Kernersville police remind people to lock car doors

KERNERSVILLE, N.C. -- Kernersville police are reminding people to hide their things, lock their car doors and take their keys.

Since January of this year, the police department has taken reports for 19 stolen vehicles.

Also, the department reports more than 140 vehicles were broken into or had parts stolen.

The statistics were part of a lengthy warning posted on the Town of Kernersville’s Facebook page which also stated in most of these cases the vehicles were unlocked.

“A lot of people down here don’t secure their vehicles as properly so I’m not surprised that some people are taking advantage of that trust,” resident Michael Quinones said.

While police are urging people who live in Kernersville to be more thoughtful about protecting their vehicles and valuables, officers are also working with neighborhood and apartment watch communities to reduce crime.

“Most of all you’ve got to involve police, let them know what’s going on,” Claudette Bailey said.

Bailey is the president of the neighborhood watch for the Pecan Ridge area.

She is also president of the Neighborhood Watch Association for the City of Winston-Salem.

“All we need to do is just let people know we have a neighborhood watch here, so stay out. We will not tolerate violence in our neighborhood,” she said.

Police have suspects in some of the cases, but say solving these crimes can be difficult because often the stolen property does not have a documented serial number.

The issue is another reason why police are looking forward to the upcoming National Night Out because it will give them an opportunity to form and enhance relationships with local communities.