North Carolina campers evacuated as authorities search for armed suspect

NEBO, N.C. -- The search continues in the Pisgah National Forest for an armed suspect on the run since Saturday morning, according to WLOS.

Investigators say Phillip Stroupe II broke into a home in the Mills River area, stealing several items there, then headed to the woods where he stole a mountain bike at gunpoint. Stroupe is considered armed and dangerous.

The area was blocked off Sunday as the search continues. Bad weather is a factor on Sunday, with fog rolling in making it impossible to fly the helicopter.

A captain from the sheriff's office told WLOS there have been two confirmed sightings of Stroupe, one late Saturday afternoon and one Sunday morning.

Investigators also said a single gunshot was fired in the distance from where they were searching. They couldn't say exactly where it came from or who fired the shot.