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Cocaine found hidden in Cookie Monster doll

MARATHON, Fla. — It looks as if cookies are no longer enough for the Cookie Monster.

A 39-year-old Florida man was arrested Wednesday after a deputy conducted a traffic stop on a car and found a stash of cocaine hidden inside a Cookie Monster doll.

Just after midnight, Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputy Orey Swilley conducted a traffic stop on a car with heavily tinted windows and an obscured license plate, according to a press release. When Swilley approached Camus McNair’s car, he smelled marijuana.

During a search of the vehicle, he found a backpack with a blue Cookie Monster doll inside. The deputy noticed the doll seemed heavier than it should have been and a slit had been cut into it.

Inside the doll, Swilley found two packages containing 314 grams of cocaine.

McNair was arrested and charged with trafficking cocaine.