading. We're creating. We're going on field trips. It's a camp like any other. It's just that you are getting out and learning," said Monique Wallace, site director for GOAL.


GOAL gives students a chance to get hands-on

"For them to come into the computer lab and actually be able to create Legomachine and then attach it to the computer and see it move," said Wallace. "You talk about integrating science, math, and technology all in one. It is a very motivating experience for out students."

Plus, they are writing with a purpose.

"They are designing, researching, rough draft, final page and they are creating their own book," said language arts teacher Paul Prelovsky.

And in the end, the book could be published by the American Reading Company.

GOAL keeps the kids moving and doing.