Wife creates special baseball card to tell husband she is kidney donor match

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. -- The moment was 14 years in the making -- and hard to believe.

In a now viral video, Heather Winfree used a custom made TOPPS baseball card to let her husband, Steve Winfree, know he wouldn't be striking out because of health issues anymore.

"Of course I'm gonna donate a kidney because seeing how hard it is on a loved one, like, it just makes sense," Heather told WATE. "I have two, he has one. I can function on one so I'm gonna give him my kidney."

Steve was diagnosed with kidney disease when he was 18. Doctors told his parents he wouldn't live to 30.

"Half of my life almost, I've been sick. And preparing myself, that even though I'm getting a transplant, it's not a cure, it's a treatment," Steve said. "Life after a transplant is still not easy."

Heather said Steve's always had her heart. But in a few weeks, he'll have her kidney too.

"My wife saved my life. I don't really know how I can thank you enough, but I want to try," he says.

They say they're still processing what's about to happen, but are planning to use this viral following for good.

"I want to help people who are waiting for a kidney, hey miracles happen," Steve says. "Keep the faith. Keep fighting. People are out there. People you don't even know love you."